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Love the brein

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Love the brein

    "Baby we've been through a lot And times sure have changed Everybody's leaving town Looking for better things But I found what I want And I got no problem working I wish to god That my heart would stop"
  • Love - G. Love And Special Sauce
    "Baby we've been through a lotAnd times sure have changedEverybodys leaving townLooking for better thingsBut I found what I wantAnd I got no problem workingI wish to godThat my heart would stop hurtingShops"
  • Everlasting Love - Spoken Love
    "I’ve been wait for so long This is the time I come home Just been around Lost folk Hurt, where I should been? So This is the time I can hold till the end Everlasting Love Everlasting Love Everlasting"
  • The Castle - Love
    "Verse 1: Here's my baggage, hand me my staff I'm leaving on a plane, a boat or raft Verse 2: my love, I love, so hard to choose If that were in my mind, it I would use "
  • Chapel Of Love - Darlene Love
    "Goin' to the chapel and we're gonna to get married. Goin' to the chapel and we're gonna to get married. Gee, I really love you and we're, gonna to get married. Goin' to the chapel of love. Spring is here, theeee"
  • Love Kills - Love Like Blood
    "In the endless deep from eternal sleep I rise Someone broke the seal and now I'm to reveal, but is it wise? When the ocean's roar washes to the shore, you see In my hungry arms its my love that harms eternally "
  • Love Love Love - The Queers
    "I'm just a stupid kid and I get my kicks But she left me and it hit me like a ton of bricks I'm crying, yeah, I'm dying, yeah And I'm never ever smiling again See I didn't need the girl and I seemed tough She"
  • Love - The Moffatts
    "The first time I saw you You were walking Down the beach at night With the waves bowing down to you In the bright moon light Well, it must have been a signal From up above Cause deep in my heart I knew"
  • Love - The Cult
    "C'mon now Wanna dig the scene? Love, obviously, very soon, everybody Love, obviously, very soon, everybody Oh, oh won't you love that sweet time? Oh, oh don't you love that sweet time? Spent a long"
  • Love - The Sundays
    "Picture myself as a thin white child Back to the day I was born on They slapped me into line as it crossed my mind I've felt better I've felt worse This is my life and it's all very well But never again As"
  • You Set The Scene - Love
    "--- Part I (0:00) --- Verse 1: Where are you walking, I've seen you walking Have you been there before? Walk down your doorsteps, you'll take some more steps What did"
  • Love - The Smashing Pumpkins
    "To my mistakes, to my mistakes of cowardice. She shimmy shakes, the jimmy jakes of consequence. Born of the airs and dues, my airs of madness do declare. That it's ok; it's love. It's what you wanted"
  • Love - The Twilight Singers
    "at 3:15 i heard you leave where did you go? were you alone? am i the only one for you? so tell me true i'd kill for you it's sick i know but after all by definition of the word love iz blind love iz good it"
  • Love - La The Darkman
    "(if you can, you walk out that door) Yeah, It's like a cycle Word up, You know women dunn? Can't live with 'em Can't live without 'em Uhh, But one thing they have to understand That knowledge is first Word"
  • Love - Kids In The Way
    "Love, is it all that you want. Is it everything you hope for. Love, is it more than the word that you use when you look at her. Love, it will push you around. It will make you a poor man. Change your picture"
  • Love - Above The Golden State
    "I pray for love like Yours for me I pray for love like Yours for me I pray for love more and more That I might have love like Yours A love that shines upon the earth A love that fills the ocean floors I"
  • Love - Sixpence None the Richer
    ""You must be the seed. Descend into the earth. Searching for the union of death, and then rebirth." But I need love. It is patience, it is kindness. I need love. It is rain after the dryness. I need love."
  • Love - The Black Eyed Peas
    "I love you love, but I'm thinkin' 'bout leavin' So far you treated me so bad I love you love, but I'm thinkin' 'bout leavin' So far you treated me so bad I call my baby to tell her I'm on my way Call"
  • Love - The Ben Taylor Band
    "Well you could be dream'in You could easily be lieing by yourself sleep'in Only to wake up hopelessly stranded in love Oh, you could be mov'in Proud of yourself about the lonely way you keep grov'in Only"
  • Can't Stand In The Way Of Love - Jennifer Love Hewitt
    "It stops... never Meant to be You and me Unconcious love Love is a attraction It's so hot What we've got Like a chemical reaction So how can it be so suddenly You treat me like a stranger Remember, remember"

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