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Love you, l want you l want touch you

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Love you, l want you l want touch you

  • L - Gigi Dagostino
    "I still believe in your eyes I just don't care what you've done in your life Baby I'll always be here by your side Don't leave me waiting too long, please come by I-I-I-I still believe in your eyes There"
  • Little L - Jamiroquai
    "There you were freaking out, Trying to get your head around the fact that me and you and love is dead See how I'm trippin out 'cause you can't decide what you really want from me Why does it have to be"
  • Karma-(L) - Alicia Keys
    "Weren't you the one that said That you don't want me anymore And how you need your space And give the keys back to your door And how I cried and tried and tried To make you stay with me But still you said"
  • Want You - Mariah Carey
    "It's just the way I want you baby Oh so bad It's just the feeling that comes over me I had a crush on you Painstakingly I Would conceal the truth You probably always knew But I was timid like a child Inhibited"
  • You Want Love - Mixed Emotions
    "You gotta come back brown eye gotta come back come hear me cry. Gotta come back brown eye why do you make me cry? Hey I can see it in your eyes I can see it in your smile: you want love babe You need"
  • What You Want - Fly To The Sky
    "Yo, ya l don't know about this right here Ya l ready to get down? (Uh) Fly high, TM, Eastville, Lil' B c'mon I just can't get enough~ Won't you come back my love You're always on my mind, baby~ I just"
  • If you want love - Black Eyed Peas
    "If you want just let me know My envelopes about to explode I got what you need and you know If you want love just let me know Cos I can turn you on Turn you on [2x] Turn you on Baby when youre"
  • L - Nicole (FI)
    "jt patsas tuulen pois ota lahjat, kaiken saada voit ota kahdet kasvot pois el thdet, nahkan luoda voit l vrn vaakaan luo l kylm vallan maljaa juo ole tiedon huoneessa ole viisaan seurassa aivan kuin hengitt aina"
  • L' - Ali Project
    "Yo ga machi wo tsutsumu Kaze ga mado wo naderu Watashi wa tada mabuta wo Tojiru no Anata no yubi fureru Aa sono shunkan no Kimochi wo totte ok Itsu made mo Hyaku no yorokobi Sen no shiawase Donna yasashisa"
  • L - Jd Natasha
    "Triste me dejaste triste Como esta canción Lgrimas de amor Fuiste quizs nunca tu viste este corazón Lgrimas de amor Coro: Y te vas Y te vas No me queda nada Y te vas Y te vas No me queda nada Porque no"
  • L - Snook
    "Mannen r den nya kvinnan Smink fr mn, avkldda mn, sex sljer, och... jag menar Bimbon blev frbytt med himbon You know! Snook Baby du knullar bra Du var, du var underbar Men jag, men jag tror det vore"
  • L - 5 - Todd Rundgren
    "Yesterday a postman Delivered to me The pictures that I've longed to see A special place A wheel in the sky Half a mile wide Will they have a place for me Up in space I'm on my way to l"5 I want to stay"
  • P. L. You - Duran Duran
    "Well there's no surprise One look into those eyes Having sex every Saturday In the afternoon, with the TV on It's all you know It really makes you wanna throw It could be time for a holiday On the S. O."
  • Whatever You Want - Next
    "Next, curtis conway, michael jackson (chicago bears) (intro) (girl) next (r.l.) oh uh, how ya doin' (girl) ya name? (r.l.) oh, I'm r.l. You have to excuse me, I'm a little nervous (girl) what makes"
  • L-L-L-L-Lies - King Diana
    "Oh why, oh why, oh why, You tell me l-l-l-lies Never t-t-t-t-think That I woulda re-a-li-a-li-a-lize Things you say-ay-ay-ay-ay-ay Will make you fay-ay-ay-ade away So b-b-b-bye-bye-bye-bye(goodbye) 12"
  • I Want To Touch You - Catherine Wheel
    "I always thought the way you talked was neat And I dreamed that when you speak, you speak to me But you're always out of reach And I can't control my speech And I'm scared that when we meet, I'll want"
  • I want to touch you - McFly
    "I want to touch you(And sleep with you)I want to touch you baby (Its about)I want to touch you(Yes thats you)I want to touch youYesterday i told you something i thought you knewYes i told you with a smileI"
  • L. S. D - Videodrone
    "(videodrone) I'm not your mother's worst nightmare I'm not your mother's worst care I'm not your mother's worst nightmare I'm not your mother's worst care So wake up take me in I'm not marilyn manson I'm"
  • D-X-L - DMX
    "Holiday StylesBitch, I get you shot in the head or shot in the neckif I ain't gettin proper respectI don't care if you rap, I still spit in your grillI don't give a fuck, never have, never willIf it ain't"
  • Want You To Want Me - Anggun
    "I'm here give me a glance, been following you like a shadow This is how I spent my time dreaming about our days tomorrow Another day has gone bye another moon another sun I can wait for you my love Don't"

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