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Love me again and again

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Love me again and again

  • Again - Kutless
    "Awakened from a dream again to a sunrise of your own How could I expect any more from the one who is so pure Yet u gave up your life and your still giving more This must inply that, Love again,again,again I"
  • Again - Kashif Ibadullah Khan
    "I Will Be Back On My Feet Soon And Abel To Conquer The Moon Again I Am With You In Magical Evenings There Will Be Again Flowers Bloom Again I Will Carry Your Smile In My Mind Again We Know That Love Is"
  • Again - Flyleaf
    "Love the way that your heart breaks with every injustice and deadly fate praying it all be new and living like it all depends on you Here you are down on your knees again trying to find air to breathe"
  • Again - Archive
    "You're tearing me apart Crushing me inside You used to lift me up Now you get me down If I Was to walk away From you my love Could I laugh again ? If I Walk away from you And leave my love Could I laugh"
  • Again - John Legend
    "The first time we ever got a chance to be alone we knew, That it was wrong to do, I guess that's why I was drawn to you, The 2nd time leads to the 3rd, the 4th, the 7th time, I feel so alive, it won't"
  • Again - Kelly Price
    "Sorry I Never Meant To Hurt You You Know I Really Love You And If You Give Me One More Chance I'll Prove It To You Stop! Cuz I Don't Wanna Hear It Please Don't Say Your Same Old Speech Another Time."
  • Again - Jennifer Lopez
    "Like an angel of the sky, you came Clearing up all the clouds, the sadness and the rain So pure and healing was the love you bring I knew inside it felt so right For me I've struggled all my life To find"
  • Again - Brooks & Dunn
    "Ain't it funny, the turns life puts you through. Don't know what's round the bend, Man, you don't know where it's leadin' you. Close your eyes, say a prayer, take it on the chin. It's a dawn sun, comes"
  • Again - Janet Jackson
    "I heard from a friend today And she said you were in town Suddenly the memories came back to me in my Mind How can I be strong I've asked myself Time and time I've said That I'll never fall in love"
  • Again - Janet
    "I heard from a friend today And she said you were in town Suddenly the memories came back to me in My mind Chorus: How can I be strong I've asked myself Time and time I've said That I'll never fall in"
  • Again - Tapping The Vein
    "I am wearing this weight Again It cuts like it did then It's consuming all my thoughts and swallowing me Again And what you see is what's left of me but I'm here I didn't think I'd scare very easily"
  • Again - Angela Aki
    "koibito ga kuchi ni suru saigo no hitokoto nariyamanu koukai no SAIREN okubyou ga kono mune wo shihai shiteru kara anata e no omoi wo katarenai nakiwarai yorokobu anata no kao wo motto mite itai chikaku"
  • Again - Radney Foster
    "Aint it funny the turns life puts you through Don't know what's round the bend Lord you don't know where it's leading you Close your eyes say a prayer Take it on the chin it's the Darndest thing who comes"
  • Again - Doris Day
    "Bewitched Artist: Doris Day (peak Billboard position # 9 in 1950) Words by Lorenz Hart and Music by Richard Rodgers >From the Broadway musical "Pal Joey" Seven competing versions also made the Top 40 I'm"
  • Again - Highlord
    "( Music:Alessandro Muscio - Words:Stefano Droetto ) You found me lying in this lonely road... Bleeding and covered with white snow My eyes captured yours but suddenly they turn to ice Now I follow"
  • Again? - Wolverine
    "Echoes from the past lingers Through my head... again Days turned to years and Years turned to love I thought I had lost you I thought you'd lost me too Silence told me you name When I was slowly going"
  • Again - Tiffany Evans
    "Oooooobabe, babe, babe Summer winter, spring and fall This keeps running in my head Tell me what is going on Is there a chance for us again And is this really worth our love Baby can we work it out All"
    "I won't be the circus for you to star in I won't leave you roses to watch them die You won't be the heartache that keeps me sleepless You won't be the songs that I could never write I don't want to stay,"
  • Again - Brian McKnight
    "What are u calling me for Thought it was over when u walked out the door Reminding me of the pain That u caused In my heart No im not missing u at all No im not trying to make u feel small Lately it"
  • Again And Again - Noa
    "How many times I say the words Again and again and again and again A thousand different ways I say I love you And I tell myself I can and I can If I say the words again and again A thousand different"

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