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Loui scibi all i feel is love

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Loui scibi all i feel is love

  • All i feel - Ray J
    "Knockout, darkchildLet's go Isn't feelings hopes and wishingHow many of them we sharedHow many of them we daredDo show you growPromise not to let it goNow look what we becomeIt's over nowAnd I don't even"
  • I Feel Love - Collage
    "I Feel Love I Feel Love I Feel Love I never thought this would happen I thought that love was over for me Then I saw you girl, I changed you see. People that I used to run to, I don't see no more Places"
  • Feel - Ronan Keating
    "Just one more dance When can we touch? I wanna believe so much That you needed me We're near the time Our bodies combine This touch feels so kind Could this really be Woo oooo (4x) Under the sheets So"
  • Feel - Selah Sue
    "You never show you love No matter what I do You keeping up your guard You locked to heart … /2x You wanna stay on shore And never ride the wave But if you take the dive You know that you relief, yeah! But"
  • Feel - Cauterize
    "Beautiful LIKE the dress I laid out for you Let your hair down the way you always used to The tiles cold, The tap is dripping As I go to rinse my hands of you, And watch the pieces one by one wash away"
  • I Feel You - All Saints
    "Fortunately I've been blessed Blessed with love and happiness (Happiness) Who'd have known a soul so... Pure could reach and save my loneliness (Loneliness) When I think that, Day to day I live a life"
  • I Feel It All - Feist
    "I feel it all, I feel it all I feel it all, I feel it all The wings are wide, the wings are wide Wild card in sight, wild card in sight Oh I'll be the one who'll break my heart I'll be the one to hold"
  • All That I Feel - Tony Vincent
    "As i remember the past and how it used to be the friendship we shared at one time meant so much to me all the moments we spent on our knees i thought they were real why when i see you now pain is all that"
  • Feel All My Love Inside - Marvin Gaye
    "Now We're makin' love Now We're makin' love Now We're makin' love Where'd you get such sweet sugar I'll be lovin' you day and night In and out, wrong or right 'Cause I want you, baby , for my wife Oh"
  • All I Feel Is You - Natalia Safran
    "When faced with the darkest day With an endless night when I lay awake Only thought of you can pull me through When shadowed by greyest cloud Weighed down by darkest self doubt Memory of your smile can"
  • I Feel - Captain Jack
    "Refrain:I feel all your good vibrations, yeahDeep down my soul it creepsI feel all your strange emotions, babyGive into me - into me, yeahHuuh, I feelI feel time to be mineYou feel and that is realMy love"
  • Feel It All - Tokio Hotel
    "Strobe lights, Flashing out of your eyes I can feel you all night I won't let you down, down Your love breaking into colors Touched and we can't get enough You're spinning me around and around Into the"
  • All i know is the way i feel - Pointer Sisters
    "All I know Is the way I feel, oh, yeah Anything that makes me feel so good Just got to be I can?t help myself, oh, no It?s the way I feel, oh, yeah It?s scarin? me to death to think What you could do to"
  • I Love How I Feel - Ellie Campbell
    "You've got to understand,it took a special man To reach inside of me Was easy letting go,cause you were there to hold All I can do is believe Cause you touch me like no other(no other) Baby can't you see That"
  • This Is How I Feel - Finley Quaye
    "I love you even more Holding on, drifting, for the meantime Call my name, if you need me some time In tenderness, the sweetest kiss Now I want to show you affection. Holding you tight, right through"
  • Love Is All - The Rapture
    "The Rapture (Love is all) Love is all my crippled soul will ever need. Love is all my crippled soul will ever need. It's ok to feel this way, It's ok- It doesn't matter anyway. Love is all my crippled"
  • Love Is All - Chantal Kreviazuk
    "I don't know What you're leaving behind I'm not so sure that I really want to find out You don't necessarily Have plenty of time You can say it now For the rest of your life Love is all you need to"
  • If I Can't Feel Love - Thunder
    "You tell me lately I've been changing And I'm not the man you met You say I'm distant and evasive Like I'm hiding some regret And you're going on and on, but you've got something wrong 'Cause if I can't"
  • Hate to Feel - Mortal Love
    "My heart is still broken Forever my soul is frozen Still watching the rain to fall Forever standing in the cold all alone I'll stay here to the end Another day to start Another day to break my heart With"
  • Feel The Love - Five
    "Sometimes I get to thinking And I can't control Thoughts on my mind They're playing on my soul When I know what I'm believing And it keeps me strong People of the world We've got it going on BRIDGE And"

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