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Lost In Hollywood

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Lost In Hollywood

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Lost In Hollywood
  • Neil Diamond Lost In Hollywood
    "I get up in the morning and I go to work I try to keep busy but I feel the hurt I see you around me ev'rywhere I turn But you're gone - lost in Hollywood You got up one morning, Said you had to go You"
  • System Of A Down Lost In Hollywood
    "I'll wait here, You're crazy, Those viscious streets are filled with strays, You should have never gone to Hollywood. They find you, Two time you, Say your the best they've ever seen, You should have"
  • Rainbow Lost In Hollywood
    "Gotta get a message through Cause I think I'm losing you Am I too late? Drinking habit's a loose sometime I gotta know if you're still mine And I can't wait Last time I saw your face You tried to hide"
  • Erykah Badu Hollywood
    "He's on his way He's moving to Hollywood He's bussing into Hollywood Show him the way He's moving to Hollywood He's hopping into Hollywood He's waited at bus stops, all his life He's been in and out of"
  • Christina Aguilera Hollywood
    "Shine your light now This time it's gotta be good You get it right now (yeah) 'Cause you're in Hollywood There's something in the air in Hollywood The sun is shining like you knew it would You're ridin'"
  • Madonna Hollywood
    "Everybody comes to Hollywood They wanna make it in the neighborhood They like the smell of it in Hollywood How could it hurt you when it looks so good Shine your light now This time it's gotta be good You"
  • Prima Dona Hollywood
    "Everybody comes to Hollywood They wanna make it in the neighbourhood They like the smell of it in Hollywood How could it hurt you when it looks so good Shine your light now - This time it's gotta be good You"
  • After Midnight Project Hollywood
    "Kill the lights we're loosing time We wont win this fight Until our hears collide We're either running away from nothing fast Falling down until we finally clash My god, Oh my god Can you help me feel"
  • Nada Surf Hollywood
    "been trying to be cool ever since high school cool like the stars and sexy people in bars the stars will fall they'll line up in the hall may sound nice but it's ugly inside i lost all my pride taken apart one"
  • Paradise Lost Hollywood Undead
    "So watch my chest heave as this last breath leaves me I am trying to be what you're dying to see I feel like "F**k man, can't take this, anymore, this heart, break this." This is life that's so thankless, How"
  • 10CC Somewhere In Hollywood
    "Down on the casting couch A star is gonna be born A star with the stature of a Harlow Who's doomed And groomed to enrapture All her co-stars, and stuntmen, the co-stars Oh, let there be lights, action,"
  • Halifax Snow In Hollywood
    "She drips down the walls while I unravel like a web My body quivers in the silence as she chains me to the bed Sit back, let the, chemicals find their way into my head tonight She's my lover, and I'm"
  • Bob Seger Hollywood Nights
    "She stood there bright as the sun on that California coast He was a midwestern boy on his own She looked at him with those soft eyes, so innocent and blue He knew right then he was too far from home He"
  • Diorama Leaving Hollywood
    "Emptiness dead-smooth and choking the air Im, leaving Hollywood if you dont care lost in the twilight of self-consciousness trying to picture the smile you might wear Where are the plastic doves ready"
  • Manfred Mann Hollywood Town
    "Down, down in Hollywood town, The lost and found come to find their way, Walking outside, feelings they hide, Putting their pride through well known paces, Stepping on stars and shining on cars, Passing"
  • Manfred Mann's Earth Band Hollywood Town
    "Down, down in Hollywood town The lost and found come to find their way Walking outside feelings they hide Putting their pride through well known places Stepping on cars and shining on cars Passing by their"
  • Path Of No Return Hollywood Whores
    "I walk the line of misery and it loves me. I pay a thousand deaths for every failure and a thousand more than anyone ever will live. I pawn my way through dust and rain. Through heartbreaks and shame,"
  • CrazyTown Hollywood Babylon
    "Now people say I'm jinxed I got some kind of voodoo hex Life is so complex there's no telling what could happen next Life on the edge, fuels the sickness in my head it imbeds the type of thoughts that"
  • Drake Bell Hollywood Girl
    "Are you putting in your songs? No, I'm not when you ask Nope Kind of I guess Hollywood girl Is lost again All of her hopes left her stranded Seasoned dreams Are just pretend She can't stand it Why'd"
  • Machine Gun Kelly Hollywood Whore
    "am I wrong for being lost? the pressures of being boss exhausted every bone in my body, I can’t walk I don’t talk I scream I don’t stop to think I’m so close to the dream that I can’t go to sleep ironic I"

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