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Love On Repeat (Filatov

  • Constant Repeat - Charli XCX
    "I'm focused on you You're all on me too I'm cute and I'm rude And you like what I do You said I run through your mind So I put love on the line I scared you away You missed the chance of a lifetime When"
  • Desire On Repeat - Veda
    "it's all the same sex in the air your promises all the same you'll be the one who will always care but how can you promise the world how can you promise your heart when it's always searching but i'm just"
  • Repeat - Grinspoon
    "She looked so pretty, pity, perfect stranger Sold connections for the buy in major Lobby fucking with the bird board terf board Need a licence to observe And I swear they'd never lie Just shows how"
  • Repeat - Grace VanderWaal
    "Don't say that i should know better No shame Messed up Broken mirror Don’t know why I am drawn to fear Walking downtown Smiling stranger Light up Burnt out Though i knew ya I’ll pretend i don’t see through Off"
  • Wide Awake (feat. Gustaf Norén & Filatov & Karas) - Eric Saade
    "You keep me wide awake every day, every weekend /5x You’ve been around for a year like you just don’t care I want your love but your love’s not in the air I wanna believe I can leave but it makes me scared Yes,"
  • Repeat, I Repeat, Repeat - Folly
    "Thoughts spawn as quick as they waste. Forge disoriented futures. Cutting in and out, floating in and out. I'm about to chance a great deal of my past. I'm about to chance a great deal of my future. Why"
    "Live the life you wanna live Spend the same day on repeat On repeat, on repeat, on repeat, on repeat Isolate yourself from me Spend the same day on repeat On repeat, on repeat, on repeat, on repeat Keep"
  • On Repeat - LCD Soundsystem
    "Beats on repeat, beating on me From every car in the street There's a constant repeat, on repeat Of your paranoid, heartbreaking beats On repeat It's a five song repeat, beating on me With your favourite"
  • Repeat It - Icon Of Coil
    "In motion reaction of action is slow Still flesh of mine is flesh of yours Too much to loose living in your shell No face No identity I hate I love I fear I breath I live my life love to be free I hate I"
  • Can't Repeat - The Offspring
    "I woke the other day And saw my world has changed The past is over but tomorrow's wishful thinking I can't hold onto what's been done I can't grab onto what's to come And I'm just wishing I could stop,"
  • Put On Repeat - Sabrina Claudio
    "If he could he would have this for life Mm, regularly Only gets better each time Yeah, yeah, yeah And he likes to compare me to wine Over and over he tastes me Only gets better with time So now he wants"
  • Repeat process - 100 Demons
    "This was the time, the only time I thought that it would all work out.Make a believer of myself without a doubt.I made a pact.I swore and swore and swore again.But here I stand.Rage unbridled.Not what"
  • I Repeat - New Musik
    "I take time I touch down Once in a while I send out I get round Once in a while I talk back I see through Once in a while I call up I want you Once in a while I move on I know why Once in a while I give"
  • Stuck On Repeat - Little Boots
    "You've got me stuck on repeat And I just can't seem to break free You've got me stuck on repeat I can only move to the beat And I don't remember how it started And I don't know how to stop But every time"
  • Life On Repeat - UnSuNg ZeRoS
    "a walk in space, silence and i, here at two-hundred thousand feet we watch the oceans and the continents dance on time beneath our feet and down below the clouds and people, strange and plastic, so surreal as"
  • Try.Fail.Repeat - Walls Of Jericho
    "it's time to take back your life so what if we showed an unbuttoned smile could it break the lock to our true thoughts of insecurities we never speak how about we love ourselves without underlying"
  • Repeat To Fade - Kosheen
    "Recently I've been feeling kinda restless Suddenly im rememb'rin' Theres no use in pretendin' Im not receiving Cuz you aint sending What I need Or you just don't have it What is this some kinda force of"
  • Follow Conform Repeat - Verse
    "Are we scared of progression? Sometimes it seems we've lost our sense of direction Too scared to take a stand Too scared to be against Follow anything Or just stand on both sides of the fence Sure we're"
  • Turn Smile Shift Repeat - Phantom Planet
    "Here they come the business men like a herd of cattle rumbling in The exchange has officially begun Now all the offices are buzzing the executives are busy bees They watch the gears turn in the employees They"
  • Repeat - Manic Street Preachers
    "London, England, consider yourselves warned Repeat after me Death sentence heritage Repeat after me Death camp palace Repeat after me Royal Khymer Rouge Repeat after me Imitation demi-god Useless generation Dumb"

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