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Lost In The Trees Wake Full Album Stream

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Lost In The Trees Wake Full Album Stream

  • The Suffering Of The Stream - And Also The Trees
    "There is a place where she would always be Where the blossom snows between the cankered trees Holding his sour breath He knows she's there Watching the torrent as it flows Watching her soft white dress,"
  • Stream Of Life - Entwine
    "In the state of your mind, burning low. And the fear you hide, seems to grow. The shade of your lies, makes you blind. And you live your life with no desire. It's in your head, it's in your eyes. It's"
  • Icebound stream - Laura Veirs
    "Watch, i can flash across the skyA lightning bolt from up on highAnd i can crash into myselfNow a flower blooms in reverseAnd a song takes back a verseA photograph fades to whiteI can hold a thunderhead"
  • Main Stream - Waltari
    "Madboy is turning Madboy is lost again Big wheels are running This road will never end He doesn't feel like walking He doesn't feel like talking Membership to real life seems to fade away He went into"
  • Our Trees - Tegan & Sara
    "There is mass confusion in the forest I heard it on the radio And they're bringing in some guy And he is gonna go on About all the things he don't know And there's some girl in the background Screaming"
  • Album - Taproot
    "I am seeing tunnel vision in a world that's dark and cold, I cannot believe how much I've changed since the days of old, I know it's temporary but I need to focus straight, I cannot believe I lost control"
  • Into The Stream - The Tallest Man On Earth
    "I've set the rain to be cold and hard I've set the sun to be bright and sharp To wake you up from your hollow dream I'll shake your bed with a thunder strike from my hand Lets come all steal we will lie"
  • The Winding Stream - Carlene Carter
    "(A.P.Carter) Oh give to me a winding stream It must not be too wide Where waving leaves from maple trees Do meet from either side The water must be deep enough To float a small canoe With no one else but"
  • California (Album) - Mr. Bungle
    "Sweet Charity Save me The heavens have opened The storm is over So let's start the parade... Raindrops Will turn to laughter Forever after In your technicolor heartbeat And they say That it helps you"
  • Trees - Tripod
    "The trees are dying. I'd hate to be a tree in this new century. The trees are crying. I'd hate to have whats down to a tree done to me. 'Cause they cut them down, and turn them into wood. They rape entire"
    "I know where you stand, silent in the trees And that's where I am, silent in the trees Why won't you speak where I happen to be? Silent in the trees, standing cowardly I can feel your breath I can feel"
  • Trees - Curt Smith
    "It's time to brood Put up the walls of sound And practice all the finer points Of falling down I'll put aside The calculated eyes The even tempered smile Diffuse again Given time to discuss these points"
  • Trees - John Butler Trio
    "They're cutting down all the trees Can someone stop them please Thank God for people in this world Who dedicate their lives to these Thank God for people in this world Who dedicate their lives to trees Because... Don't"
  • Trees - Fiona Joyce
    "INTRO Beyond the door of your perception There lies the secret of your salvation Beyond a curtain of deception There lies the secret of your salvation First, you create Then you destroy all in God's name And"
  • Trees - Perry Como
    "I think that I shall never see A poem lovely as a tree. A tree whose hungry mouth is prest Against the earth's sweet flowing breast; A tree that looks at God all day, And lifts her leafy arms to pray;"
  • Stream Of Illusions - Highlord
    "Child of the past, I'm a little lost dreamer In this eternal night.... in such a hard life I want to feel my glory, my pride, my strenght once again And to close my eyes and forget all this pain You"
  • Leaf And Stream - Ash Wishbone
    "Find myself beside a stream of empty thought, Like a leaf that's fallen to the ground, And carried by the flow of water to my dreams Woken only by your sound. (Repeat) Alone I've walked this path for"
  • Stream of conciousness - Kreator
    "There is no difference between death and life Just a circle to be closed by time Creature comforts in this earthly plane Have become more hallowed than wisdom today In the Stream Of Consciousness We cannot"
  • Winter Trees - The Staves
    "White winter trees Covered in snow I don’t mind I don’t mind I think of you now Here in the cold You won’t mind You won’t know But I never meant to say Any of those things Oh I never meant to tell you"
  • The Stream - Ben Christophers
    "When you drove your car into the stream That was weird you seemed so phased by it In a moment your life turns Like a carousel inside When you found your daddy's heart in you All those things you hated"

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