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Love me lonely

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Love me lonely

  • Lonely - Forgive-Me-Not
    "Stars are falling from your eyes So I can grab 'em You look like an angel in the skies Oh you're so blinding In every morning of my past I'm pleased but lonely And I feel passion in my breast But I'm just"
  • Lonely - Schiller
    "Take a chance; love won't wait. Don't replace the words that show you grace. Stop the move; react to me soon. I'll show you sides of me I never show. I feel lonely, I feel for you. I feel lonely, what"
  • Lonely - Stryper
    "Once upon a lonely night Emptiness filled my heart And I realized my life wasn't right Searching and not finding Day after day Then I called upon your name And I just want to say I was lonely, lost without"
  • Lonely - Ben Folds Five
    "Lonely, let me sit here with my loneliness let me keep the shreds, 'cause they are the only give me space to ache it's hot in here allow me to be free to need you lonely lonely, empty, desperate time"
  • Lonely - Crystal Lewis
    "copyright Brian Ray My soul, my soul Watch over me My Father, my Father If it's possible let this pass from me In your deepest plan I'll surely stand It's not how I feel but oh do Thy will I have asked"
  • Lonely - Alice Avery
    "This center of my world is shaking, trembling hard since I met you, met you The life I knew before is opening up, it’s taking me by by surprise. But when life is full of men who loved you but let you"
  • Lonely - Janet Jackson
    "Feeling so alone and deserted With people standing all around you Should I trust someone Should I stay off to myself Alone with no one to talk to It's such a helpless feeling So anytime you feel the need Call"
  • Lonely - Hi-STANDARD
    "When I woke up lonely in my bed, it was a rainy day and my lonely days started again. My dear love, I saw you last night in my dream. You told me, while shedding tear drops. "I don't know why I am here,"
  • Lonely - Plazma
    "I can see you shining I can see you running From my soul and heart It's tearing me apart It's love Look what you have done to me, my little star 'Cause you are young and proud You never turn about You"
  • Lonely - Bon Jovi
    "Theres a whole lotta lonely waiting out there theres a whole lotta people that'll lead you nowhere so be safe my lover let me offer my prayer theres a whole lotta lonely waiting out there theres a whole"
  • Lonely - Anita Baker
    "You don't know what i been thru Its been rough I'm telling you All night long toss and turn Nobodies bridges left to burn I tell you a story about a lonely girl Had no one to love her In the whole wide"
  • Lonely - Janet
    "Feeling so alone and deserted With people standing all around you Should I trust someone Should I stay off to myself Alone with no one to talk to It's such a helpless feeling Chorus: So anytime you feel"
  • Lonely - Zoe Wees
    "It’s gonna be la la la la la la la lonely I should be the happiest woman ever alive But right now I don’t feel like it, oh I just wanna die I got some wheels, got those deals, got those credit cards But"
  • Lonely - Hi Standard
    "It was raining. My lonely days started again. My dear love. I saw you last night in my dream. You told me,while shedding tear drops. I don't know why I am here. I'm leaving you. Is this mischief of God. I"
  • Lonely - Merril Bainbridge
    "I was told to toe a line Instead I kissed the boys And made them cry But still you think its funny I was late Well god told me to wait And in the end when hearts were handed out Some of us missed out But"
  • Lonely - Shannon Noll
    "Sittin in a hotel miles from nowhere Thought that this would be my happiness I look at the phone and pick it up For the millionth time I put It down again I know I let you go And Ive got no right"
  • Lonely - Maria
    "I've been alone, since the day that you left me 'cause i never told, just what you mean to me I guess im afraid, of those kind of feelings Didn't mean to push you away, i realize i made a big mistake 'cause"
  • Lonely - Glenn Lewis
    "1ST VERSE Baby how you been I been doing fine Been taking my time to get myself on track Why'd you never call You used to have my back Whenever I'd fall you were always there for me Now you're not at all So"
  • Lonely - Amanda Benedit & Kristen Pruitt
    "Amanda Benedit & Kristen Pruitt Miscellaneous Lonely Sweet tears of sorrow I'll be gone by tomorrow you took my love and you broke my heart then you stole my pride and you tore it apart im done playing"
  • Lonely - Puff Daddy
    "{*Kokane begins stutter-singing the word lonely*} This goes out to my nigga B.I.G. Listen to me playboy, check dis out I go, on and on and on and Won't take her to the crib unless she's bonin' PD call"

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