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Lose You love me

  • LOSE - WONHO 원호
    "Lately Been thinking bout Thinking about Thinking about All of the crazy 25, 25/7 I am trying to save me You going out You going out You going out to stain me What you playin’? I am stuck in the middle"
  • Lose You To Love Me - Selena Gomez
    "you promise the world and i feel for it I put you first and you adored it you set fires to my forest and you let it burn sang off key in my chorus cause it wasn’t yours I saw the signs and I ignored"
  • You Could Lose Me - Angel
    "Forty, has got you turning green. You talk too loud, and you run around all night. You tell lies, but your eyes don't show it. I've had enough, and I think you know it. You better change your ways, Or"
  • You Can't Lose Me - Kimberly Putnoky
    "A little girl - a little small for her age - a little too slow for the field day race. Her momma's waitin' at the finish line to wipe the teardrops from her eyes. She says, "You did just fine, honey, that's"
  • You Can't Lose Me - Faith Hill
    "A little girl, a little small for her age A little too slow for the field day race Momma's waiting at the finish line And wipes the teardrops from her eyes She says, "You did just fine honey, that's okay "Sometimes"
  • Lose Your Love - Vanessa Hudgens
    "(Chorus) If I should lose your love boy Shame on me I was just too stubborn Too blind to see That I would lose your love, boy Just tell me how to get you back Cause I could never lose your love Don't wanna"
  • Lose your love - Lloyd
    "Where you going?Turn aroundWhat you're looking forHas been foundBaby I'm right hereExcuse me if I seem a bit bluntBut I know what I want and it's youLook into my eyes oh girlSee your breaking me downI"
  • Lose A Love - Public Announcement
    "Yo baby, let's set the mood right Don't ever leave, I don't wanna lose you After so long and being with you (Say) I can't explain how much I need you (Sayin) You're always there, support all my needs And"
  • Lose In Love - Kim Carnes
    "(Kim Carnes) Take a smile And hold it longer Take a tear And let it roll down Take a heart this ol' heart And make it stronger Cause we all have to lose in love sometime Take tonight And make it brighter Take"
  • You Can't Lose At Love - Bon Jovi
    "You can lose at cards You can lose your keys You can lose the house or lose the lease You can lose your car, you can lose the race You can lose your mind or lose your faith Take a look around and hear"
  • When You Lose Your Love - Aventura
    "Cuando se pierde un amor, En tu vision y en tu mente cambia todo Todo pierde sentido El mundo se vuelve tu enemigo. Cuando se pierde un amor, Todo en absoluto, absolutamente todo Es un peligro Cuando"
  • If You Should Lose Me - Lil' Rob
    "Orale What's up ese, Q-Vo It's me, Lil' Rob It's me ese So you thought I was gone huh? Chale Trip I gotta go cuz I know that the jura is coming on after me Gotta keep it cool, I don't wanna give em a"
  • Lose You Again - Samantha Mumba
    "Ohhhh I don't wanna lose you again I just wanna be by your side Forever I don't wanna lose you again I just wanna be close to you My baby I was outta my mind Thought you were seeing someone else Were"
  • Wanna Lose You - Shawn Desman
    "Chorus: I dont wanna lose you Dont wanna say goodbye Just the thought of it makes me Wanna cry (I dont wanna lose you) Girl, I know that Theres something on your mind And why, are you trippin Baby are"
  • Lose You Now - Chalk Farm
    "If I don't ask you for advice Please don't give it to me You tell me nothing's free Do the dogs biting at your heels Have a deeper meaning Listen, I'm sorry I surrender to things As they happen to me Am"
  • Lose You Now - Farm Chalk
    "if i don't ask you for advice please don't give it to me you tell me nothing's free do the dogs biting at your heels have a deeper meaning listen i'm sorry i surrender to things as they happen to me am"
  • Lose Myself - Charity
    "My heart has been broken for so long I've seen the hurting side of love Lived on this ship with a lonely song Praying I would drift on I traveled the cold and stormy sea Wandering blind on the four winds I"
  • Lose Myself - Lauryn Hill
    "I used to do it for the love a long time ago And all I ever wanted was love I used to love without fear a long time ago And all I ever wanted was love Then somebody came around and tried to hurt me Tried"
  • Lose Again - Dusty Springfield
    "Save me Free me from my heart this time The train's gone down the track And I, I've stayed behind Nothing can free me From this ball and chain I made up my mind I would leave today But you're keeping me"
  • Lose Somebody - Kygo & OneRepublic
    "it’s a classic me mistake someone gives me love and I throw it all away tell me have I gone insane? talkin’ to myself but I don’t know what to say cause you let go and now I a m a holding on I guess you"

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