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Love Gone To Waste

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Love Gone To Waste

  • Love Gone To Waste - Robert Cray
    "One day we love Next day we fight You change your mind, girl Like day and night Like Jekyl and Hyde You come and you go Why you so mean, girl I just don't know You do it all the time Keep a frown on"
  • Waste - Smash Mouth
    "I'm lookin' at my watch At all the time that's been stolen When I was carryin' you Seems I've tripped and I've fallen Don't want no one to ache Oh, to be drunk and forgetful To get out of this unscathed Oh,"
  • Waste - Foster The People
    "I'll hold your hand when you are feeling mad at me Yeah, when the monsters they won't go and your windows don't close, I'll pretend to see what you see "How long?" I say, how long, will you relive the"
  • Waste - Staind
    "Your mother came up to me, She wanted answers Only she should know, Only she should know It wasn't easy to deal With the tears that rolled down her face I had no answers 'cause I didn't even know you But"
  • Waste - KMFDM
    "What I don't know I don't like What I don't like I don't want Waht I don't want I waste I hypnotize with alibis and fingers made of lead I sympathize with frozen eyes turned inwards in my head I realize"
  • Waste - Gretchen
    "(verse 1) In my effort to be real You have often had to peel Away the solid layering of bitterness and spite Then I'm left with nothing more Than the child I was before Unpretentous wandering to the truth (chorus) So"
  • Waste - Abramelin
    "Trying to breathe, gasping for air Each breath shot, with needles of pain The darkness is creeping, your vision is blurring Jaws of death clamping tight on your life Withering flesh, leathery and slack Disgusting"
  • Waste - Face Down
    "This is my diary of broken dreams, A monument over me, Page after page twists my mind with grief What I should but never did, How could I ever be so wrong? Crucified, Upon an empty sandglass, My life"
  • What a waste - Christian Walz
    "I wake up slowly I wake up happy Never felt this way before I've had my sorrows It ends tomorrow I can't wait to hold you close once more Chorus: Why wait until tomorrow What a waste What a waste Why cease"
  • Waste of Time -
    "Somehow it's doesn't mean when it hit you all All this life I've been drowned bu confuse What you want is to lose the one you love I told you you're gonna Brake mu heart on the winter night It's that what"
  • Gone - Biohazard
    "Chorus: You keep me down, I don't need you no more Bad feelings gone, you can't hurt me no more I've spent most of my life fucking around Now it's getting me too down It's a waste of my time hangin here It's"
  • Waste Of Love - Ashbury Heights
    "Sometimes I feel like I'm a waste of life A waste of time A waste of love I'm caught up in a Predetermined role It's a waste of heart It's a waste of soul You've gotta move on You've gotta keep on ridin' You've"
  • Waste Our Love - Ashbury Heights
    "Sometimes I feel like I'm a waste of life A waste of time A waste of love I'm caught up in a Predetermined role It's a waste of heart It's a waste of soul You've gotta move on You've gotta keep on ridin' You've"
  • Waste Away - Spock's Beard
    "Some people are like gravy Spilled on God's Sunday shirt Some people are always getting better Some people just get worse Some people only waste so long before they waste away Some people only waste so"
  • Human Waste - Sloppy Seconds
    "Now once upon a time In this village of the damned I took my shot at greatness And the goddamn gun was jammed So I'm in a drunken state 'Cause I can't take life straight And if I dull my eyes enough The"
  • Beautiful waste - 4Lyn
    "So you want to be a superstarand you want to be made?don't forget about the consequensesdon't forget about your fateso you trie and you lie and you cry and you hide what'sinside your mind all for the moneybla"
  • Don't Waste My Time - John Mayall
    "Tell me woman Who you're with tonight If you're on your own that's allright But if you don't want me with you Don't waste my time with your jive Do you have a place where we could go? Or does your mother want"
  • Waste - Skrape
    "Punch to the face Makes you hit the floor Such a disgrace And you came back for more What do you waste What do you score A wicked embrace A willful rapport Stuck in the waste Caught in the waste Blood"
  • Waste - Archive
    "Talk to me I haven't said a word in days Please talk to me And I can tell you of my ways In which I numb myself In which I numb myself Drink with me I will talk of things I want To do in life but know"
  • Waste - Phish
    "Don't want to be an actor pretending on the stageDon't want to be a writer with my thoughts out on the pageDon't want to be a painter 'cause everyone comes to lookDon't want to be anything where my life's"

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