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Lp went were high

  • Vocab (LP Version) - The Fugees
    "Chorus You got the vocab I got the vocab You got the vocab You know I got the vocab You got the vocab I got the vocab Hey, yo pass the mic so I can tell 'em I got the gift o' gab Monkey see, monkey what?"
  • When We're High - LP
    "There was a time there was a life I was inside my head Then finally I rested in your bed The bars the dives the words of vibes I though had come to pass But still I couldn’t seem to make it last I’d swallow"
  • LP Retreat - Luscious Jackson
    "you see me spinning records it makes me high (get high) i've got 33's and 45's i've got 33's and 45's you see me spinning records let's play mr dj lets play oh yeah lets play lets play oh yeah it makes"
  • The Ultimate High (LP Version) - Nature
    "(nature) Do you see what I see? Do you smoke what I smoke? Do you wanna smoke? Do you wanna ride? Yeah aiyyo aiyyo When I walk into a room, niggas feel a slight breeze Stay a little while till they"
  • High Time We Went - Joe Cocker
    "(Joe Cocker/Chris Stainton) Well, it's five o'clock in the morning feel just like the end of a mule Somebody's been yawning trying to break out the rules. Yes, it's high time we went Ain't it high time"
  • City High Anthem - City High
    "They just gave up on our entire generation So we were all pushed to the side Cuz we didn't see the world through our teacher's eyes When all we needed was alittle bit of motivation But because we wore"
  • Gloria (LP Version) - Enchantment
    "Gloria My Gloria Things ain't been the same Since you went away Gloria My Gloria I don't want to see Another day It seems like Only yesterday I beheld your sweet face And In my lonely room My memories"
  • Marshall Mathers Lp - Eminem
    "You know I just don't get it Last year I was nobody This year I'm sellin records Now everybody wants to come around like I owe em somethin Heh, the f**k you want from me, ten million dollars? Get the"
  • Mother Went A-Walkin' - Jim Reeves
    "(Sang) (Shall we gather at the river that flows by the throne of God) (Spoken) The church doors opened one Sunday in a little country town The people all were silent in the rain that misted down And an"
  • The Devil Went To Jamaica - Travis Meyer
    "The devil went to Jamaica, he was lookin' to sell some weed, He was doin' fine, they were standin' in line, it was excellent weed indeed, When he came across this young man who likewise peddlin' pot, And"
  • Went Way - Brotha Lynch Hung
    "Two years ago, a friend of mine told me to write me a tight ass rhyme and so I, I wrote this rhyme that I am about to say the rhyme is tight and it went this way And I'm on my briefcase wit some crumbled"
  • Self Immolation (LP Version) - Fear Factory
    "Skin Your scars Surface is Rusty blades Self immolation crying out Self immolation crying out Self immolation crying out Self immolation crying out Oblivion Your weakness Is your temper Is your temper "
  • Starrider (2008 Remastered LP Version) - Foreigner
    "(1st verse) " I stole a ride... on a passing star... Not knowing where I was going, how near or how far." " Through years of light... lands of future and past... 'Til the Heavenly gaze... was sighted"
  • Switchblade - LP
    "Do you remember making love on a hill at the top of Topanga Do you remember a hands full of pills on a midnight adventure I do /3x Late in September it started to end and I felt you pretending I couldn’t"
  • High Cotton - Alabama
    "We didn't know that times were lean 'Round our house the grass was green It didn't seem like things were all that bad I bet we walked a thousand miles Chopin' cotton and pushin' plows And learnin' how"
  • High Water - Bishop Briggs
    "I wasn’t the strong one Till we were falling apart I promised I’d hold you When everything went dark But god it’s so dark out Still feel you in my bed I wish I could hold you But I’m holding my"
  • Junior High - The Magnetic North
    "With times changin', people come and they go. Things will happen in life that'll get you low. And I know that this is all just a game. I try to be just the same and I see that ... I failed out of school"
  • High Rise - Insane Clown Posse
    "The floor 'round his body slowly started to crack He was screamin' but no one could do nothin' but step back He plunged below until the level beneath Broke five ribs both hands and blew out his teeth But"
  • You Were The Last High - The Dandy Warhols
    "I am alone but adored By a hundred thousand more Then I said when you were the last (high) And I have known love Like a whore From at least ten thousand more Then I swore when you were the last When you"
  • High - Holy Mother
    "Huge success The kind that makes you wonder I am no test Repossed I'm under, I am nowhere A solitary way Huge success you never gave away What if I were high What if you were evil What if I were high What"

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