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Love is cool without Side

  • Cool - The Time
    "I got a penthouse in Manhattan, two more in Malibu. I bought a '87s Cadillac Seville, girl I got a Mazarati too. I wear diamonds on my fingers, I got a couple on my toes. I wear the finest perfume money"
  • Everything Is Cool - Styx
    "(Tommy Shaw) It's coming on like a fever Burning deep inside of your brain Have you become a believer Have you gone a little insane Tonight your life is a party Let the celebration begin Turn on the"
  • Cool - Anthony Hamilton
    "We don't have to worry bout no money, to have us a real good time and we don't have to leave in the morning, the whole day just you and I, and it don't have to get any better, it's perfect you in my life. If"
  • Cool - Black
    "It's just a trick of the night How you set me alight On the edge of the shadows curve I've been learning to be Like the people you see Who get all the love I deserve No, you won't be sorry I want you to"
  • Cool - Gwen Stefani
    "It's hard to remember how it felt before Now I found the love of my life Passes things, get more comfortable Everything is going right And after all the obstacles It's good to see you now with someone"
  • Cool - Naturally7
    "Walk in the room and yea! I'm that dude I'm never rude, I'm never crude Cause I got nothin' to prove.....(that's right) My speech is tight, I ain't the silent type When I talk it's straight New York Plus"
  • Cool - Tha Eastsidaz
    "(Nate Dogg) Just yesterday I had to turn a bitch away I got to many on my side - I got to many in my face Come ride with me Take you where the gangstas play Often heard but seldom seen Thats the way that"
  • Cool - Snoop Dogg
    "(feat. Butch Cassidy, Kokane, Nate Dogg) Just yesterday I had to turn a bitch away I got to many on my side - I got to many in my face Come ride with me Take you where the gangstas play Often heard"
  • Cool - The Simpsons
    "Homer: Dad, that will never work. If you want to make your move, you got to play Now what you gotta do If you wanna get a kiss Is act real smooth And make your move like this: Abe: Oh, I see! So"
  • Without you by my side - Quindon Tarver
    "I Lie So Tired in My BedAnd the Moon Shows Herself to the DoorAnd I Shut My Eyes.I Pray to God, Won't You Tell Me Please,What's a Girl Like Me DoingLying Here Without You By My SideLying Here Without You"
  • Cool - Aloha
    "(jae hoon) Uh doo oon bool bij ah reh ch'oht bool ha na wa in jahn eh dahm kin yak sok ha na Hang sang nuh eh kyut eh suh nuhl ji k'yu jool kuh Ya nal mit uh joon nuh yuss jahn ah oh~ oh~ (woo ri) Na ba"
  • That's Cool - Silkk The Shocker
    "(Silkk the Shocker) U know what I'm bout (Trina) U know what I'm bout (Master P) Yo Silkk ask Trina can she wobble that thing... Where my niggas yo?{what what} Where my ladies yo? {uh uh} (Silkk the"
  • Cool Water - Frankie Laine
    "The Cry Of the Wild Goose -Artist: Frankie Laine as sung on "Hell Bent For Leather": Columbia CS 8415 -peak Billboard position # 1 for 2 weeks in 1950 -competing version by Tennessee Ernie Ford peaked"
  • Cool Love - Chris Isaak
    "Love is a flame I just got burned again You're always there Each time I need a friend Cool love, cool love I don't why I didn't never see The one who was always right there for me Could it be you and"
  • Cool Love - Doro Pesch
    "The city's burning me out It's time to make tracks Let's hit the highway And never look back Just you and me Take care of ourselves Don't have to answer to anyone else ... Cool love It makes me feel good It's"
  • Cool Love - Wanda Jackson
    "COOL LOVE (Wanda Jackson - Vicky Countryman) '57 Combine Music You been playing it cool I been playing a fool Now don't you give me that cool love Give me the kind I need Let's start getting with"
  • Cool Love - Doro
    "So here is the ritual I can't tell you what I go through I've been through heaven and hell for you All night All night long Satin dreams all covered in sweat When I wake, hot to the touch I swear to god"
  • The Warmer Side Of Cool - Wang Chung
    "(Jack Hues) Well I'm sitting on a hillside On the warmer side of cool With the future laid before me Like a green and misty jewel And to climb above the tree line Is only for the fools So they say So they"
  • Living Without You (B Side Hita) - Mel C
    "Where will you go Is there something I could say to make you stay I don't know But I know I'll never feel this way again This moment in time Has got me thinking After everything you said I'm so easily"
  • Cool Cool Universe - Ima Robot
    "Every time they bomb a baby I go insane Breathe it off but don't feel the pain Start thinkin' to start drinkin' Numb yourself to kill the brain But I still got pain; I can't stop the rain (Can't stop the"

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