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Love Is The Enemy

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Love Is The Enemy

  • Enemy - Travis
    "A Little Piece, of everything Thats ever been or will Is shining for you still Look up Start from start, and try again To see it through the smoke And the mirrors that you've broke For love (Chorus) And"
  • Enemy - Ice Cube
    "Intro: Every January 16th, it's "The Dreamer, The Dreamer." And all of you say, "I have a dream; The Dreamer." And what did he dream?It stuck him right there. And little black boys, and little white girls"
  • Love Is Not The Enemy - Europe
    "Glowing on the outside Coming by the moonlight Looking at this blue thing Falling by the waste time The years keep on calling Riding on a moonbeam Having on a daydream Crash the barricades, raise the"
  • The Enemy - Dirty Pretty Things
    "So far dishonest as the day is long Im sorry so Ill go now But I love you so it wont be long And the spectres in the masonry remind us of the things that might have been Isnt it time you washed your"
  • The Enemy - Big L
    "(feat. Fat Joe) I drive up and down Harlem blocks, iced out watch Knots in my socks, cops think I'm selling rocks Pulling me over too see if I'm drunk but I'm sober they wouldn't fuck with me if I drove"
  • Enemy Of The Enemy - Asian Dub Foundation
    "Enemy of the Enemy is a Friend (Til he's the enemy again) Babylon is really burning this time coming home to roost on a Soviet landmine Climbing out the subway burning eyes spinning head Walking through"
  • Enemy - The Weeknd
    "Oh, oh, oh, oh So bad, I'm so bad, I'm so bad Can I be honest with you please? It's really hard for me to speak right now Girl, I been drinkin' all day It's been a long week Can't you tell by my face? I"
  • Enemy - Kevin Martin And The Hiwatts
    "Don't patronize me It only escalates my hatred for you Don't analyze me It only allocates my contempt for you Don't realize me It only decimates my patience for you Don't pacify me, don't sacrifice"
  • Enemy - The Brat Attack
    "First time she saw those eyes A villainous hatred in disguise They fed her so much lies Never let go what's inside For years she walked these streets Clenched fists and hated the fear. Ids-empowered with"
  • Enemy - Buffalo Tom
    "Enemy, all over my body She's wrapped up She's wrapped up in alcohol She's wrapped up She's wrapped up in caffeine She's my enemy She's my enemy She's my enemy She's my enemy I woke up, she was painting"
  • Enemy - Disturbed
    "You are ENEMY You are my hated ENEMY I am ENEMY A number one rated ENEMY I'm labeled ENEMY I am your mortal ENEMY My actions ENEMY Make me your bitter ENEMY All the world around ENEMY OW OW you're tearing"
  • Enemy - Chris Cornell
    "Everytime the blood runs to my head I hear thering Something to remind me I'm not dead or caughtin between I listen to the voice and what it saysit's never sweet Somethin I was born into I guess livin'"
  • Enemy - Charli XCX
    "They say: Keep your friends close But you’re closer I love wehn you’re here I am so far away sometimes I am dstant You might hale me, intimacy I’ll admit, i am scared Maybe /2x You can reach me Maybe"
  • Enemy - Drowning Pool
    "The words you used were mine, used a thousand times Doesn't make them what I've bled I hated you, I loathed you Though felt, I never let the words begin to spill Make me sick 'till I can't breathe Never"
  • Enemy - Jester
    "I wanna live the life I wanna breathe the air I wanna a shiny car And greasy hair Live in mansions All those pretty girls, aye And I say I don't wanna be your Enemy I don't wanna be your Enemy So I"
  • Enemy - Chiasm
    "You are your own enemy I can see it in your eyes The way you hold the pain inside your mind Now I can see it in your eyes The way you hold the pain inside your mind Now I see Creative evolution Genetic"
  • Enemy - Dream Evil
    "Who I once was I do not know Starting from scratch as Johnny Doe I have no name or number No family nor friends No one on which I can depend I'm no enemy Just a man who've forgotten his past I have no"
  • Enemy - Static-X
    "Confines me its all that i see Sickness keeps you following me Keep it inside, all that is sharp Hold it inside, all that is dark Tear I'll shut you up Down, down, down I'll destroy you Kill or be killed Down,"
  • Enemy - Jesca Hoop
    "Beautiful Alone with my enemy And share a bitter cup Of poisoning My countenance To see his face in mine And follow every line Back to my enemy Chorus: You are mine Pennyroyal wine fly Like an innocent"
  • Enemy - VAST
    "mother oh mother, nothing is wrong i got this black eye from falling down i said no one pushed me around mother oh mother, did I let you down i know you thought we had a fight injustice is empty in the"

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