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Louise Dowd _ Richard Salmon - Chasing The sun');

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Louise Dowd _ Richard Salmon - Chasing The sun');

  • The Salmon Song - Steve Hillage
    "Ooh yeh, the Salmon swimming up the stream of time Leaping up the Falls of Man, to the source of Love and Light Guided from Atlantis to the Water-Bearer's jar. Far out-nearerin-and back to where We Are."
  • Chasing The Sun - The Wanted
    "I'm better, so much better now I see the lights touch the light? Were together now I'm better, so much better now Look to the sky's Give me live Were together now We've only just begun Hypnotized by"
  • Chasing The Sun - The Calling
    "The sky is her blue eyes Begin to open The storm is upon me But I'm chasing the sun And she's got me down on my knees Trying to crawl Through all of the winter Through all of the fall... (CHORUS:) She's"
  • Chasing The Sun - Hilary Duff
    "Why am I in such a hurry Always getting up too early? So fast, everything is blurry, It's like the clock is always racing But my time is not for wasting Someone else can do the chasin' 'Cause I'm chasing"
  • Chasing The Sun - Llama
    "This View of the clouds Is golden in worth But what's there to see If not planted on earth The sun warms the ground That's under my feet But your roots grow so deeper Than these city streets Your not"
  • Chasing The Sun - Alex Lloyd
    "On my hands, sitting on half a chance, waiting for good things to come. Passers by looking through broken glass, waiting for good things to come. And this cry goes out to everyone, chasing the sun, chasing"
  • Chasing The Sun - Honeydogs
    "Words The writing's on the wall But it's Greek to me I heard Some (k') singing But it don't speak to me Not this sweet to me My ears are always, burning 'Cause I think I'm the one But if you're concern You"
  • Chasing The Sun - VanVelzen
    "Give me just a minute to think out loud If you have a minute to spare You hide and seek, and you're running out It doesn't seem to get you anywhere You're focus is off, let me rub your eyes So wake up"
  • Liza & Louise - NOFX
    "Liza's had enough of men She says, she won't get burnt again She says, they don't know how to fuck Her last boyfriend, the shmuck Shared with her a nice disease Kept her passive, on her knees 'Til one"
  • You're Chasing The Sun Away - The Mighty Mighty Bosstones
    "Outside the sun rose you stayed inside You kept your eyes closed And pulled down the shades On your windows You decided to hideout from the sunlight It's too bright and it just doesn't sit right With the"
  • Louise - The Yardbirds
    "Oh, Louise, Yes, you're the sweetest girl that I know. Don't you know now, Louise, You are the sweetest girl that I know. You made me walk from Chicago, Oh, to the Gulf of Mexico. Now you know Louise, She's"
  • Richard - The Geraldine Fibbers
    "The devil smiled and put on her party dress. Out on the curb, her curls were a mess. Chaos tumbled through her nimble hands. Never skipped a beat as she netted another man. In forty-five minutes, his head"
  • Louise - The Human League
    "When he saw her getting off the bus It seemed to wipe away the years Her face was older, just a little rough But her eyes were still so clear He drank his coffee and he hurried out Across before she walked"
  • Louise - Howlin' Wolf
    "Louise, sweetest girl I know Louise, sure the sweetest girl I know Come all the way from St. Louis, way down to the gulf of Mexico Louise, baby you better hurry home Louise, you better hurry home Somebody"
  • Louise - Wondermints
    "She lives but she don't move She loves but she don't groove She thinks without no reason That girl is out of season Louise, you don't know Louise You don't know Louise, you don't know Louise (just"
  • Salmon Day - Apt 3g
    "When my heart is cold and my mind is dead like a burn out TV screen I get some toxics go down to the river and forget what I heve seen and soon I start to change like a radioactive beast I smile like a"
  • Louise - Clan Of Xymox
    "Louise, it seemed a long time ago Louise, I'll always remember that day I crawled on my knees Begging you to stay You made me shiver, Louise You made me quiver Now, I do the strangest things I think"
  • Richard - Maria Solheim
    "Richard my little boyBring back the memoriesOf how it wasWhen i was youngRichard my little boyBring back the feelingOf how it wasTo sing a new songI watch an elderly woman on a bench in the parkI see a"
  • Louise - Eric Clapton
    "Oh Louise, yes you're the sweetest girl I know. Don't you know now Louise, you are the sweetest girl that I know. You made me run from Chicago Oh, to the Gulf of Mexico. Now you know Louise, She's like"
  • Louise - Bonnie Raitt
    "Well they all said Louise was not half bad It was written on the walls and window shades And how she'd act the little girl A deceiver, don't believe her that's her trade Sometimes a bottle of perfume,"

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