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Loui and scibi ft. nuella your love

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Loui and scibi ft. nuella your love

  • Pour Your Love (ft. Marlene) - Benga
    "Pour your love all over me Pour your love all over me I know we’ve got potential Make me feel I’m on a high I dive into the ocean I’m driven by emotions this time Don’t talk about tomorrow Cause there’s"
  • Ready For Your Love ft. MNEK - Gorgon City
    "I?m ready for the start of something new I?m ready to depart from what make me blue I?m ready for my heart to let you through But most of all? most of all I?m ready for the rain to pour down on me I?m"
  • LOUI VUITON - Albik
    "Tak, to do Ciebie Chociaż sam jeszcze nie wiem Czy to mam, czy też nie ee Zaraz się wszystkiego dowiesz Chwal się tym co masz Bo ja jak św. Tomasz Nie zobaczę to ci Wcale nie uwierzę Taka jak ty to kozak Działasz"
  • I Need Your Love (ft. Calvin Harris) - Ellie Goulding
    "i need your love i need your time when everything’s wrong you make it right i feel so high i come alive i need to be free with you tonight i need your love i need your love i take a deep breath everytime"
  • Love And Respect (ft. Killer Mike) - When Saints Go Machine
    "Love and respect for my peers, man /4x Love and respect for my peers, man /3x Love and respect for my peers. Can we meet somewhere Get inside, light, see cash Cross your legs, break your neck It's a"
  • Not Your Man (ft. Thabo) - Professor Green
    "I gave you my everything, Guess that didn't mean anything to you 'Cause I'm not your man All the nights I spent with you not making love, just making do Ooh, I'm not your man I'm swimming way out of my"
  • And We Run (ft. Xzibit) - Within Temptation
    "t burns into your heart, the darkness that you fear. You were never free, and you never realized. And love is a word you've never heard. Your heart is cold cause it burns, the desire to leave the mind. Take"
  • Love Your Shotgun - Be Your Own Pet
    "Thought you were the only fish in the sea Thought you were the only fish in the sea Thought you were the only leaf on my tree Thought that you would miss me when we took that walk Thought you were"
  • Love Me (ft: Tweet) - Timbaland
    "Intro: And we're back Playing the hottest music on your radio Worldwide, shore to shore, sea to sea I am your host Nabuka And your listening to the hottest radio station in all the land WBoomBoomP What"
  • My Love (ft. Drake) - Majid Jordan
    "I had an idea in my head I pictured this going differently I meant every word that I said You should have spent more time listening All the things that I put a hold on All for you to hit me with a "hold"
  • Faded Love (ft. Tinashe) - Tinashe
    "you and that faded love I love /4x you and that faded love I love /4x you and that faded love I love /4x you and that faded love no don’t give me your name no I don’t need your number saved in my phone just"
  • Love Life (ft. Kika) - John Mamann
    "Si tu tombes beaucoup trop bas, Si tu perds confiance tourne-toi vers moi, Feel the wind blow softly through my hair, I'm invincible whenever you are there, Et comme un défi, tu te lèves pour aimer la"
  • True Love Ft. Solange - Lil' Romeo
    "My heart wont let you go (Okay, okay) I love you, Romeo (Youre my Juliet, girl, come on) Love has truly been good to me Not even one sad day Or memory Ive had since youve come my way I hope you know"
  • In And Out Of Love (ft. Rudee & Ramona Nerra) - ATB
    "I needed your advice but I also needed honest words from time to time But in a wake of the night Love has made us strangers, You and I No frowns, no pain, no love remains No more maybes No fake goodbyes,"
  • Dirty Love (ft. Iggy Pop) - Ke$ha (Kesha)
    "Oh oh oh oh It's Iggy Pop Oh oh oh oh Yeah, and Ke$ha Oh oh oh oh All right, get up Oh oh oh oh Yeah, ah! Don’t want your money I got my own You’re not my daddy Baby I’m full grown Don’t complicate it Don’t"
  • For Love (ft. Akil Wingate) - Robert M
    "Tie a string around my finger love I pray it brings a wedding ring for love Made a wish upon a shooting star Do a kiss, do whatever you want It must be love, hope you’re find me soon Shall we love under"
  • Book of Love (ft. Polina) - Felix Jaehn
    "In the midnight haze We are sitting in the sun The light hits your face and i know that you're the one We could fill the pages with good dreams tonight I wanna be a chapter in your book of love In your"
  • And More - Love
    "Verse 1: Love me for a little while Love me if you can 'Cause I want to be your man And I want to understand You Ah... Verse 2: If you try to follow, girl "
  • Mad Love (Ft. Becky G) - Sean Paul, David Guetta
    "Jiggle up your body jiggle up your swing love me love me like that love me like we never let go love me love me like that love me like we never let go watch the tempo /5x baby girl got me lovin on your"
  • Crazy - Loui & John
    "In a church by the face He talks about the people going under Only child know A man decides after seventy years That what he goes there for Is to unlock the door While those around him criticize and sleep And"

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