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Love on the brine

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Love on the brine

  • Palace of the brine - The Pixies
    "In a place they say is dead in the lake that's like an ocean i count about a billion head all the time there's a motion palace of the brine i saw the cloning of the famous family i heard the droning in"
  • Palace Of The Brine - Pixies
    "In a place they say is dead In the lake that's like an ocean I count about a billion head All the time There's a motion Palace of the brine I saw the cloning Of the famous family I heard the droning"
  • Tuna in the brine - Silverchair
    "I fondle keys to my heart when everyone's heartSeems so calmAnd you found the lockTo my dorm and opened the door to my trustFund my vestryThe light in my darkest hour is fearDenies me of anything good"
  • Love On & On - Donna Summer
    "I believe that love is callin' drawin' me to you I can feel my heart is fallin' cause it's never felt this true in your eyes I can see forever like the stars above we got lifetime to share together one"
  • Boys on the radio - Courtney Love
    "Do what you wantCuz i'll do anythingI'll take the blameWhats mine is yoursYou can have all of itAnd i learn to blameOh the boys on the radioThey crash and burnThey fold and fade so slowIn your endless"
  • Love On The Run - The Human League
    "I was wondering All the time that I was waiting When would I rise From the years that I'd been hating For the first time Living seemed to mean so much to me Like the day time Shining from the night that"
  • Love On The Line - Barclay James Harvest, The
    "Barclay James Harvest, The Eyes Of The Universe Love On The Line Love like a burning fire Creeping up on you Watch as the flame grows higher Can you see it through? Don't you know the die is cast? Got"
  • Love - The Car Is On Fire
    "Love It was a beautifull plan I got myself a gun I hate the early dawns Love I love to ride my bike You don't know what it's like My pals are paul and mike I love you Were it for the fact we Weren't too"
    "Baby we've been through a lot And times sure have changed Everybody's leaving town Looking for better things But I found what I want And I got no problem working I wish to god That my heart would stop"
  • On The Line - On The Line All Star
    "I'm laying it on the line to show you I'll never let you go, On the line for your love There's nothing I want more. Another dead-end street, another love gone wrong, Another shattered dream, Always the"
  • Love Is On The Run - The Moody Blues
    "Just because it's raining here It doesn't mean the sun isn't shining Somewhere else for someone You have loved But who's not near you anymore When your love is on the run Don't fall apart at what's begun It's"
  • Drunk On Love - The Wanted
    "We’re drunk on love, So turn the music up I wanna loose control, We’re gonna loose control We going out tonight Going with no invite I want to take it home We’re gonna take it home I’m a lover not a hater, Not"
  • On The Wings Of Love - Barclay James Harvest, The
    "Barclay James Harvest, The Face To Face On The Wings Of Love Close my eyes and dream the time away Like the shadows in the night Count the hours until the break of day There's something missing from my"
  • Come On Love - The Partridge Family
    "Sitting here all alone You know it's just not right Lately it seems to happen every night Hiding away from love How could I be so sure Lately I wonder about it more and more So I think that it's just"
  • Shine On - The House Of Love
    "In a garden in the house of love, sitting lonely on a plastic chair The sun is cruel when he hides away, I need a sister - I'll just stay A little girl, a little guy - in a little church or in a school Little"
  • Love - G. Love And Special Sauce
    "Baby we've been through a lotAnd times sure have changedEverybodys leaving townLooking for better thingsBut I found what I wantAnd I got no problem workingI wish to godThat my heart would stop hurtingShops"
  • Love On The Beat - Serge Gainsbourg
    "Love on the beat Love on the beat D'abord je veux avec ma langue natanale deviner tes penses mais toi dj dj tu tangues au flux et reflux des mares Love on the beat Love on the beat je pense toi en"
  • Love On The Outside - Stephen Bishop
    "Song: Love on the Outside Artist: Stephen Bishop Album: Bowling in Paris (1989) Composer: S. Bishop So many times, I tried to understand Why things were changing the love we had Used to think love could"
  • Love On The Rocks - Poison
    "Love On the Rocks She goes down slow like a shot of gin She's got an angel's face and the devil's grin She kinda stared me down as I looked her up She said "I'm your poison, now you drink a cup." In"
  • Love On The Run - Madonna
    "Talk about it people If you dream and shout it Was I nothing, feel the action I can't get no satisfaction With your love on the run Oh, you're just no fun To have your love on the run Oh, you're just"

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