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Lord of the lost morgana

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Lord of the lost morgana

  • Morgan - Skulker
    "Sitting at home at night i'm feeling alone I get to thiking to myself There was a time I wanted you by my side Until I realised that you're all the same! You can't tell us what to do Coz we've done better"
  • Morgan - Venus Diode
    "Do you remember what we once were in our youth? A pair of souls that had not ever once been used. Do you recall when we said life would never end? And now that time is gone, into you I descend. Do you"
  • Fata Morgana - Fates Warning
    "Morrigan you come again Morgan La Fay, raven on my sill of frost far away from the sea of the setting sun Island of fire and albatross Taught so well magic merlin the wizard Maiden of beauty dressed in"
  • Catherine Morgan - Bad Astronaut
    "It's strange to be here, with Dee Among the strange it had to be Over the gems, over the ice Sheltered from the sun Pissed in a cup in The corner of what seems like a box Trapped in the game I know it's"
  • Mr. Morgan - Avail
    "Drop out of my league For the mean time I am older now But I feel the same I missed my prime And from now on I'm looked down upon I've tried everything And I wonder why I feel the same Everlasting"
  • Lost - Dusty Springfield
    "(Kenneth Gamble / Leon Huff / Jerry Butler) I was a sad and lonely girl All alone in this big world, baby, (hey, baby) baby Lost in a state of misery Not a soul to comfort me, baby (hey, baby) I couldn't"
  • Lost - Little Big Town
    "I don't know who I am Staring at a million broken pieces here I don't know where I stand While I'm still, the world goes round so free so cavalier Aimlessly I wander, like a drifter on a narrow winding"
  • Morgan - Kittie
    "So, i'm nothingEnto, eu sou nadaYou took something away from meVoc pega algo especial fora de mimNow you've disappearedAgora voc desapareceuYou're right where i want youVoc est certo onde eu preciso de"
  • Lord Abortion - Cradle of Filth
    "I was born with a birthmark of cinders Debris cast from the stars and Mother A ring of bright slaughter, I spat in the waters Of life that ran slick from the stabwounds in Her Dub Me Lord Abortion, the"
  • Lord - Warhead
    "...facing death he feels foresaken by God and his country. He never lived a christian life but it's the irony of his fate that he - like Jesus - will be executed. And didn't Jesus also say: "God, you failed!"... I"
  • Lord - Musiq
    "Verse 1: Lord So many things I've got to tell you But I'm afraid I don't know how Cause there's a possibility that You'll look at me differently Lord Ever since the first moment I spoke your name From"
  • Lord - Morten Harket
    "Lord, if that is your name I'm afraid I'm beyond honour and shame There's nothing special that I would like to say Most of the time I did okay though I know I may need you some day it's long since you"
  • Lord - Harket Morten
    "Lord, if that is your name I'm afraid I'm beyond honour and shame There's nothing special that i would like to say Most of the time I'm Okay I know I may need you someday It's long since I heard from Thee Lord,"
  • Lord - Newboys
    "(I Don't Know)You are the author of knowledge You can redeem what's been done You hold the present and all that's to come Until your everlasting kingdom Lord, I don't know where all this is going Or how"
  • Lord Franklin - The Pentangle
    "It was homeward bound one night on the deep Swinging in my hammock I fell asleep I dreamed a dream and I thought it true Concerning Franklin and his gallant crew. With one hundred seamen he sailed away To"
  • Lord of Future - Korozy
    "There, amidst the sleeping mounts and misty woods Steep path was splitting ground Lost in dark there he was walking The man with chest of gold upon Bound into his own chains Dragging these heavy shackles"
  • Lord Of All - Glenn Kaiser
    "A carpenter from Nazareth A Man from Galilee He talked a lot of love And setting captives free The men who rallied 'round Him Fishermen by trade He called out twelve They followed Him And fishermen He"
  • Lord Gore - Lord Gore
    "Raise my banner drenched in blood, as I hold my hammer high. Smash it down, splitting your skull, as I ravage all life across the land. No one, shall endure my wrath. Feasting, upon the flesh I lack. Fetish,"
  • Lord Of The Flies - Rage
    "This world's following to the dark lord of the flies So lost, set in this world, this island here in space We've found a way to bring it down It took us ages to become what we are now But progress seems"
  • Lord Of The Flies - Shadow Project
    "I am afraid of the dark because that's where I live a body without meaning, my own disfigured limbs I shall not speak of fear, but something far beyond it a world which I've created but in which I cannot"

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