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Lordi Kalmageddon

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Lordi Kalmageddon

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Lordi Kalmageddon
  • Lordi Kalmageddon
    "You start to feel the cold now you believe the tales you being told. He's here he's at your door, The grim reaper's son we can't ignore The age of ruin is upon us all, pray is just a waste of your time. The"
  • Lordi Good To Be Bad
    "Digtails The cutest smiles But it's all delusion Kneesocks The sweetest eyes It's just a grand illusion When they're bad They just get better Like saints full of sin And again the constrictor queens Will"
  • Lordi Theatrical Trailer
    "This season, they're coming back... The ones so vicious... The ones so evil... The ones so deadly... We thought we would never have to see them again... We were DEAD wrong... Now, from the creators of"
  • Lordi Threatrical trailer
    "This season they are coming backthe one so vicious, the one so evil, the one so deadly we thought wed never have to see them againwe were dead wrongnow, from the creators of scarctic circle gathering comes"
  • Lordi Bite It Like A Bulldog
    "Caught red handed Blood drops cover your face The gun still smoking in your hand You did not do it The rest of the world is always wrong As you see it from where you stand Always try to find another Fool"
  • Lordi Monsters Keep Me Company
    "If the sun comes up tomorrow It would see a sight so sad The moon is still smiling on me Right up until dawn I'm drowning in hate and sorrow But nothing is quite that bad There still might be something"
  • Lordi Man Skin Boots
    "Take a step back Don't look her straight in the eye Beware that you're saying You're like a frog on the road You know you're bound to die Studded tires are flaying You tried it with a knife and rope You"
  • Lordi Dr. Sin Is In
    "Strapped on the table The operation begins Caught in the fable The doctor is in The doctor is in - The doctor is in Oh God help us Stained, cyan wall tiles They form a pattern of snakes Hissing like a"
  • Lordi Evilyn
    "She cannot help herself The voices tell her so All sinners go to hell She's gotta help them go She knows it - it ain't just her fantasy That drives her Deep in her - the killer rose Evilyn, you've gone"
  • Lordi Raise Hell In Heaven
    "Underrated - Patronized Boiling hate is rushing in my veins Idolized - Then despised Blood will pour down like a crimson rain It's calm before the storm that's rising from beneath I'll let my demons out"
  • Lordi Deadache
    "She's over by my place as decoration I preserved her face for inspiration Flashlights from authorities Lanterns brighten up the scene Familiar faces of the long dead The Mad Butcher goes bump in the"
  • Lordi Devil Hides Behind Her Smile
    "I come home, and she's there waiting So sweet and tender honest kind Dim lighting, candles burning That bitch must have something to hide She's a bit too nice this evening Suspicion makes me a bit vile I'll"
  • Lordi Missing Miss Charlene
    "Now there was something about her She made the villagers smile How could anybody wanna hurt her And wanna make her mommy cry Angels sigh The devil now walks amongst mankind Heavens high A lock of golden"
  • Lordi Pyromite
    "She smiles, she's such a cutie-pie tempting you to come closer She's got fire burning in her eyes And she keeps on pushin' it, baby, keeps on pushin' it! Touch a little feathery inviting you to come"
  • Lordi To Hell With Pop
    "Some want it soft Some want it hard Some like it slow Some like it fast as the shark You hate it every single way You really need no room to play You make it so damn hard to stay Run away Run away Ooh,"
  • Lordi Hellbender Turbulence
    "So she got up in the morning May this day be the day of confidence Consider it a fair warning Gonna turn it on 10, the turbulence Oh lord, they tried to wear her down Blinding is the sound Now tell me"
  • Lordi Supermonstars (The Anthem Of The Phantoms)
    "Youve been pushed around until you mumble Beaten to the ground but you wont crumble They strike you dumb They bring you down They keep you on the losing end They tell you right is wrong Your high is"
  • Lordi Evilove
    "I gave you deep red roses The thorns cut your hands We are an owl and a mouses doomed romance Now I would like to fondle But my nails rip your skin My most tender kiss pricks your lips like pins Your"
  • Lordi Mr. Killjoy
    "Your shindig's kinda boring Shall I spike the punch with cyanide? I gotta warn you - You'll need a coroner tonite If you see me, better flee me If you hear me, better fear me I help you from the fryer"
  • Lordi Beast Loose In Paradise
    "Something's moving swarming under rugs Cold flesh cosy home for worms and bugs Their children, bad omen, these evil seeds will grow Dark havens, black ravens, thunder's about to blow Hell's already here"

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