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Lp you and i

  • LP Retreat - Luscious Jackson
    "you see me spinning records it makes me high (get high) i've got 33's and 45's i've got 33's and 45's you see me spinning records let's play mr dj lets play oh yeah lets play lets play oh yeah it makes"
  • Gloria (LP Version) - Enchantment
    "Gloria My Gloria Things ain't been the same Since you went away Gloria My Gloria I don't want to see Another day It seems like Only yesterday I beheld your sweet face And In my lonely room My memories"
  • Beginnings (LP Version) - Chicago
    "When I'm with you It doesn't matter where we are Or what we're doing I'm with you, that's all that matters Time passes much too quickly When we're together laughing I wish I could sing it to you, you never"
  • Pussy (LP Version) - Lords Of Acid
    "I wanna see your pussy Everybody says it's nice Can I come and visit? I'll be at your house tonight They tell me it's soft to touch and really smooth I can hardly wait to feel that pussy too You wanna"
  • Marshall Mathers Lp - Eminem
    "You know I just don't get it Last year I was nobody This year I'm sellin records Now everybody wants to come around like I owe em somethin Heh, the f**k you want from me, ten million dollars? Get the"
  • Vocab (LP Version) - The Fugees
    "Chorus You got the vocab I got the vocab You got the vocab You know I got the vocab You got the vocab I got the vocab Hey, yo pass the mic so I can tell 'em I got the gift o' gab Monkey see, monkey what?"
  • A Sweet Burger LP - Blake Babies
    "One, Two, Three, Four ? ? And I don't even know who you are I know you're probably ? But ? with you You say that it's unfruitful To sit here and daydream But I should not forgive As good as you seem ? ? Why"
  • This Christmas (LP Version) - Chicago
    "Hang all the mistletoe I'm gonna get to know you better This Christmas and as we trim the tree How much fun it's gonna be together This Christmas, the fireside is blazing bright We're caroling through"
  • Hey Az (LP Version) - Az
    "(feat. SWV) What's the deal son? Herm Fiasco It's the world famous AZ Show For the world (AZ Show) No doubt, time to mellow out Party at the yellow house, yell it out Invites only, don't tell no slouch How"
  • Just Right Tonight (LP Version) - Aretha Franklin
    "You wanna feel somethin' so sweet and funky Boy, you can feel it, feel it floatin' through your soul The sooner you show up, baby The sooner you'll have a groove of me to hold on, hold on But you gotta"
  • House Of Love (LP Version) - Amy Grant & Vince Gill
    "Well, I bet you any amount of money He'll be coming back to you Ooh, I know there ain't no doubt about it Sometimes life is funny You think you're in your darkest hour When the lights are coming on in"
  • The Ultimate High (LP Version) - Nature
    "(nature) Do you see what I see? Do you smoke what I smoke? Do you wanna smoke? Do you wanna ride? Yeah aiyyo aiyyo When I walk into a room, niggas feel a slight breeze Stay a little while till they"
  • Starrider (2008 Remastered LP Version) - Foreigner
    "(1st verse) " I stole a ride... on a passing star... Not knowing where I was going, how near or how far." " Through years of light... lands of future and past... 'Til the Heavenly gaze... was sighted"
  • Way I Was (Non-Lp Version) - Maroon 5
    "Making love to a picture frame One more time tonight You can tell by the lines in her smile Something is not right Where are you hiding (hiding) She's on the outside I'm on the inside crying (crying) Just"
  • Lovin' You... Fonic Mix LP Version! - Ratt
    "I work up in the morning Still flat on my back I couldn't move a muscle Like I had a heart attack The night was wild and woolly Didn't think I'd make it through it Cause loving you's a dirty job And I'm"
    "I travelled from Dublin, you said you'd change the world You sing like Sinatra, always You pulled 'em for miles now, like Garbo in Berlin You played 'em for zeroes, just like always Tonight, some bitch"
  • Mother (LP Version) - Chicago
    "Drivin' down the concrete beams Lookin' around and it now seems Mama Earth is nowhere, gone from your eyes Hidden in the crust of man's scientific dreams She is gone, look out mother Natural man took"
  • Tighten Up, Pt. 1 (LP Version) - Archie Bell and The Drells
    "Hi everybody, I'm Archie Bell of the Drells Of Houston, Texas, we don't only sing but we dance Just as good as we walk, In Houston we just started a new dance called the Tighten Up, This is the music We"
  • How Can I Lie (Non-LP Bonus Version) - Angel
    "How can I lie when I'm looking at you? How can I lie when I'm looking at you? I've been living in oblivion I've been hiding in make believe Well these are fake tears I'm crying Whatever I sell you're buying You"
  • Touch Me, Tease Me (LP Version) - Case
    "Pa Pa just keep me laced up In the illa Case be,Issac Mizrahi Fuck around with Dolce Gabbana Sippin' pure 'Zay with the Ill Na Na Nigga you fuck around And how you know you tease and you join Nigga your"

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