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Love can protect you now


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Love can protect you now

  • Protect - NLE Choppa
    "Yeah, NLE the Top Shotta Got the bombs like Al-Qaeda Yeah-yeah, yeah-yeah I said I'm the booth with pneumonia symptoms But they might just say it's Corona symptoms Oh-oh, oh-oh, woah, oh woah, oh Yeah,"
  • Protect Me - Yvonne
    "Tell me those lies I love to hear Tell me I'm the only one and let my silent lips be mine to keep Tell me those lies with hard grinding teeth Protect me from my violent self, and you could be the one"
  • Protect Me - Beenie Man
  • Can you protect me - Nasri
    "Can you stay the night? I'm having trouble sleeping I'm struggling to find a way To make it through the day Can you save a life? I think I lost that feeling I'm reaching for a dream That seems to be slipping"
  • Protect Ya Neck - Wu-Tang Clan
    ""So whassup man? Coolin man" "Chillin chillin?" "Yo you know I had to call, you know why right?" "Why?" "Because, yo, I never ever call and ask, you to play somethin right?" "Yeah" "You know what I wanna"
  • How Can I Protect You - Alabama 3
    "I never play with guns she got a compact mirror stole it off her mother she got her daddy's overnight traveling bag always been told "if you wanna leave home honey, you ain't ever, ever welcome back" and"
  • Someone To Protect Me - Aqua Teens
    "La la la la.... Hey boy, I wanted to be with you But tell me, why can't I be And, so tell me, what the worse thing can happen Tell me I need someone to protect me As you can see I could be hurt"
  • Someone To Protect Me - Cheetah Girls
    "La la la la.... Hey boy, I wanted to be with you But tell me, why can't I be And, so tell me, what the worse thing can happen Tell me I need someone to protect me As you can see I could be hurt I just"
  • Protect Me - James
    "Oh dear what can the matter be Princess, dreaming again Fearful, live life more easily Darkness, leave her in peace Always wanting help Will make you weak No such place has help But in your dreams"
  • Lord Protect My Child - Bob Dylan
    "For his age, he's wise He's got his mother's eyes There's gladness in his heart He's young and he's wild My only prayer is, if I can't be there, Lord, protect my child As his youth now unfolds He is centuries"
  • To Protect And Serve - Linea 77
    "Welcome to this world guys Stop to talk we skatch your face Close your eyes got the bassy step to call (What?) Close your eyes got the bassy step to call Fearless now And get ready for all We need"
  • To Protect The Family Name - Pedro The Lion
    "Officer Please don't haul me in Though I'm drunk again I can explain I swear to you For a week I have Been completely dry Until tonight He's been such a good example Everything he's done for me I couldn't"
  • You Can Love Me Now - Hothouse Flowers
    "Dietro le sbarre la vita mia fatta di noia e di monotonia la mente in tilt, il cuore in down e i giorni che trascorrono, yeah l'uno dopo l'altro sembran sempre tutti uguali. Chiudo i miei occhi distratti e"
  • Protect The Land - System Of A Down
    "The big gun tells you waht your life is worth What do we deserve before we end to Earth If they will try to push you far away Would you stay And take a stand Would you say wuth gun in hand They protect"
  • Protect My Heart - Kelis
    "(feat. Pharrell) I gotta protect my heart I gotta protect my heart You were the heart of the spot But you wouldn't tell me your name You were like Girl you ready or not To dance the entire night away You"
  • Protect My Heart - Tamia
    "Baby you should know that, I've been afraid to try. I'm healing from some things and My tears are pale and dry. I said "I'm through with love" You made it all a lie. You turned my never ever Into"
  • Protect The Law - Iron Savior
    "From an ancient past I will bring you the law To protect and to serve I was made for My creators have vanished lost in space and in time I'm the savior device now their battle is mine When I'm looking"
  • Protect Yuh Neck - Tarrus Riley
    "bulby yuh a listen ready protect yuh neck protect yuh neck protect yuh head don't tek nuh check protect yuh neck look over yuh shoulder yuh a hear mi now duh nuh come out afta midnight iyah"
  • Protect And Serve - Stiff Little Fingers
    "Mama Papa It's cold in here I'm hurt and I'm bleeding and I'm really scared I don't wanna go back outside Cause the bigboys are waiting and they'll get me one more time And if we can't protect the weak How"
  • Now - Negativland
    "Guns, guns, guns! Guns, guns, guns! Looks like fun, doesn't it? Well, rocking and rolling on full auto is a lot of fun. "we felt the women had been ignored" "I, I like the, the feeling of, of the machine"

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