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Love Is All Infernal

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Love Is All Infernal

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Love Is All Infernal
  • Poisonblack Love Infernal
    "Come...the thick night and breathe in me Yes, come...with lifeless eyes and die with me Burn... unleash the holy smoke to flee Yes, burn... deceased and buried is misery To live in desire is to play with"
  • Poison Black Love Infernal
    "Come...the thick night and breathe in meYes, come...with lifeless eyes and die with meBurn... unleash the holy smoke to fleeYes, burn... deceased and buried is miseryTo live in desire is to play with the"
  • Infernal Love Is All
    "Love is all you ever want Don’t you know? And you cannot let go Until you get the love you need Don’t you see? Keep on looking It will find a way to you Every little fight you go through Is a way of asking: ”Will"
  • Infernal Love Is All
    "Every little fight you go through Is a way of asking: "Will you be the one redeeming my all? Or am I determined to fall again?" You always hope for someone to understand Whatever's going on and reach"
  • Warhammer Infernal Tempest
    "(Lyrics by V. Frerich) (Music by F. Krynojewski) The final battle is over; the earth has been burnt down No more beauty left; what remains is dark ground Smoke is still in the air; poison is the atmosphere Ten"
  • Axenstar Infernal Angel
    "Born from the sun in an unholy bond Between night and the day the creator has failed Blessed by the light and cursed by the dark This unification will soon leave its mark Banished from heaven and cast"
  • Sigh Infernal Cries
    "I am the demon, cold-blooded demon Bloodthirsty, hateful and cruel Controlled by something living in my head I am the demon, miserable demon Fire burns in my head Nobody saves me, nobody can Bloodcurdled"
  • Left Hand Solution Infernal
    "(words: Barthold, music: Barthold, Selin) Seven are born Their throne in the earthly deep Seven goes down In the mountains of the east Infernal sons Night falls dark To hear the silence of your"
  • Blackmass Infernal Horned God
    "The night of the demoniacal wings From the darkest Inferno's breathe Satan's legions flying over the castle Of poor lord Jesus Christ Into a satanic bath of blood Taken from the white angels Ave Satanas"
  • Enthroned Infernal Flesh Massacre
    "A shadow is walking by my side...holding a gun Looking at me with somber eyes Step by step caught in the ground Each strides synchronised on me...every wills, every faces The manifestations of my soul,"
  • Limbonic Art In Embers of Infernal Greed
    "By dawn's early light I see no end to the Dark obsession I am swallowed by night's Infernal dream profession O' sea of fire, all hatred's desire Thy abhorrent cremation Sparks in my eyes Forces generates"
  • Graveworm Unhallowed By The Infernal One
    "She feared the light - she sacfrified Human soul for nocturnal sky The blood of their life for art divine Candels in fear - when shadows arrive In moonlighting darkness in beautiful sight Enlaving the"
  • Death Infernal Death
    "Piling the bodies Burn them in the night Skin grows black and withered Decayed smell will rise Existence fading Into ashes Burn those bodies To Infernal death Human coals are burning Repulsive yet so"
  • Legion Of The Damned Infernal Wrath
    "I am the avenger The reaper of life I balance the scales And restore the order I bleed no blood but poison So beware of my touch You smell victory When you see blood So ignorant you are Of the fate that"
  • Septic Flesh Infernal Sun
    "Silent but not alone You are waiting for the Dawn To open the gates of the horizon So that you can get through the chasm that cuts in two the worlds of now The worlds of even Casting your fiery arrows A"
  • Sacrifice Infernal Visions
    "Conscious mind is closed off to reality Mutilation of my soul comes in gradually Nightmares of flame come into sight To hell my mind takes its subconscious plight Death in dreams, hellish thoughts Infernal"
  • Svartahrid Infernal Bridges
    "Seduced by evil desecrated by doubt. I am trapped, frozen by the oath. But yet I do like it. I surely uninhibited. Infernal bridges eternal chaos. The only sight behind my back. Time has no power anymore. The"
  • Goddess Of Desire Infernal Bestialities
  • Silent Voices Infernal Mind
    "In the darkest debt of my mind Lies the spirit of the otherside Whispering words of insanity As it invades more space in me How can I sleep at night I hear the voice I cannot fight The shadows draw on"
  • Encryptor Infernal Catastrophy
    "Millions dying disemboweled. So unholy were their past lives. There is no turning from this Infernal Catastrophy. If they had accepted Christ, took the cross and changed their lives, if they had repented"

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