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Lucky Luck

  • Lucky Lucky Luck - Evangelista
    "When I was a baby I was sweet as can be, I had a good heart but I had to kill it. 11 years old my blood ran 13 I had to spill it. I'm gonna take 5 minutes thinkin bout it baby. 13 years old"
  • Luck - Fuel
    "It's cold outside in the middle of the winter and my brain's in the fridge (Would you know what shape I'm in) Point things in the better I'm lucky if I even give in to the sin (Would you know what shape"
  • Luck - Clones Of Sam
    "Where the wind blows I will reign Just to see you blowing back there Where the wind blows I remain before my luck can change There you go, you're causing trouble My imagination loves you How I wonder"
  • Lucky - Fleur East
    "it’s in the morning and the day is calling I don’t wanna waste a second of my time they say I made it but it’s overrated coz they don’t ever read between the lines I don’t need a four leaf clover luck"
  • Lucky - Seven Mary Three
    "Mean Mr. Mustard says he's bored of life in The District. Can't afford the French Quarter high. Says it gets old real quick. And he pales up next to me scrawled on the pavement. It says: Son, time"
  • Lucky - Digger
    "When I saw you standing there, it was crystal clear to me that it just wouldn't be fair for you to be stuck with a guy like me. When I saw you yesterday, in my shirt that doesn't fit, it was crystal clear"
  • Lucky - Radio Head
    "I'm on a roll I'm on a roll this time I feel my luck could change Kill me Sarah Kill me again with love It's gonna be a glorious day Pull me out of the air crash Pull me out of the lake 'Cause I'm your"
  • Lucky - Trash Money
    "There's a bridge up on the motorway There's a hotel if you need to stay No need to listen to a word I say An excuse for us to play away I'm too rock for the city I'm too slick for the shore All the things"
  • Lady Luck - The 69 Eyes
    "You keep on sayin' that you don't like my playin' You can deal the cards anyway you want honey You can roll the dice you can roll it twice Better leave love on its own device I wasn't born under the lucky"
  • Beginner's Luck - Elvis Presley
    "First time I fell in love I fell in love with you First time I dared to dream My only dream came true Must be beginner's luck To wish upon a star That opened up my eyes And there you are I wave no magic"
  • Bad Luck - Social Distortion
    "Some people like to gamble, But you, you always lose. Some people like to rock 'n' roll, You're always singin' the blues You gotta nasty disposition, No one really knows the reason why, You gotta bad,"
  • Hard Luck - Elvis Presley
    "Oh I'm really feeling mighty low No, no, no, I got no place that I can go So I've got some blues to sing And oh, so much remembering, woe...... Black cats, keep away from me Take my advice, go shinning"
  • Beginner's luck - Ella Fitzgerald
    "At any gambling casino From Monte Carlo to Reno They tell you that a beginner Comes out a winner Beginner fishing for flounder Will catch a 17 pounder That's what I always heard And thought absurd, But"
  • Lady Luck - Kenny Loggins
    "Seven-eleven he rolled, And all his life was a golden gamble. You'd see him reeling it in when the odds were high. Something supernatural, a charlatan, a mastermind, Or some lucky lady's design. Oh, what"
  • Lady Luck - Rod Stewart
    "(Rod Stewart/Jeff Golub/Kevin Savigar/Carmine Rojas) Lady Luck Here I am on time Proppin' up the bar with a glass of wine Friday night and I'm all spruced up and fine I ain't goin' nowhere Lady Luck Why"
  • Beginner's luck - Dawson's Creek
    "I feel so cold out of control my stomach aches Spent my beginner's luck crossing my fingers up Lost in a field of dreams nothing is what it seems When I should celebrate I tend to contemplate I was told"
  • Bad Luck - B.B. King
    "Well, my bad luck is falling Falling down like rain Bad luck is falling Falling down like rain No matter what I do Seems like my luck won't never change I felt kinda lucky My luck was running slow The"
  • Lady Luck - Dance Hall Crashers
    "When the waves come crashing down on heaven (she will be there) When the skies sends thunder through the horizon and the rain keeps falling Do you believe in truth or in fantasy? (said she would be there)"
  • Lucky Me Lucky You - Lee Roy Parnell
    "Got a sack full of old lottery tickets I guess I oughta throw 'em away I threw a lot of money at the race track ponies But I never even won one race And you say every chain letter you ever got You passed"
  • Lucky Night - Dr. Hook
    "(Unknown) All the lonely nights, listenin' for the 'phone All the lonely nights, spend them all alone Some lonely night, you're gonna stumble on someone you can't forget Some happy day, you're gonna look"

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