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Love lalalalala love lalalalala

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Love lalalalala love lalalalala

  • Lalalalala - Teabe
    "spakowany plecak ale nie będziemy zwiedzać jedziemy na wczasy kręcić gruby melanż młody stawia namiot niepotrzebny jest mu stelaż jak zobaczy panią panie lubią onieśmielać dobrze wiesz co jest grane gołe"
  • Love Love - Pulp
    "I thought so long and suddenly I realised / I love love I thought so long and suddenly I realised / I love love Am I loving the girl / or the feeling I feel? Is it just the idea that I like / or is"
  • Love Stories - Ghostface Killah
    "(feat. Ellie, Ghostface Kilah) Where do I begin To tell you all the things I feel when you're with me? The day we met I knew I'd fall so easily You must believe you're givin' everything I need Never"
  • Helium Love - Oblivion Dust
    "Mother Wipe these tears from my eyes I think I'm lost Father Don't you recognize? I think that I'm home I got helium love all around And I'm falling faster right through the ground Helium love's"
    "Baby we've been through a lot And times sure have changed Everybody's leaving town Looking for better things But I found what I want And I got no problem working I wish to god That my heart would stop"
  • Love - G. Love And Special Sauce
    "Baby we've been through a lotAnd times sure have changedEverybodys leaving townLooking for better thingsBut I found what I wantAnd I got no problem workingI wish to godThat my heart would stop hurtingShops"
  • Everlasting Love - Spoken Love
    "I’ve been wait for so long This is the time I come home Just been around Lost folk Hurt, where I should been? So This is the time I can hold till the end Everlasting Love Everlasting Love Everlasting"
  • What Is Love? - Deee-Lite
    "What is love? I think I know what love is. I think I know what love is. I think I knowI think What is love? What is love? Mmm how do you say Delicious, delovely Delectable, devine How do you say Degorgeous?"
  • Love, sex & sunshine - Mr. President
    "Wanna see me naked You wanna see me undressed for you Wanna touch my body feel me over you Wanna take my shirt away You wanna see me stipped Watching every edge of me Now you're getting dipped ahaha Refrain:"
  • To The Love Within - Megapuss

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