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Louis the child better no

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Louis the child better no

  • Louis, Louis - Teitur
    "Louis, Louis play us a song Louis, Louis the stage is aching for one Please come back to the quiet generation We dont have any representation. Louis, Louis our stars no longer dance Louis, Louis come"
  • St. Louis Alumni (Bonus Track) - Ali
    "(feat. St. Louis Alumni) Check it out, my name is Ali I roll with them Lunatics You know us, know what I'm sayin' But what you might not know Is we got a lot of MC's in St. Louis So we gon' do it like"
  • Louis To Frisco - Chuck Berry
    "I'm as free as a bird now As flighty as a Bumble Bee I'm here today and gone tomorrow Foot loose child and fancy free I'm absolutely independent Nothin' at all is gonna worry me I believe I was born to"
  • St. Louis Blues - Louis Armstrong
    "I hate's to see dat ev'nin' sun go down Hate's to see dat ev'nin' sun go down Cause ma baby, she done lef' dis town If I feel tomorrow lak ah feel today Feel tomorrow lak ah feel today I'll pack up my"
  • Louis Quatorze - Bow Wow Wow
    "When he comes bursting thru that door, mama leaps and hits the floor Calling himself Louis Quatorze, he's so young and dangerous Oh I love it when he says so seriously With his gun in my back, "Honey,"
  • Louis Farrakhan - Nas
    "(Sample) "They did not have the power to stop Louis Farrakhan They were trying to touch on and thieve envy within the leadership But as a general and a man that rose through the ranks through discipline His"
  • Louis - Oingo Boingo
    "The way you speaak - into my ear The way I feel when I know you Are near Something so good, it must be wrong Louise ---be true to me When I think about what I've missed Without you I'd cease to exist"
  • Miss Louisa Blues - Sonny Boy Williamson I
    "Miss Louisa Blues Track #19 3:02 Sonny Boy Williamson I (John Lee) (John Lee Williamson) Sonny Boy Williamson I - vocals & harmonica Yank Rachell - mandolin & guitar Joe Williams - guitar Recorded"
  • No Better Love - Young Gunz
    "Young Chris + Neef Talking) Where the ladies You can feel me I wanna be your mother, your father Your brother, your sister Your everything (VERSE 1) (Young Chris rappin') I think i might wife her You"
  • St. Louis blues - Perry Como
    "I hate to see, that evenin' sun go down! I hate to see, that evenin' sun go down! 'Cause my baby, gone and left this town! Feelin' tomorrow, just like I feel today, If I'm feelin' tomorrow, just like I"
  • St. Louis Blues - Buster Brown
    "Buster spoken:: 'No, no, no, St. Louis Blues Go right into it, ev'rybody' One Unk bandmember: 'What kind of beat?' Buster: Hm? 'Swingin', swingin' baby, just swing it' Unk bandmember: 'Yas-sir' (Buster"
  • Meet Me In St. Louis, Louis - Judy Garland
    "When Louis came home to the flat, He hung up his coat and his hat, He gazed all around But no wifey he found So he said "Where can Flossy be at" A note on the table he spied He read it just once then he"
  • Child - Elis
    "A child is born Out of the womb of a mother Who didn't want it It happened in a night Of drunken passion and no thought About the consequence Two bodies cling together Drunken loneliness Two bodies"
  • Child - Tara MacLean
    "Dry your eyes, child, What are you frightened of? You miss the beauty here If you've forgotten love. Look for truth in your heart, child, Though the light may blind Seen with more than your eyes. Take"
  • Child - Tait
    "You want to run, but you're too afraid to leave You said you have faith, but not enough to believe Back and forth, you go back and forth again It wears you down, and it ties your hands No more running"
  • Child - Miguel Bose
    "When you were born into this world Your mom and dad saw a dream fulfilled Dream come true, the answer to their prayers The world to them was a special child They even enjoy every time you smile It's time"
  • Child - Dead Mushroom
    "All the way Like a storm on a mountain high So I hope and I pray That my soul can fly Now the time has come for me to rise No way I'm gonna walk off that live You see what I can't see You hear what I can't"
  • Child - Free
    "Child you're talking of freedom Painted on your garden wall It's not there at all Child you're talking of wisdom You say wisdom is a golden rule You ain't no fool But you don't know who it is Who calls"
  • Child - Mark Owen
    "Sleep peacefully now my childI hope that you go awayTo a place where your dreams can playWipe all the tears from your eyesThere is a sky of blueThis is your time of truthLike a bird high on the windMay"
  • Itinerant Child - Ian Dury And The Blockheads
    "I took out all the seats and away I went it's a right old banger and the chassis' bent it's got a great big peace sign across the back and most of the windos have been painted black the windshield's cracked,"

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