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Lotus push it

  • Lotus - R.E.M.
    "Hey hey. Hey hey. I was hell. Sarcastic silver swell That day it rained Tough spun. Hard worn. No Ocean flower aquarium Badlands. Give a hand. Honey dipt. Flim flam Hey hey. Hey hey. That cat can walk"
  • Lotus - Crematory
    "Hey hey.I was hellsarcastic silver swell.that day it rainedtough spun. hard won. noocean flower aquariumbadlands. give a hand.honey dipt. flim flamhey hey. hey hey.that cat can walk like a big bad man.So"
  • Lotus - Cage The Elephant
    "Woke before the morning sun, I found tucked beneath the hill. I sat and watched it rise, it hit the sky and burst to flames. The lotus flowers got me thinkin 'bout the way that we live. I got this feeling,"
  • Lotus - Tristania
    "When the morning weeps Endless sky is near And the road you choose By my hand is lead In the morning light All is clean and young And the spider webs Shine like silver threads But you must not fear the"
  • Lotus Flower - Radiohead
    "I will sneak myself into your pocket Invisible, do what you want, do what you want I will sink and I will disappear I will slip into the groove and cut me up and cut me up There's an empty space inside"
  • Black Lotus - Kwan
    "It would have been easier and clever to just pass by but I had to try the taste, get a sample for the collection of mine It's luring me from my misery, making me strong in my dreams should not let"
  • Blue Lotus - My Dying Bride
    "Under the darkened, Ancient oak Gentle in the nights breeze I stop and stare, rest a while With hands upon my knees Through jaded leaves, bush and scrub I spy my journeys end Black it looms, silent gloom The"
  • Lotus Flower - Blackalicious
    "(feat. George Clinton) Be alive now Let me open the door Let the music captivate and make the voices still And See the light See the lotus flower Spinnin' around within Openin' up all new worlds to"
  • Lotus Eaters - Moloko
    "Spikey lady shiny queen don't you tell them what you've seen, Plastic people silicon never let them in your home, Don't become a middle man keep your mouth shut if you can, Don't you tell them what you"
  • Lotus Eaters - Abdullah
    "The sun sets for the final time, the night feels fine And we walk in the distant shadows to the end of time We are one with the moonlit ocean, it ignores our sins Baptized in its healing waters, the new"
  • Lotus Eater - Foster The People
    "I can never be like you, I don't ever talk like that You smile with a sparkler drink and stumble in your lipstick mess Well, Hollywood philosophies, yeah, it's a tragedy But you keep hanging on with a"
  • Push - Danni Minogue
    "Push, push, push, p.. push, push, push, push(VERSE 1)Feel like I'm gonna burstStiff and standing if it hurtsLet the world roll on (it goes by)Feel that I'm in your lightCome unfold me tonightLike an arrow"
  • Push - Prince
    "Step 1... step off to the dance floor Step 1... step off to the dance floor Push (hey) ((push up on it)) (good god) Push - lord (push, yeah) ((push up on it)) Every time u get some People wanna take"
  • Push - Dio
    "You've ridden on a carousel So you know the feeling As the ring slips through your fingers Sometimes you justify it But there's the sword And you're bleeding once again Before you're in a corner Can't"
  • Push - Lucky Twice
    "The sweetest little rush has been going around Youre gonna break, break, break, just a matter of time Its spreading like a wild fire, running you down Youve got the shake, shake, shake, and it cant be"
  • Push - Madonna
    "You push me To go the extra mile You push me When it's difficult to smile You push me A better version of myself You push me Only you and no one else You push me To see the other point of view You push"
  • Push, Push, Push - Ghostface Killah
    "(feat. Missy Elliott) Oohhh... This that fire! Ghostface and Missy Somebody tell that girl that her ass too big I give it to her right and she let me live Can't eat that, cuz there's no relationship I"
  • Push Push Push - Ghostface feat. Missy Elliott
    "Oohhh... This that fire! Ghostface and Missy Somebody tell that girl that her ass too big I give it to her right and she let me live Can't eat that, cuz there's no relationship I beat that, the next"
  • Push - Enrique Iglesias
    "(Lil' Wayne) Fly boy yeah right Hey mamma they call me Wheezy You should be with me I gotta pocket full of reasons Baby I can bless you when you ain't even sneezing I be at your rescue when you don't even"
  • Push - Aceyalone
    "Wicked combination This is Zulu, 'longside the one Aceyalone, ya understand? Now push back young one fi ya deal wit de bad man Get wit de program Push, back, push it in my lap Girl I never knew that"

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