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Love sound down

  • Love Sweet Sound - Groove Armada
    "I wanna take you somwhere You have never been I wanna show you something You have never seen I can feel the pressure Just fading away I know oh yes I know It's a brand new day mm Oh yeah, love sweet"
  • Sound Of Love - Bee Gees
    "See the children play the ball. See them play along the hall. It makes me cry to see them smile. I see the moon; I see the sky. I see reflections in my eyes. And there's no one to share my life. I need"
  • Sound Of Love - We The Living
    "I know this is starting to seem undeniable And I know this may be starting to feel like a little bit of you in me And I know you will plan this out with the precision of the military But I see this is"
  • Sound Of Pulling Heaven Down - Blue October
    "Somewhere, far away from here I saw stars, stars that I could reach (yeah) It was a midnight, a silent twilight Fell down, beyond the ocean beach (yeah) I assemble all the sand that cover wedding beaches To"
  • Sound Off - Ying Yang Twins
    "Sound Off (Chorus) ONE, TWO, you know what to do ONE, TWO, you know what to do SOUND OFF, all my hoes in this muthafucker SOUND OFF, all my niggas in this muthafucker SOUND OFF, Ying Yang in this muthafucker SOUND"
  • Dead Sound - The Raveonettes
    "I hear the sound of falling love As I wonder where you are Hits the ground with a dead sound Know you ain't got far You're too stupid and sissy-like To say that you want out You make the eyes of a million"
  • That Sound - Ohmega Watts
    "Pick up that sound 4x They did it again, they did it again, they did it again (Othello + Braile or Rez?): What you hearin now is not a test (TEST) Fix body sittin, move with finesse (NESSE) Don't need"
  • Safe + Sound - DJ Quik
    ""Quik you're not a gangster we're not" Some beleive in love and some beleive in friends But niggaz like me beleive in making ends Cause even when your bitch wants to trick around You know the moneys got"
  • Beautiful Sound - Newsboys
    "Turn the page Can't turn the light out Every word, every line Carries to my soul Dark letters on a page Singing so loud Where did I go wrong Not to hear you? Eighteen years I guess it was all right I"
  • That Great Love Sound - The Raveonettes
    "Changing your strut when you know I'm behind you Changing your ways cause you don't know what to do I only wanna tell How I feel inside If only you could listen Try to change your mind So I walk right"
  • Sound Of Music - The Adicts
    "hip hop hipety hop come on kids lets bop. hip hop hipity hop, i'm going down to the record shop. boogaloo and cootchy coo i'm gonna dance to my favourite tune. there we go nice and slow, arm in"
  • Safe and Sound - Capital Cities
    "I could lift you up I could show you what you want to see And take you where you want to be You could be my luck Even if the sky is falling down I know that we'll be safe and sound We'll safe and sound I"
  • What's That Sound - Rhubarb
    "When I was out, By myself I was alone, Always talking on the phone, But no-ones listening baby. As for love, I tried it once, it broke my heart. Maybe I was too young, Its too much effort baby. Hey,"
  • Valley Of Sound - Heather Nova
    "Move me Don't try Let the music reach me tonight Push me over into something new I've been riding all day on a bus Just to listen to you I love, I love, I love I love the look In your trespassed eyes I"
  • Touch The Sound - Neurotica
    "Seamless--just for this time For all--for all the portraits of baby blue Shadows--the real pace I'm set to Love you--hate this waiting Such a long time and all the promises I made to me Somehow it"
  • Sound The Alarm - The Waifs
    "Its not as though i have a pillow for my head i'm not missing any thing yet things that you treasure are worthless to me i don't know i don't know how you do it to yourself wherever i go wherever i be"
  • The Loneliest Sound - Ricky Nelson
    "The saddest sounds are the words goodbye The softest sounds are the tears I cry You walked away, and then I found A heart that breaks is the loneliest sound The cruelest sound that I have known Is the"
  • Sound Of Goodbye - Crystal Gayle
    "We kissed goodnight And we turn out the light And we lay side by side in the dark And we're waiting for sleep or a spark But the night's on the run And the spark does not come And we quietly worry and"
  • Safe And Sound - Matthew West
    "Can't believe you're here now Tiny dream come true The answer to a prayer now I'm so in love with you Couldn't wait to meet you Hope you like your name I get the funny feeling Life will never be the same Safe"
  • Theresa's sound world - Sonic Youth
    "Like girl come walkin' thru the cornfield like blue vibration thru the sea I know I'd love her to breathe, again like cubes are talkin' her down I've been a wasted day like spinning round a saint like"

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