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Lovesick (feat. Liza Owen)

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Lovesick (feat. Liza Owen)

  • Black Wasp (feat. Liz Harris) - The Bug
  • Liza - Judy Garland
    "Liza, Liza Skies are gray But when you smile at me All the clouds'll roll away Liza, Liza Don't delay Come keep me company And the clouds'll roll away See the honey moon is shinin' down We should make"
  • Liza - Clannad
    "Bh mise i ngr le cailn Le blianta anuas Liza ab ainm di Ach go tobann thnaig s chugam Le scal a bhris mo chro Chorus (after each verse): Liza Liza mo stór Liza Fan liom Chuartaigh mise thoir Agus chuartaigh"
  • Liza - Bill Withers
    "''NARRATION:'' Probably one of the nicest affections in the world Is that feeling that's there between a worldly old Uncle and very innocent young niece. Liza, won't you lay your head on my shoulder Cry"
  • Owen Meaney - Lagwagon
    "Uncertainty A foundation built on nothing I could see Secure in your Immaculate perception The last resort I thought I'd ever exercise Now, all that I have To stand on Grieving from a different Point of"
  • Owen Down - Gary Jules
    "Baby I would smash your pretty face just to make you feel one and Take your body along my throat to show how much I care Guitar on my bed where your body's supposed to be If I could turn you inside out"
  • Lovesick - Peace
    "I don’t wanna go to school I don’t wanna take the call I just wanna be a fool and get lovesick with you I don’t wanna move my head, lay around and die in bed I don’t wanna listen I wanna get lovesick"
  • Liza Li - Liza Li
    "Vor 18 Jahrn wurde ich geborn Ich schrie gleich alln in die Ohrn Ich fragte mich wo bin ich hier Ich bin ich und wer seid ihr (Wir sind die andren) Ich glaub ich griech gleich wieder rein (Wir sind"
  • Lovesick - Lisa Germano
    "You're not my yoko ono You said those words to me You say some hurtful things now None cut so deeply Those visions of beauty Those visions haunt me Illusions of hope And they drive me crazy You're not"
  • Lovesick - Elton John
    "Written by Elton John and Bernie Taupin I've been blown away like a printed page That reads "you're lovesick" Headline news had me so abused But I was lovesick You never tried although I sacrificed My"
  • Lovesick - Swift
    "Killed--but i'm still struggling, to hold on to You--i know i'm failing. it feels like my arms Are tied to my hips, and i, just tripped i'm Falling-- But not because i'm lovesick or am i lovesick? It"
  • Lovesick - Michal
    "I'm lovesick And every fiber of my being aches And I am rendered useless By this love It consumes me I didn't have the chance I've been stricken My heart is in your hands I'm lovesick, oh Love"
  • Lovesick - Anya Marina
    "A laundry list a mile long I've got so much to do No, I don't see that elephant standing in the room And I keep telling everyone it's something like the flu But I'm sick of feeling lovesick over you You're"
  • Lovesick - Madcap
    "Everytime I look at you I wanna kill, wanna kill Stranger things that I would do to make you feel the way I feel Its just that I have been broken so many thousand times And everytime I start again I wonder"
  • Lovesick - A Fine Frenzy
    "Sweet as a fox calm in a crowd good with a spotlight, she is out out to be yours I am a detail, minor detail so it seems planting the seeds of doubt in your mind she's playing for keeps, but so am I I'm"
  • Lovesick - TLC
    "Saw you two the other day And I must say that she looks great You all make the cutest two I guess I should be glad for you The thought of you just makes me sick It's been two weeks and that's too quick I"
  • Lovesick - Gang Starr
    "Strangely enough I've been struck, affected by her smile And yo, her style is worthwhile And knowing that I'm deep like a river, I feel I should give her Things that those others can't deliver Contrary"
  • Lovesick - GangStarr
    "Verse 1 Strangely enough I've been struck Affected by her smile And yo, her style is worthwhile And knowing that I'm deep like a river I feel I should give her Things that those others can't deliver Contrary"
  • Lovesick - Bloodflowerz
    "moonspell i fell a deadly knife inside my hand a bloody trace is drying in the sand too late it's all fate a victim of the wounded night i fade 'cause i am loosing my last fight all starts and ends in"
  • Lovesick - On Broken Wings
    "Something different Something new When all I do is think of you Starring at an empty wall Cluttered with pictures of you so beautiful I'll swallow one last eyeful only to turn and fall (to my knees) Something"

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