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Love is love starley

  • Call On Me - Starley
    "When you’re low and your knees can’t rise You feel helpless and you’re looking to the sky Some people would say to accept defeat Well if this is fate then we’ll find a way to cheat Oh oh oh oh oh, we’ll"
  • Love is a temple - Love is a temple
    "Well I love your little smile, every time makes me wild Im just a believer, I believe in you and me here were walking hand in hand in a bernadotte land words sure come easy, carried by the breeze in"
    "Baby we've been through a lot And times sure have changed Everybody's leaving town Looking for better things But I found what I want And I got no problem working I wish to god That my heart would stop"
  • Love - G. Love And Special Sauce
    "Baby we've been through a lotAnd times sure have changedEverybodys leaving townLooking for better thingsBut I found what I wantAnd I got no problem workingI wish to godThat my heart would stop hurtingShops"
  • Everlasting Love - Spoken Love
    "I’ve been wait for so long This is the time I come home Just been around Lost folk Hurt, where I should been? So This is the time I can hold till the end Everlasting Love Everlasting Love Everlasting"
  • 7 And 7 Is - Love
    "My Little Red Book Love (Later Arthur Lee & Love), 1966 (Bacharach-David) I just got out my little red book The minute that you said goodbye I thumbed right through my little"
  • Love Is Love - Boy George
    "Love Is Love You don't have to touch it to know Love is everywhere that you go You don't have to touch it to feel Love is every second we steal Love is Love is nothing without you Love is Love is everything"
  • Love is love - Culture Club
    "You don't have to touch it to know Love is everywhere you go You don't have to touch it to feel Love is every second we steal Love is love is nothing without you Love is love is everything you do Open"
  • Chapel Of Love - Darlene Love
    "Goin' to the chapel and we're gonna to get married. Goin' to the chapel and we're gonna to get married. Gee, I really love you and we're, gonna to get married. Goin' to the chapel of love. Spring is here, theeee"
  • Love Is Love - All Saints
    "Love is love Love is love Something just crept upon me As you lay next to me this morning As you looked up into my eyes Suddenly I realised What I've been searchin' for I no longer have to look no more A"
  • Love Is Love - RuPaul
    "writers: RuPaul/ Sami McKinney I see you look at me and judge me with your eyes Your words are meant to hurt and cut me down to size Why must I explain to you ? he loves me , I love him too ! What on"
  • Love Kills - Love Like Blood
    "In the endless deep from eternal sleep I rise Someone broke the seal and now I'm to reveal, but is it wise? When the ocean's roar washes to the shore, you see In my hungry arms its my love that harms eternally "
    "powiedziałem psują ten świat i tak od tysięcy lat Ekspansja zła wciąż trwa Ja mówię LGBT Ty mówisz: nie zgadzam się How do you think you love? Tych ciałów dram wystarczy nam Ja mówie Nie"
  • Love is Love - Prodigal Sunn
    "(Intro: Prodigal Sunn) A portrait of love Yeah, I'm feeling good tonight, baby I'm feeling good tonight We looking good tonight, we feeling good tonight Yo, bartender, what up, baby? Let me get three bottles"
  • Love Is Love - Flying Blind
    "Love is love and im not here Whisper sorrows in your ear Two hearts come to be as one But one day the one is gone Try so to run from the pain So I will but an aeroplane Culture club or culture shock At"
  • Love Is Love - Az
    "(feat. Half-A-Mil, Nature) See...this is what I mean...when we come together like this incredible things take place... see we connect thoughts to collect shorts, and only the strong survive... I love"
  • Love - The Car Is On Fire
    "Love It was a beautifull plan I got myself a gun I hate the early dawns Love I love to ride my bike You don't know what it's like My pals are paul and mike I love you Were it for the fact we Weren't too"
  • Love Is - Bill Withers
    "Love is caring And love is needing Love is sharing And love is feeling Love is (love is caring) Love is (love is needing) Love is (love is sharing) Don't you know that love (love is feeling) Say that"
  • LOVE IS - Adam Cohen
    "Love is Romeo and Juliet, Love is whatever you do with it, Love between a man and a man, Woman and a woman, Love is doin what you should, doin what you shouldn’t, Otherwise wouldn’t Love is The most beautiful"
  • Love Is - Demis Roussos
    "Love is the ocean Love is why we’re here Love is emotion Like a feeling when you’re near Love is a sun shower Love is out of sight Ad it can surely dance When it goes out at night Love is a thusday Love"

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