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Love my like you fo

  • What Fo - Lil' O
    "(Big Moe) Why you got in her, why you cuffing her What you love in here (E.S.G.) Say Fat Rat, how you tell em (Chorus: Big Moe & (E.S.G.) - 2x) (what you got in her for) Why you got in her (what you"
  • Fo' Sho' - Infinite Mass
    "(feat. Helluva & T'Shun) Infinite Mass, Infinite Mass hear the infinite sound that's platinum bound Infinite Mass, Infinite Mass Fo' sho' baby with the sound that's platinum bound baby Alwayz lookin'"
  • My 6 Fo' - Mike Jones
    "Cruisin down the street in my 6 4, jockin the bitches, slappin a hoe. Went to the park to get the scoop, knuckleheads out there, cold, shootin some hoops. Cruisin down the street in my 6 4, jockin a"
  • Fly Fo Life - Suga Free
    "(Suga Free) Fly for life, this life is mine, willin to die.. Don't cost a dime to stay out of mine, not a dime.. Indica thai, makin me high, you wanna try? Up up and away, sunshine, blue skies, fly and"
  • DPG Fo' Life - Daz Dillinger
    "(feat. Snoop Dogg & Supafly) Bangin' that gangsta music Dippin' with my forty-five You niggaz gon' make me lose it Fuckin' with a Dogg Pound nigga for life, yeah For life, yeah... you better watch what"
  • What You Came Fo - Soulja Slim
    "(feat. 12 O'Klock, Trenity) You gone get what the fuck you came fo I got that shit you wanna bust my brains fo It could be this nigga, that, niggat this, nigga that But you gone get what the fuck you"
  • That's My N Fo' Real - Eminem
    "Ugh, zee I got wakin haze, my customers hoes sleep with me we have small beef, i still sell em o's for three fifty they known when big beef, i'll pop 100 times they like road kill, i live n****s brains"
  • Fo Sheezy - Lil Wayne
    "You know they saying since the bar back on the 'dro, he lackin the flow And if that ever happen whoa I ain't rapping no more I'm good with a pina, daq and an o Gagging and choke like ho put the dick back"
  • Sex Fo Yo Stereo - Trey Songz
    "(Verse 1) When you see me in the videos baby, do I make yo body go crazy when you catch me in a magazine baby, do you rip me out and save my page if my voice comes through yo speakers and yo legs suddenly"
  • Only Fo Tha Money - DJ Quik
    "Sometimes I just don't even understand why people like this dirty talkin shit, youknowhatI'msayin? But since they do and people buyin this shit; I'ma kick it like this You see a pimpin ass nigga like"
  • This Is Me, Fo' Real - Avril Lavigne
    "This is who i really am. the girl ive always been ive never been that great of a singer thats why i sound so bad live. i dont really know how to play guitar i can only strum one chord. im not much of"
  • Ride Fo' Mine - Spice 1
    "(Intro: Ike Dirty) (*Blaow repeated in background*) (Hahahahahaha), yeah (blaow) that boombonic shit sound, happen here Spice 1... (Chorus: Spice 1) They wanna keep a nigga under the water but I'm a"
  • Bo fo sho - Bo Burnham
    "Yo Walkin' my poodles, Man it never gets old With dogs on my leash, I got bitches on the hold. A first AID's kit? That's a rhesus monkey. I bust more nuts than a pistachio junkie. Alright? I get more ass"
  • Out fo control - Lindsay Lohan
    "Gimme a reason I'm on my knees and I'm begging anything to keep me alive I'm treading water Your mind is stronger I'm faking anything that I can't defy Your broken heart's gone And now you're all alone You're"
  • Fo' Sho' - Yolanda Adams
    "verse 1: you may see me laughing you may see me crying but you won't see me give up I'll just keep on trying Though sometimes it get hard Hard to see my way But I've got you in my life It's makes it"
  • Fo' Sho' - Adams Yolanda
    "Adams Yolanda Believe Fo' Sho' verse1: you may see me laughing you may see me crying but you won't see me give up I'll just keep on trying Though sometimes it get hard Hard to see my way But I've got"
  • Fo' Luv - Rooney
    "You are falling for me And the love you have Is reformed in me Well, I forget to tell you How much you mean to me But you never change Oh, you never change We drive and drive and drive But never get anywhere We"
  • One Time Fo' Ya Mind - Paris
    "12:15 layin real low at night Creep in a jeep hit the corner tight Bout to go clip they wigs But gotta keep a niggy clean One time this is so they momma cry Yall shoulda eased up when I told you"
  • Down Fo' Boogie - Tesla
    "But we wrote this one, way back in the club days matters When this was where it's at. You know, fuck all that 15,000, this was it, you know And we just love it, and this is the kind of shit we was writin'"
  • Fee Fi Fo - Dolores O'Riordan
    "Fee fi fo she smells his body She smells his body And it makes her sick to her mind He has got so much to answer for To answer for, To ruin a child's mind How could you touch something So innocent"

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