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Love is love is

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Love is love is

  • Love is a temple - Love is a temple
    "Well I love your little smile, every time makes me wild Im just a believer, I believe in you and me here were walking hand in hand in a bernadotte land words sure come easy, carried by the breeze in"
  • Love Is - Bill Withers
    "Love is caring And love is needing Love is sharing And love is feeling Love is (love is caring) Love is (love is needing) Love is (love is sharing) Don't you know that love (love is feeling) Say that"
  • LOVE IS - Adam Cohen
    "Love is Romeo and Juliet, Love is whatever you do with it, Love between a man and a man, Woman and a woman, Love is doin what you should, doin what you shouldn’t, Otherwise wouldn’t Love is The most beautiful"
  • Love Is - Demis Roussos
    "Love is the ocean Love is why we’re here Love is emotion Like a feeling when you’re near Love is a sun shower Love is out of sight Ad it can surely dance When it goes out at night Love is a thusday Love"
  • Love Is - Angel Faith
    "Love is being a chair that a tired man can sit in Love is being the shade from the sun that he can sit in Love is being a soldier to fight for what you believe in And love is giving Love is being a fountain"
  • Love Is... - Mansun
    "Love is everything I want, I never knew it Love is everything I seek, just realise That the obvious is hard to find, I never saw it Something's right there in your face, you look and... Love is mine,"
  • Love Is - Angel
    "Love is being a chair that a tired man can sit in Love is being a shade from the sun and heat to rest in Love is being a soldier fighting for what you believe in And love is giving Love is being a fountain"
  • Love Is - Emmylou Harris
    "(Kate McCarrigle/Anna McCarrigle/Jane McCarrigle) Love is a shiny car Love is a steel guitar Love is a battle scar Love is a morning song Love is a twelve-bar blues Love is your blue suede shoes Love"
  • Love Is - Jah Cure
    "Yeah ya no, rasta live - Universal sign of love Love is the answer my friend - And love is the only way Yeah true love you can find yourself - And call a true identities Love ya brother love your sister"
  • Love Is - Cathy Dennis
    "There's no illusion When I close my eyes I dream of you Dream of you Outside the rain Is bringing tears and pain Why should I care I have you They ask me what it is Filling me with pride (So much pride) Time"
  • Love Is - Red Sovine
    "Love is blue skies and white clouds touching the valleys of green And love is walking in the sunshine in my oldest faded jeans Love is a pink footed puppy running carefree by our side And love is love"
  • Love Is - Roger Daltrey
    "(Gerard McMahon,Ricky Byrd,David Katz,Roger Daltrey) 1992 Geffen Again Music/Bac Mac Music Byrd Brain Music/ Sony Songs Reptillian Music, BMI. As cold as it seems When truth brings you heartache It's"
  • Love is - Whitney Houston
    "Love is what we make it We can make it something lovely So don't desert me Instead, learn to trust me And love is what we make it So let's make it, love Also love is Give and taking Also making"
  • Love Is - Erika Jo
    "We're not strong enough to bend We're not strong enough to say we can forgive We're not brave enough to fall Oh, and we're not big enough to risk it all But love is Love is It's always been It always"
  • Love Is - Jon & Vangelis
    "I will be here with you To find love is For your love I'll carry on, to know That love, it is Love is, it is, love is, it is All now is all The sound is So in love this way Together, once more together Although"
  • Love Is - White Skull
    "Face to Face we crossed our eyes but a fly noising all the time just a like a glass between our lifes don't tell my secret I'm already tied But the memories of what is love what it gaves and what is love I"
  • Love Is - Fleetwood Mac
    "Do you know what this is No i don't But whatever it is It's very powerful Have you felt this way before Oh, I thought I knew Do you know that I love you now Oh yes I do Love is You've got the softest"
  • Love is - Alannah Myles
    "Hard to get Impossible to hold Straight as an arrow Like a burnin fuse In the long cold dawn, By the side of the road, A hopeless case, A perfect thing Love is what you want it to be Love is heaven to"
  • Love Is - Dub War
    "so what you got 2 give this is what you made it i'm stepping from this trip no more do i need it sharks and there's fishes in the sea i don't want no other fish there's only one for me yeh love is here"
  • Love Is - Backstreet Boys
    "Yeah, Oh, Oh Yeah yeah. Once there was a time, love was just a myth, it just wasn't for real, it didn't exist. Until the day you came into my life, it forced me to think twice. I didn't have too much, no"

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