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Loosing my relogion

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Loosing my relogion

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Loosing my relogion
  • Dj Project Loosing You
    "I lose myself inside your eyes I lost my heart inside your arms When we make love under the stars. Skin on skin we glow indeed The night is young, your mind to keen Inside your arms I want to sleep..."
  • LCD Soundsystem Loosing My Edge
    "Yeah, I'm losing my edge. I'm losing my edge. The kids are coming up from behind. I'm losing my edge. I'm losing my edge to the kids from France and from London. But I was there. I was there in 1968. I"
  • David Bowie I'm Not Loosing Sleep
    "Yes, I've read the morning papers Telling me that you've made money Do you think I'm gonna crawl, then think again Though I'm dressed in rags, I'm richer Though I eat from tins, I'm healthier Though I"
  • Gatsbys American Dream The Loosing Of The Shadow
    "How could you understand? The way I feel about god... How could you understand? Anything, about me at all... I am the wind, singing a sad song I am a volcano, and i'll hurt you all My pride, ripped a hole"
  • Crushead Loosing Your Game
    "Living on the Roof-Top Of possum-Played Success Walkinona separate way Dont take any look at them Concervative twaddle, unbelieveable words your looks pretty exciting better then the rest i am not what"
  • Seal My Vision
    "I feel like the sun I feel like the rain I feel I can justify reason for living again 'Cause what I've been dreaming I know that's its real I know there's just no changing the way I feel You're into my"
  • Maarja My Hometown
    "It's been too long too many nights If I could change or turn back time one hour with you my flower I can't pretend I'm still the same My friends keep saying it's a game I'm loosing It's so confusing So"
  • Changing Faces My Lovely
    "Oooohh, mmmm Hey Mmmmmm-mmmmm Hey eh eh Mmmmmm-mmmmm It's been awhile since I've heard from you For so many nights I've comtiplated On what you're going through baby It seems like everything"
  • Anka Paul My Way
    "Anka Paul Miscellaneous My Way MY WAY (P.Anka/J.Revaux/C.Francois) PAUL ANKA ELVIS PRESLEY "
  • Lloyd My Life
    "Baby This is my life yeah (Chorus:) This is my life Baby ohhh This is life (Verse 1:) January 3, 1986 Watchin' out for the fix Took my first steps No clue at how physical life gets Round uptowns"
  • Pieter T My Baby
    "My baby don't call no more Don't call no more My baby don't call no more, Don't call me no more No she don't but I keep calling her And my baby won't see me no more, Won't see me no more No she won't,"
  • No Fun At All On My Way
    "I guess I'm on my way No reason left to stay Nobody to comfort me In my loneliest time Your love was all I had So joyfull, never sad I never could understand Why you lost all your vitality Now I'm loosing"
  • My Ruin My War
    "You're one of them You say that you're my friend But you're one of them You don't want to see me live You don't want me to give Cos you're one of them My war You're one of them You say that you're my"
  • My Indigo My Indigo
    "I call what we have indigo Unclear what we are but what we know And though you never take my hand even when I rais your shiprack from the sand. And though you never count the cost, of the innocence you've"
  • Randy Travis My Greatest Fear
    "Sometimes many miles may lay between us But only for the job I choose to do And one thought helps me through my darkest hour Each mile brings be closer to you Please believe you're all I ever wanted If"
  • Aimée Allen Wasting My Youth
    "Wasting my youth Waiting for you Come get it I'm just wasting my youth Waiting for you Start spinning time is almost up Been waiting all day for you to open up If you want it, come get it okay, okay,"
  • Erben der Sch By My Side
    "I'm getting old my hair turns grey I'm loosing my strength I'm fading away My bones are weak My skin is wrinkled My mind escapes I'm fading away Year after year More pain every year Year after year More"
  • Billy Crawford Changing My Color
    "How could I ever hurt you? I knew the two of you were just friends And now I embarrassed you again (What did I do, what did I do) And now you are leaving You say you are never coming back This time"
  • Lunatica Farewell My Love
    "I've been felling so uncertain Since the day you left my life Now I'm standing at the crossroads No direction left to go I've been thinking about the good times And I've cried a lake of tears If loosing"
  • Billie Makin' My Way
    "Yeah... Oh... (Nothin's gonna stop me this time) (Nothin's gonna stop me this time) (Nothin's gonna stop me this time) Been on the loosing side This time I'll turn the tide This time I won't give up No"

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