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  • Lukas Song - Racoon
    "It took a lotta years, never got it right from the start All the little efforts were never too serious Set a lotta business straight then took it apart Summer in your eyes won't turn to winter that's obvious Got"
  • Without You (ft. Lukas Meijer) - Gromee
    "I am the water you are the Sun when you are closer, closer one come undone no I am not a here and I’m trying to run heart beating faster, faster skin can be the one because I’m dying every day Without"
  • Lu Lu Lu Lukas Podolski - Jurgen
    "2x: Poldi Poldi Halleluja Poldi Poldi Halleluja Poldi Poldi Halleluja Es gibt einen Fuballgott Jrgen: Manche Spieler, die sind einfach schwach Du regierst den Ball und hlst ihn flach Manche, die sind faule"
  • Light me up (feat. Lukas Meijer) - Gromee
    "A part of me is feeling weak I took a chance but now it feels so hard to breathe a lip of faith haunting me what happen to the word that’s only you and me I wanna feel alive When I'm running through"
  • #2 - Pat Green
    "The other night I ran into my girlfriend Sittin' at the table with another man gettin' stoned And I'm sleeping all by myself down in Corpus I think I'll buy myself a bottle so I can drink my ass back home Alright,"
  • 2 2 = ? - Bob Seger
    "Yes it's true I am a young man but I'm old enough to kill I don't wanna kill nobody but I must if you so will And if I raise my hand in question you just say that I'm a fool Cause I got the gall to ask"
  • Closer 2 u - 2 Unlimited
    "I'm gonna get closer to youCome closer!I'm gonna get closer to youCome closer!I see you watching me boyLike I've been watching you andI think it's time that we get downWe're talking big attractionWe're"
  • 2 Blocks down - 2 Play
    "Over the bridge...two blocks downI'm glad, we kept a line through the things i've said and doneAnd i know just what i'm like, when it comes to this..I can't say what i really want, i can't show how i really"
  • Master part 2 - 2 Play
    "He's the m.a.s.t.e.r. of disguiseHe can change in front of your eyesHe's the master, master of disguise He don't playChanges faces everydayThe one who always saves the dayAnd no one can do what he can"
  • Losing You (Part 2/2) - Aquilo
    "Here we are, Painting pictures of a war, Maybe I don't get it all, So here we are again, So cold, Maybe there’s another way, Maybe words don't have to play, Another part, Tell me what I could have done, Looking"
  • 2 + 2 = 5 - Radiohead
    "Are you such a dreamer To put the world to rights I'll stay home forever Where two and two always makes a five I'll lay down the tracks Sandbag and hide January has April showers And two and two always"
  • Next 2 You - Boy George
    "It doesn't matter if I say you're right even when you're wrong Or paint you as a hero or the chicks in every song I roll my eyes to heaven, I recognise your flaws But after all is said and done, I just"
  • 2 Of You - Danity Kane
    "You make me hotter than Jamaica (oh) Proceed with caution cause you're dangerous (oh, maybe it's 'cause) Maybe it's just cause you're Blasian (oh) Cause every minute boy I'm tryin' to savor all When"
  • Cater 2 You - Destiny's Child
    "Verse 1-Beyonce) Baby I see you working hard I want to let you know I'm proud Let you know I admire what you do The more I need to reassure you, my life would be purposeless without you If I want it (you"
  • Next 2 You - Buckcherry
    "Come to you honey on the east side runnin' and I ain't got time to waste Jump into the car in the back seat lovin' but your keeping me on the chase I've been trying all nightlong I put up with your favorite"
  • Dedicated 2 You - Trae
    "(Trae) Over the years, it's been a cycle that I'm glad that it was Cause all my niggaz I was down with, kept it real with the love Before I go, I gotta say what's on my mind If it wasn't for a lot of y'all,"
  • Nie Obcy (ft. Lukas Odgłosy Miasta) - Vin Vinci
    "nieobcy mi ból nieobcy mi smutek nieobca mi szczerość tak wygarnę bez ogródek w życiu obrałem kierunek że nie obce rożne rzeczy tak że wiem jak czynić dobro i potrafię również grzeszyć nieobca mi strata żal"
  • 2 Hearts - Sugababes
    "It never seems enough baby When your head is full of stuff Then again you didnt go And thank god you didnt though Whats it gonna take baby For two of us to make it Through this one Can we make it"
  • 1-2, 1-2 - Insolence
    "What's Up Essa? Strike like a deadly venom When I hit 'em Im out to get 'em Shredder ya Like the predator Who's the one putin it down With the straight madness INS the baddest And Cypress wit the status"
  • 2 Step - Unk
    "4..3...2...2..A 2 StepA 2 StepNow Gone An 2 Step Now We Jiggy Wit It Now Gone An 2 StepAye Watch Me 2 StepNow Can You 2 StepLike I 2 StepWatch Me Get Jiggy Wit It Gone 2 Step I Hit The Club FreshMy"

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