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Loving caliber magic day

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Loving caliber magic day

  • Caliber - Wintersleep
    "Mumbling monosyllabic moments Nobody understands Life's to short for explanations You've got to many big plans You've mapped out every single second Of what you'll do when your done You keep your caliber"
  • 44 Caliber killa - Benzino
    "Haven't you ever heard (Trackmasters) a killa : Zino 44 Caliber killa : Face, Young McNeil 44 Caliber killa : I keep the heat close by come through on any block start dumping Zino don't stop stop frontin"
  • Magic - A Flock Of Seagulls
    "Magic magic magic is that magic is that magic another lonely day another lonely night here we go again out of touch and out of sight this is the story of a boy meeting a girl lost and alone in a"
  • Magic - Status Quo
    "(Rossi/Frost) Never been very good at the things that I should do better And I've tied very hard just to see if I could forget ya But never, ever could we get back together I doubt it somehow, doubt it,"
  • Magic - Pilot
    "Ho, ho, ho It's magic, you know Never believe it's not so It's magic, you know Never believe, it's not so Never been awake Never seen a day break Leaning on my pillow in the morning Lazy day in bed Music"
  • Magic - Selena Gomez
    "Oh, oh, oh, It's magic, you know Never believe it's not so It's magic you, know Never believe it's not so Never been awake Never seen a daybreak Leaning on my pillow in the morning Lazy day in bed Music"
  • Magic - Ladyhawke
    "You came to my show, and I saw you in the crowd I didn't know your name, I didn't know your name I asked all my friends who you were and your story They told me the same, they told me the same I've left"
  • Magic - Vibekingz & Maliq
    "t's magic... yeahh Vibekingz & Maliq Yeah baby... we both ment to be together since the first day that I saw you I can't take my eyes of you girl noo You got the magic hooo damn you got it girl Is it true"
  • Magic - Cheeky Girls
    "Verse A magic world is what we see A magic life is what we need Dance me babe, day and night Lift me up, put me down Close your eyes and don't look back (Ooh baby, ooh baby, ooh baby) Woo Chorus I'm a"
  • Magic - Zididada
    "Release date: 1. November 2000 Album: Have a zididada day Come on come on let me hypnotize your mind I can guarantee you will live twice I can give you satisfaction If you will be my mainattraction (bridge) come"
  • Living Loving Maid - Led Zeppelin
    "Leaves are falling all around It's time I was on my way. Thanks to you I'm much obliged For such a pleasant stay. But now it's time for me to go The autumn moon lights my way. For now I smell"
  • Last Day Of Magic - The Kills
    "Were two parties Two parties ending What if you move What if you hide There's only so much you can miss Before we both collide My little tornado My little hurricano Last day of magic Where are you My little"
  • It's Gotta Be Magic - Don Williams
    "I'm back on the road Sometimes I don't know It's hard to make good sense of it all When I have to roam My mind's back at home Thinking of you there all alone But we're doing well Somehow I can tell I"
  • The Magic Of Christmas Day - Celine Dion
    "Celine Dion These Are Special Times The Magic Of Christmas Day Deck the halls with boughs of holly It's the season to be jolly And be thankful for all that we have All the lights and decorations Put up"
  • Day You Stop Loving Me - Charley Pride
    "The world will tumble from its axes the sun will be covered by the sea The moon will burn and turn to ashes the day you stop loving me You gave me love and with your giving you opened my eyes and made"
  • Metal Magic - Pantera
    "When they say don't look back Do what they say You gotta look ahead To a better day In a world of metal magic You need a break Go forth Take a chance Make no mistake Metal magic Metal magic Metal magic Metal"
  • Magic Bus - The Who
    "Every day I get in the queue (Too much, Magic Bus) To get on the bus that takes me to you (Too much, Magic Bus) I'm so nervous, I just sit and smile (Too much, Magic Bus) You house is only another mile"
  • Magic Bus - Simon Le Bon
    "Every day I get in the queue (Too much magic bus) To get on the bus that takes me to you (Too much magic bus) I'm so nervous I just sit and smile (Too much magic bus) Your house is only another mile (Too"
  • Mr. Magic - Amy Winehouse
    "Every day i see you My hands were made for you And you always give me stress me free point of view Pick you up after school (Mr. Magic) Take a token (Mr. Magic) Of my love (Mr. Magic) I see you through"
  • Magic Touch - Kiss
    "She's got the magic touch And you're walkin' around in a dream She's got the magic touch Oh no, but it ain't what it seems You feel there's a fire burnin' When she feels cold inside But you still want"

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