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Love ist battlefield

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Love ist battlefield

  • Battlefield - Nanci Griffith
    "(Nick Lowe - Paul Carrack) I live on a battlefield Surrounded by the ruins of a love we built And then destroyed between us, the smoke has cleared As I stumble through the rubble, I'm dazed and seein'"
  • Battlefield - Jordin Sparks
    "Don't try to explain your mind I know what's happening here One minute it's love And suddenly it's like a battle-field One word turns into a Why is it the smallest things that tear us down My world's nothing"
  • Battlefield - Paul Carrack
    "I live on a battlefield Surrounding by the ruins of a love we built And them destroyed between us The smoke has cleared As I stumble through the rubble I'm dazed, seeing double And I'm truly mystified My"
  • Battlefield - Diana Ross
    "(Paul Carrack/Nick Lowe) I live on a battlefield Surrounding by the ruins of a love we built And them destroyed between us The smoke has cleared As I stumble through the rubble I'm dazed, seeing double And"
  • Battlefield - Lea Michele
    "It's easy to fall in love But it's so hard to break somebody's heart What seemed like a good idea has turned into a battlefield Once, lust has turned to dust and all that's left's held breath Forgotten"
  • Battlefield - Jamie Stevens
    "BATTLEFIELD words and music by Nick Lowe and Paul Carrack (verse 1) I live on a battlefield Surrounding by the ruins of the love we built And them destroyed between us The smoke has cleared As I stumble"
  • Battlefield - Vanilla Ninja
    "You had me from the startalthough you never loved me with your hearti've come to understandthe fact that you just love me as a friendhear the voices in my mindstill I'm messing with my heartuntil I'm going"
  • Seekers Battlefield - Majestic
    "(Andersson) I'm moving fast like a hurricane Into the night I'm the bringer of your evil Searching for freedom I'd known before No one to blame I'm the seeker of the nighttime Sailing on Seas once again Crossing"
  • Battlefield Of Love - Lenny Kravitz
    "I am a soldier A casualty of love I've been from heaven All the way to hell I've had a journey Much more than I can tell I've got stories Much more than I can sell All this mass confusion Causes chaos"
  • Love Is A Battlefield - Pat Benatar
    "(We are young) (We are young) We are young (Heartache to heartache) Heartache to heartache (We stand) We stand (No promises) (No promises) No promises (No demands) No demands (Love is a battlefield) Love"
  • Love Is A Battlefield - Luke Evans
    "we are strong no one can tell us where are searching our arms for so long love is a battlefield you begging me to go and making me stay why do you hurting so bad … no one stain on your way your dte best"
  • Love Is A Battlefield - Jann Arden
    "We are young, heartache to heartache we stand No promises, no demands Love is a battlefield We are strong, no one can tell us were wrong Searchin our hearts for so long, both of us knowing Love is a battlefield Youre"
  • Love Is A Battlefield - Carrie Underwood
    "Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Chorus: We are strong No one can tell us we're wrong Searching our hearts for so long Both of us knowing Love is a Battlefield You're begging me to go You make me stay Why do"
  • Love is a battlefield - Venerea
    "Some say love is a flowerand I guess they know what's right'cause it has its seasonsand it fades without lightif it had a beginningit' ll surely have an endthe weather moves in circlesand we're all dust"
  • Battlefield Of Life - Axxis
    "You're invited to my life My inner thoughts are writen down They are hidden in our sound All that I feel, that I express You will see it - more or less My mind was easy to access Do you really understand"
  • This Is Our Battlefield - Papermill
    "Is this the theatre where we must play, where we must act? Where I can hear nothing but silence lasting for days. Where I can't lean out of the curtains for fear to be seen. Is this the train where we"
  • Battlefield - Norman Hutchins
    "Lead: I'm a soldier on the battlefield and I'm fighting Choir: Fighting for the Lord L: I promised him I would serve until I die, I'm fighting C: Fighting for the Lord L: On this Christian journey I've"
  • Battlefield - Panzer AG
    "A fallen Nation of angels. An army of shadows to blame. A struggle for survival and ore materials to claim, Ancient poems, Claims life, We justify our actions A book, Marks decisions, For how to live our"
  • Battlefield - Blind Guardian
    "It cannot be seen But there's blood on the green Only god knows I'm innocent Take me, take me home A dark seed reigns in me Like the storm rules over the sea I challenge thee, do not cross this bridge"
  • Battlefield - Antestor
    "We Are God's Servants Armed For War Our Lives Are Sacrified To Die For The Lord Mountains Are Shaking We're Marching Ahead God Uses His Servants To Help The Mislead Rejoice In The Lord Through Him We'll"

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