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Loving Takes Course

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Loving Takes Course

  • Of Course We Will - Ultimate Fakebook
    "Pull the covers up Turn out the lights Believe me It'll be alright I know you had it in your sights But still you can't stay up all night Let down You're spun around You just can't think about that now Cause"
  • Nothing Takes The Place Of Loving You - Stonewall Jackson
    "I've tried everything that I could think of Went out and bought some things I've wanted to Spent money for a while like it's going out of style Nothing takes the place of loving you I looked for consolation"
  • Mis-Takes - Charlatans Uk
    "I don't like You But I know that You don't like me It's kinda funny 'cause I know You can read me but You need me when I open doors of course your thorns become roses My life is sure short and your actions are"
  • Loving You - Backstreet Boys
    "LOVING YOU I love how loving you makes me feel and I love how loving you feels so real through the good through the bad when I'm happy or sad I'd rather be loving you than anything else in the world"
  • Loving Arms - Rheostatics
    "Dave Merritt It takes a trip, a step away from your own home To see more clearly what otherwise you wouldn't know, Like what makes a seed--sewn in garden fabric--grow. Leave it up to the sun to shine,"
  • Whatever It Takes - Amy Grant
    "(Amy Grant, Keith Thomas, Gary Chapman) Face to face we embrace We drink of love's sweetest wine Whispered names fan the flames Each touch is frozen in time I can feel your heart And the rhythm of it"
  • What It Takes - Krezip
    "Do I got what it takes to be down on the ground like you are (and still go on) Can I feel what it is to be loving my life like youre loving it (cause youre loving it all) The strongest will survive Youve"
  • Whatever It Takes - Jack Russell
    "baby i know the way you feel yeah i know what it takes to keep you and baby i know just where you've been yeah i know whatever it takes to keep it real whatever it takes to keep you and baby i'd give you"
  • Love Takes Time - Robert Palmer
    "If we could turn back time If we could go back to the beginning If we could rewind the clock We could have timed it down to the minute We had some words today That blew the clouds away They were long"
  • Whatever it takes - Vicki Yohe
    "I close my eyes I feel I can see you! The air is filled with your glory I talk to you I listen for your still voice Now this is real and it's ecstasy And I made my promise and I stake my claim Yesterday"
  • Of Course - Jane's Addiction
    "Of course this land is dangerous! All of the animals Are capably murderous. When I was a boy, My big brother held on to my hands, Then he made me slap my own face. I looked up to him then, and still"
  • Of Course - Lucky Boys Confusion
    "Stop, I know why you're running Wait, I know what you're saying We've been spinning around in circles going nowhere Simple, if that's how you hide it Complex, if that's how you see it Just depends"
  • Crash Course - Warcloud
    "Crash Course (Warcloud) In the presence of dark enemies outnumbered by the infinity I laugh in the dark, a petal lark, time relaxed Shining black clash centipede, I attack ooh yah Bang who fights streets"
  • The course - Dwight Yoakam
    "Don't you sleep. Don't you have a single moment's peace Just walk through the darkness with fears that are deep And don't you even sleep Don't you smile. Don't you have happy thoughts for a while 'Til"
  • When Love Takes Over - David Guetta & Kelly Rowland
    "It's complicated, it always is, that's just the way it goes Feels like I've waited so long for this, I wonder if it shows? Head under water now I can breath, it never felt so good. Cause I can feel it"
  • When Loves Takes Over - The Saturdays
    "It's complicated, it always is That's just the way it goes Feels like I've waited so long for this I wonder if it shows? Head underwater, now I can't breathe It never felt so good And I can feel it coming"
  • It Takes A Man - Aaron Lines
    "She locked her fingers and bowed her head She said I'm late, and I'm really scared You can go, but I hope you stay I'm gonna keep it, either way In my daddy's el camino In her driveway in the rain Staring"
  • Sweet Little Loving - White Lion
    "little miss dee's got a dirty mind all around the boy's she's one of a kind if you wanna good time you can take her home cause everyone knows she is good in bed in a minute or two she'll make your dreams"
  • Loving Every Minute - Holly Dunn
    "I once was in love for a week that felt like a year or two But I'm loving every minute of loving you Well I've spent too many nights that just couldn't end too soon But I'm loving every minute of loving"
  • Dro Loving Carla - Savage Garden
    "it's great when were together and play beautiful you really are one of a kind everybody usually ends up breaking up tearing and throwing everything they had to say but you are the best thing ever hottie"

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