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Lovely Billy Elish

  • Enuma Elish - Rotting Christ
    "Enuma Elish APSU TIAMUT LAHMU AND LAHAM ANSAR AND KISAR ANU NUDIMMUD When on high the heaven, had not be named Firm ground below was unnamed APSU TIAMUT LAHMU AND LAHAM ANSAR AND KISAR ANU NUDIMMUD When"
  • Lovely lilly lou - Terry Scott Taylor
    "Lovely Lilly Lou coos like a dove Lovely Lilly Lou She's in love So much in love with the lovely world around her Simple things astound her Strong, loving arms surround her It's hard to be blue when everything's"
  • Billy The Mountain - Frank Zappa
    "Mark Volman (lead vocals) Howard Kaylan (lead vocals) Ian Underwood (woodwinds, keyboards, vocals) Aynsley Dunbar (drums) Don Preston (keyboards, mini-moog) Jim Pons (bass, vocals) Billy the Mountain Billy"
  • Lovely Broken Thing - Underworld
    "(JAL TO TOKYO) Refugee Rain One hand Come down between us I explained How good I feel And everything In my imagination You got the wrong end Misunderstanding Watching the sun rise Over the water Back"
  • Billy - Fatal Flowers
    "Billy is crying and hundreds of people surround him Billy is crying and evryone around him is smiling He knows he should be out there laughing with them But he just can't force a smile upon his face He"
  • Billy - Bon Jovi
    "Since you're been gone now honey life ain't nothing but sad luck days I begged on my knees now, sugar You acted like you never knew my name My friends saw you at the station I guess you must have missed"
  • Lovely - Alice Peacock
    "I've never known someone quite like you You take my breath away You knock me out with the little things you do And all the words you say Because you're lovely Lovely you see That's all there is to it So"
  • Lovely - Britney Spears
    "youre the sweet dreams that soothe me when i cant fall asleep youre the field in the middle of the city im rushing by in the speed of light youre the strong resolution when i found all the piece your"
  • Billy - Bob Dylan
    "There's guns across the river aimin' at ya Lawman on your trail, he'd like to catch ya Bounty hunters, too, they'd like to get ya Billy, they don't like you to be so free. Campin' out all night on the"
  • Billy - Kid Capri
    "We interrupt this program to bring you a special report We are looking for a man named Billy who has just been accused for use of fake credit cards; use of UPS trucks; and trying to sell crack to an undercover"
  • Billy - Keith Urban
    "Billy left on Friday night with twenty dollars cash Had a thousand more and a diamond on his hand When he got back I don't know just where Billy got that dough. Saturday he spent in style Drinks were"
  • Billy - Ranch
    "Billy left on Friday night with twenty dollars cash Had a thousand more and a diamond on his hand When he got back I don't know just where Billy got that dough Saturday he spent in style Drinks were on"
  • Billy - John Entwistle
    "Billy and me we've been friends since '65 Thought there were days that would never end Man we were so alive Now I'm bald with a little bit older gone our separate ways Hey boy if you're still out there"
  • Billy - Harcerska
    "Błagam was, zabierzcie mi Zabierzcie mi szeryfa gwiazdę Okrutnie ciąży na piersi mej A Billy w prerię ucieka gdzieś Puk puk pukam do nieba bram I zapytam Boga się Czy w porządku jest, że ja Swego kumpla"
  • Lovely - Shawn McDonald
    "Let me tell you a story Of a little boy who had lost his way In search for something to make it a better day, But all he seemed to find Was a world of hurt and pain And a place that didn't seem to care"
  • Lovely - BoyWithUke
    "We kissed under the stars so far away We could see Mars I felt like maybe it was now I had a purpose You held me close Said it was cold I said I know I told you I was nervous And you will always be So"
  • Lovely - Boyz II Men
    "Lying here with my arms above my head Hungry for your love, waiting to be fed Your body speaks to mine and I understood every word Told me that you needed me, at least that's what I heard I'm trying"
  • Billy - Lou Reed
    "Billy was a good friend of mine We grew up together ever since we were nine We went to school, he was my best friend And I thought our friendship would never end In highschool he played football And me,"
  • Billy - Jewel
    "I know little billy from the small time town Ma and pa meant well but they just weren't around But he would learn what little they had taught They told him, heaven is hard but hell is not He remembers"
  • Billy - Quindon Tarver
    "I Know Little Billy From the Small Time TownMa and Pa Meant Well But They Just Weren't AroundBut He Would Learn What Little They Had TaughtThey Told Him, Heaven Is Hard But Hell Is NotHe Remembers Papa's"

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