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Love in the bain

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Love in the bain

  • Bain stew - Green Day
    "Do you have the timeTo listen to me whineAbout nothing and everythingAll at onceI am one of thosemelodramatic foolsNeurotic to the boneNo doubt about itSometimes I give myselfThe creepsSometimes my mind"
  • In love - The Kooks
    "If she's a blonde or brunette Or if she's slim or she's fat It doesn't matter at all when I fall, I fall It's in the way that she walks And in her smile when she talks I'm simply losing my head and I fall You"
  • In The Sun - Mortal Love
    "I feel like I am dirt to you You hate me cause I love you Just tell me why I'm so low to you Didn't I mean anything Your happiness is my sorrow My sorrow is my way My life is a failure Growing bigger everyday Does"
  • Can't Stand In The Way Of Love - Jennifer Love Hewitt
    "It stops... never Meant to be You and me Unconcious love Love is a attraction It's so hot What we've got Like a chemical reaction So how can it be so suddenly You treat me like a stranger Remember, remember"
  • In Love - Fly To The Sky
    "What will I think if I live in a poor, sad world.. I'll run to you I won't need to cry when I have to hesitate and wait I have enough just with you.. I seemed to hate, to have to confront the world head-on I"
    "Baby we've been through a lot And times sure have changed Everybody's leaving town Looking for better things But I found what I want And I got no problem working I wish to god That my heart would stop"
  • Love In The ? - KinKi Kids
    "Don't you want me like I do I do, baby 'Cause you're my destiny Oh, Can you see? Want me, don't you want me, I need huggin', baby Do you wanna go deeper? Say Yes please Let's make love an all night, yeah kimi"
  • Caught in the act of love - Caught in the act
    "everybody`s been caught in the act everybody`s been caught in the act everybody`s been caught in the act of love I find it hard to believe this has happened to me I`ve fallen again and I`m on my knees I`m"
  • Bummer In The Summer - Love
    "Verse 1: Well I remember when you used to look so good And I did everything that I possibly could for you We used to ride around all over town But they're puttin' you down"
  • Love in the world - The Kinks
    "Did you ever stop and think about All the things we should have done It makes me feel so sad Looking back, what's done is done If you can find a place to run The future's in our hands Love in the world"
  • Love in the city - The Turtles
    "We walked hand in hand from the patch Playing in the middle of the city Down the street we walked westerly Wind breezin' through her hair pretty My love in the city is good, so good When things around"
  • Love In The Milkyway - The Corrs
    "She's a girl with many quirky ways She can take you to another place Where she'll explore you and adore you in her way She won't give you time to hesitate What she looks for is to fascinate To unveil you"
  • In Love With A Clown - Fury In The Slaughterhouse
    "you know I care a lot I gave you everything I got the little that I have - yeah between the cigarettes and coke I always find a joke to make you smile and sometimes when you are down I will come"
  • Love In The Dark - The Twins
    "When I found you I was swept away by tidal waves of passion Like a sailor drinking rum beyond the limits of his ration. I'm all at sea and I'm lost like a vessel with no course I can't see through"
  • Love In The Sky - The Weeknd
    "There's no one inside But you're free to relax If you commit to this ride There's no turning back You've been here before Remember these sheets This world's not for us It's not what it seems We'll learn"
  • In love - Virgin
    "I can feel it in the air I can feel it in my brain I can feel that love is coming to me every day... (Way) I admire every day I'm in love what can I say I can feel that love is coming to me every"
  • In Love - Prince
    "Ever since I met you, baby, I've been wanting to lay you down But it's so hard to get you, baby, when you never come around Every day that U keep it away, it only makes me want it more Ooo baby, just say"
  • In Love - Wynn Stewart
    "Little girl blue come say you're mine Leave all your cares and troubles begin To live like people live in in love Cause life is a trip if you got the fare You gotta start here to get somewhere Live like"
  • In love - Lisa Maffia
    "Oh ohhh, So Solid, Lisa Maffia Can't hide, no more The way i feel about you It's been, going on to long I'm gonna, Lay my Cards upon the table Can't hold back this love is so strong I can't carry on Can't"
  • In Love - Ronnie Milsap
    "I can feel you wantin' to fall whenever I'm with you I can tell you wanna give in the same way that I do Love can be a hurtin' thing when faithless hearts deceive I know you've been the fool before but"

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