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Love se me fail

  • Fail - Kendall Payne
    "I am not a perfect girl, nor are you a perfect man But we have found each other here inside this wild and crazy world And somehow make a perfect match You bring out the worst in me but its the side I need"
  • Fail - Rebeka
    "We don’t want to know. We just want to fail We don’t want to die Don’t send us to hell Oh it may be rude Our sabers made of wood Honey, let’s dance with my folks! We don’t want to know We just want to"
  • Love To See Me Fail - Bars And Melody
    "i know you love to see me fail love to se me fail fioirst you blame it on the look now you balme it on the fame but the only thing that’s changed is I’m finally getting paid I know you love to see me fail you"
  • You Fail Me - Converge
    "you fail me with every fatal crush you fail me with every abandoned love you fail me with your inferno fuck me eyes that burn as fuel for my city and its neon lights burn bright white line fever take"
  • Fail - Lion Shepherd
    "The system failed The throne is empty There is no faith Only survival Season to kill Is open up again Great armies march We in between waiting And If we drown you’re going with us We’ll suck you dry"
  • You Never Fail - Before You Breathe
    "How many times do I fall down Only to have You pick me up How many ways do I disobey Only to have You turn me around You never fail to forgive me How many times do I hesitate To give You all of my life How"
  • Faith won't fail - Katy Perry
    "You could throw me In the fire And I won't be burned For my faith Is Your desire And Your love endures You could throw me In the prison cell Shackle me up Against the rail But time And time again My faith"
  • If I Fail - Dead Prez
    "There was a little and a pur... Through two Suburbans and... Word is bond, bond is life I give my life before my word shall fail A soldier's oath, freedom of death And I won't stop if I fail If"
  • If I Fail - Cartel
    ""Time to go, this is goodbye," she said "Does it ever get easier to live like this?" And kiss the cheek Well I can't kiss you anymore And I, I would honestly love you now But I would lovingly let you down Oh"
  • Feet Don’t Fail Me Now - Foxes
    "Feet don't fail me now Don't fail me now Don't fail me now You'll all I've got so Feet don't fail me now Don't fail me now Don't fail me now You'll all I've got You were all my riches Spent my love 'till"
  • Feats Don't Fail Me Now - Little Feat
    "Your daddy says I'm no good Your mama says keep away I got to tell you truthful, girl, you can never make me stay I got somethin' up and down this road I'll bet you my last dollar, girl, I could give you"
  • Se Dest - House Of Love
    "Bruised and I'm aching Screwed to the floor I'm high on the shock I've closed off the door Cut the heart of pain Loaded with dice and shame Where do you stop? Why do you stop? You'll just do the same again Give"
  • I Fail - Regi feat. Scala
    "Ooh - I I don't know, I don't want to believe, that I lost, insecure, lose and I'm sure. Why oh why, did I lose, all the time, I won't let down, I won't give in, The answers, all I will win. I fail, I"
  • Fail again - Sunrise Avenue
    "Hey man I can see you standing tall on your feet again There were those dark days but youre far over them Say can you remember all the mess far behind you They were all so sure youd never find your way"
  • Fail Safe - Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
    "I watched you look through the few Just like you told me you'd do And now you live for the star that you reflected to use I never noticed the time, but now it's start to unwind The few who know me for"
  • Fail In Love - Sharon Doorson
    "If you wanna stay the night Baby, now come my door Not gonna stand here and wait I got an open mind Know what you're here for You're gonna have it your way If you wanna make love You're at the right place You're"
  • Se Thelo - Antique
    "Se thelo The first time that I saw you I didn't know just what to do, Suddenly I heard you say That you wanted me to stay Mono me sena Only for your eyes Se thelo gia mena I wanna hear you say "I"
  • Try.Fail.Repeat - Walls Of Jericho
    "it's time to take back your life so what if we showed an unbuttoned smile could it break the lock to our true thoughts of insecurities we never speak how about we love ourselves without underlying"
  • You Love To Fail - The Magnetic Fields
    "Maybe tomorrow I'll see love in your eyes and mine will dry Maybe tomorrow we can learn how to fly on these nasty little wings (C): And I wanna take you out but you always refuse 'cause you only play"
  • Don't Fail Me Now - Melanie Amaro
    "I’ve walked the longest road So don’t fail me now, feet don’t fail me now I’ve never got this close So don’t fail me now, feet don’t fail me now I see you in the distance It won’t be long before you’re"

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