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Lust do m

  • Lust - Shaggy
    "What are you talking about such lustful behaviour Make sure that you're loyal to your wife Shaggy again, oh gosh Remember, girls I said I love you girl, you know you want me You kiss and caress me, hug"
  • Lust - Suburban Rhythm
    "When you see the pretty girl just walking down the street in the skimpy black skirt and just showing all her flesh. And the little mini-skirt that's riding up her ass, and the silky long hair that's"
  • Lust - One Bad Pig
    "Thought I was building a man, but I was building a wall So tall, couldnt make it fall Talked myself into living a lie Why do I feel so low trying to feel so high Brick by brick youre building it higher And"
  • Lust - Fatty Koo
    "(VALURE) When i look into your eyes (x3) (VERSE 1 (VALURE)) something about the way you look at me, keeps me wonderin, could this be my destiny, maybe take a chance at love again, claim you as my man,"
  • Lust - Rick Springfield
    "Lust shows her pretty face and cupid hits his markAnd I have no time to sayI am not ready for thisInsipid smile on my face and a dumb remarkI trip, slip, slide over the precipiceI got the right map baby"
  • Lust - The Mission
    "First Im gonna fuck you and then well make loveBaby its been too damn longIll conquer every orifice, scream at the heavens aboveWhere have all the angels gone?I want to take in my mouth, take you deep"
  • Lust - Am I Blood
    "Blood kissing mister in a home-freak story Pulls the teeth out of bone flaked arm Fucker little beast like boring mother Small head inside her room-mate For your love if I do this thing to you Cold meat"
  • Young Lust - Aerosmith
    "Young lust happy just to be in lust never have to eat no dust everybody talk about young lust you're dyin' and you're screamin' inside oh you're guilty way before you been tried it's crazy but you're diggin'"
  • Star Lust - Redd Kross
    "He's drunk in a 5-star hotel Passed out in his room You believe that when he's singing He's singing just for you Pity is so sexy when it fills the empty space Sad and lonely The homely are responding"
  • Teenage Lust - Mc5
    "Back in Lincoln Park where I was mostly raised Hanging around town where I got totally crazed Surrounded by bitches who wouldn't give it in Who thought that getting down was an unnatural sin I'd whisper"
  • Lady Lust - Venom
    "Comes alive at midnight on the streets to make her way In dim lit corners dressed in black the bitch portrayed Oh what's your thing young man or try her lucky dip The golden showers free but don't forget"
  • Swindlers Lust - Public Enemy
    "Yeah back it up Vultures of culture A dollar a rhyme, but we barely get a dime Uh-huh, check it out If you don't own the master, then the master own you Who you trust, from Swindler's Lust? (GEYEAH!) From"
  • Beard Lust - Natalie Portman's Shaved Head
    "Beard Lust Smith, Libman & Price Look at my facial hair Oh man, hot damn, it's everywhere Where'd you get that beard? I grew it How do you keep it so clean? I shampoo it Yeah! I really wish I could"
  • Freezing Lust - Pagan Lorn
    "The cold comes Increasing my mind A vision getting clearer Harder Your beauty grows Stunning my mind Pureness will come Impurity must go My obsession My offender Could I die for you My obsession My offender Let"
  • Libido Lust - I Haunt Wizards
    "vomit up, vomit up strap yourself in, do you feel that stomach lining? cause you can't, you can't line it up next it will be incest for you next it will be ... oh though you felt infection in her thighs cut"
  • Do M. - Ich Troje
    "zostań nie opuszczaj mnienieporadnie składam słowa teboję się, boję się, nie wiem że...powiedz: nie zostawisz mnie?twoje dłonie w moich myślach tulą mnietulą mnie, ale wiem... nie ma cięa zegar odmierza"
  • Lust For Life - Tom Jones
    "Words and music by David Bowie and James Osterberg (Lust for life x 3) Here comes Johnny in again With liquor and drugs And a flash machine He's gonna do another strip tease Ah, hey man, where'd"
  • Lust For Life - Rugrats
    "Here comes Johnny in again With liquor and drugs And a fast machine He's gonna do another strip tease. Hey man, where'd ya get that lotion? I've been hurting since I'm up again With something called love Yeah,"
  • Lust For Life - Iggy Pop
    "Here comes Johnny in again With the liquor and drugs And a flesh machine He's gonna do another strip tease. Hey man, where'd ya get that lotion? I've been hurting since I'm up again About something called"
  • Lust Of Life - Iggy Pop
    "Here comes Johnny Yen again With the liquor and drugs And the flesh machine He's gonna do another striptease Hey man where'd you get That lotion? I been hurting Since I bought the gimmick About something"

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