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Love me paris

  • Paris - Yael Na?m
    "I fled to a different place So quickly The farthest away and I succeeded I am in Paris Lit candles Gray and foggy I am happy and its good for me And its so good for me In Paris I wander around ...? In"
  • Paris - Sabrina Carpenter
    "if i ask the oy to jump I know he would he don’t even have to say it's understood he treat me nice he treat me right he treat me good still I get so hesitant still I get so hesitant so I took myself"
  • Paris Paris - Malcolm McLaren
    "I feel love, Paris Paris Love to love, Paris Paris Feelings so close to my heart Barman dans le shaker, d'abord de l'lgance Un trait de Sacr-Coeur et deux doight de Doisneau Une Piaf, quelques moineaux"
  • Paris - Patrick Wolf
    "It was seven in the morning when the spark began to give. the bath was spilling over, my self pity spilling with it, so i, i fled the country to start it all again and found myself in paris in the cemetery"
  • Sarina Paris - Sarina Paris
    "mystery man i close my eyes at night i never get a chance to sleep every beat of my heart gets stronger i know we're gonna meet no face with know your name each time you satisfy my hungry heart i will"
  • Une - Sinik
    "L'histoire commence aux Ulis en 1984, Petit et peace dire que cette ville allait changer ma life ; J'en suis marqu j'ai dbarqu un soir d'hiver, Cit des Hautes Bergres tout l'air grand mais faudra bien"
  • I love Paris - J-Five
    "Pack my bags and hit the road jack This aint a place for me no more Never knew life could fit in my backpack Who's that cat crashed out on the floor It's the ever so adorable brand new vagabond Running"
  • Paris Rain - Brenda Russell
    ""Slow stroll on a misty night Hearts soar under Paris lights And the feeling is strange, as though we've been here before It's coming to me now I trip over stepping-stones That lead to the deep unknown But"
  • London-Paris - Pizzicato Five
    "(Konishi) Translators: Andrei Cunha kanawanu koi da to shite sore demo ai shiteru? konna ni tsumetaku shite sore demo ai shiteru? stop look and listen yappari futari wa hanareteru london to paris"
  • Paris Summer - The Last Shadow Puppets
    "Walking down some cobbled street The sound of water near my feet I found her A hundred thousand flashes hit my mind Soon my arms were all around her We lay and let our heart take wings And fly across the"
  • Paris Tokyo - Lupe Fiasco
    "(Background Talking) (I know, I know but I gotta get up outta here, you know, I gotta go pay these bills, I got a show to do, you know?) One time, for your mom. {Chorus} Let's go to sleep in Paris, and"
  • Paris Blues - The Doors
    "I wish I was a girl of sixteen Be the queen of the magazine I'd drive around in a great big car I'd have a chauffeur like a movie star And all night long you could hear me scream! When you look all around,"
  • Une Nuit A Paris - 10CC
    "'''Mme.Bezier:''' Bonjour monsieur Paris really welcomes you It's the best room in the house (she lied) It's forty francs a night, alright? '''Touriste:''' It's crazy, it isn't worth a centime I'll take"
  • Paris - Norton
    "I may not have a whole lot of money But I got enough girl for you and me I'm takin' off won't you come with me honey Gonna take you all the way to Paris, Tennessee I wanna show you the Riviera Got good"
  • Paris - Bacon Brothers, The
    "Bacon Brothers, The Can't Complain Paris Written by kevin bacon Strings written and arranged by michael bacon "a guide book for the paranoid." kb I'm in paris, won't be here long But after all it's paris,"
  • Paris - Delerium
    "Vous m'avez conquiseJe me suis priseJe me suis ouverteJe me suis offerteA vous mon amantVous, mon courtisanNos Liaisons sont dangereusesEt ma raison est aveugleNos Liaisons sont dangereusesEt ma raison"
  • Paris - Bacon Brothers
    "I'm in Paris, won't be here long But after all it's Paris, guess I'd better write a song It's so wonderful, so magical, so romantic Note to self to change that line, it's too pedantic But it's Paris,"
  • Paris - Little Dragon
    "Oh my god, it's green Safiya. Go! It's that time to transform To come around, I'm changing Ooh, there's an angel knocking at my window Trying to tell me where to go next This small town without you It"
  • Paris - Gordie Sampson
    "The train pulled in to Paris, like a rocket to the moon Station's like a circus, every face is a cartoon And everybody's stoned on pride and drunk on cheap champagne Tonight this joie de vivre sure don't"
  • Paris - Faith Hill
    "The train pulled into paris like a rocket to the moon The station's like a circus every face is a cartoon Everybody's stoned on pride and drunk on cheap champagne Tonight this joie de vivre sure don't"

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