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Loreen - Everytime (CDQ) (Album : Heal

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Loreen - Everytime (CDQ) (Album : Heal

  • Loreen - Sandra
    "take a walk on a sunday mornin' have a talk be silent inside did you only want the shelter what is turnin' your mind Loreen, Loreen they are down on you could you ever find again just what you've been"
  • Requiem Solution (ft. Loreen) - Kleerup
    "The message is out, I watched you begin again Had it all figured out I see what you’ve got From knocking on Heaven’s door! You put yourself to rest down a river When you woke up, you were touched by an"
  • Everytime - Human Nature
    "Can you believe my luck Can you believe our love Everything you do is somehow just so amazing You take me to the clouds above With you the only way is up Baby in your eyes I'm helpless you drive me crazy I"
  • Everytime - Coko
    "verse1- didn't know this house could feel so empty didn't my nights could be so long i flash back to memeories everytime we make love it feels like you're here with me but i am all alone chorus- everytime"
  • Everytime - Sweetbox
    "Everytime By Sweetbox Sometimes i question you and me the reasons that im here are hard to see but when i feel your fingertips brush mine i swear i see heaven for a moment in time been running been hiding so"
  • Everytime - Daniel K
    "Everytime I see you I wanna be with you And every time I'm with you Don't wanna let you go - no no no Till all the rivers ever dry And all the birds forget how to fly I only hope you know I'm hopeless"
  • Everytime - David Gray
    "Down from the doorway And into the street I hear the morning bell Over and over the pattern repeat I hear the morning bell And all the faces cold as stone In the January chill You have led me into worlds"
  • Everytime - A Plus
    "A Plus Miscellaneous Everytime ==================== A Plus - Everytime ==================== Lately Im not who I used to be someones Come and taken me where I dont wanna go If I knew exactly what I have"
  • Everytime - La Ley
    "Everytime is time to go in many ways every dream is like a long road with little time I will fly within your sky Everytime is time to go Everywhile is for us to hold, along the way your destruction"
  • Everytime - Sergey Lazarev
    "Didn't know where I was Couldn't see the way out Couldn't take my life alone till I found you From a stranger to a lover I was searching for someone Through the danger I discovered that you keep me safe"
  • Everytime - A1
    "Lately, I'm not who I used to be Someone's come and taken me Where I don't wanna go If I knew Exactly what I have to do In order to be there for you When you are feeling low And all the things we ever"
  • Everytime - Robbie Williams
    "Everytime we say goodbye I die a little Everytime we say goodbye I wonder why a little Why the gods above me Who must be in the know Think so little of me They allow you to go When you're near There's"
  • Everytime - Gil
    "I've been to many places Always searching for your love Between those thousand faces It was you I was thinking of Then I tried to see you again Was too shy to talk to you babe But if I could have a second"
  • Everytime - Michael Bolton
    "Don't wanna lose this feelin' It's more than I need to survive Just when I stopped believin' That's when you came into my life Ya turned it around, within you I found Everything that's real to me I'm"
  • Everytime - Zididada
  • Everytime - Airdate
    "You, were always the kind of girl to call me at 3am, We were only best of friends. I, kept this secret kept a lie, deep down locked inside, But I've got nothing left to hide. I've got feelings that I can't"
  • Everytime - New School
    "Notice me, Take my hand...why are we strangers when, Our love is strong why carry on without me, Everytime I try to fly I fall without my wings I feel so small..I guess I need you baby and everytime I"
  • Everytime - Britney Spears
    "Notice me Take my hand Why are we Strangers when Our love is strong Why carry on without me? Everytime I try to fly I fall without my wings I feel so small I guess I need you baby And everytime I see"
  • Everytime - M!styc
    "Notice me Take my hand Why are we Strangers when Our love is strong Why carry on without me Everytime I try to fly I fall without my wings I feel so small I guess I need you, baby And everytime I see you"
  • Everytime - Simple Plan
    "It was three AM when you woke me up And we jumped in the car and drove as far as we could go Just to get away We talked about our lives Until the sun came up And now I'm thinking about How I wish I could"

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