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Lykke Li - Breaking It Up

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Lykke Li - Breaking It Up

  • Breaking It Up - Lykke Li
    "If you're going abroad I can't help you If you're crossing the street I might be there If you give it a minute it's wrong If you give it a minute it's gone If we're just waiting a second too long Darling"
  • Late Night Feelings (ft. Lykke Li) - Mark Ronson
    "i weigh the water i feel it all I ask myself a million questions in the dark I lay myself in silence but silence talks it tells me that heaven is no closer than it as my heart keeps pulling in the wrong"
  • Miss Li - Miss Li
    "Im a little girl trying to survive in a psycho world I was a spoiled child and I am fighting every bloody day to change my ego mind I am evil and I pay my friends to say Im loving, caring and so kind and"
  • I'm Waiting Here (Lykke Li) - David Lynch
    "I’m waiting here I’m waiting here I’m waiting here I’m waiting here As we fall, never fulfill me there You roll away, only to find you there You’re deepest … never be seen as well Dreaming of whether"
  • Breaking up - Ne-Yo
    "Cold in this room now Cuz you left me Here by myself Used to make love here Now this place feels Like a prison cell So many questions That we won't answered Not today (Not today) You scream at me I scream"
  • Breaking - Anberlin
    "Do you memorize theatrical lines that seem to lead them in? Play the role with a good-girl heart Hide the tangled webs within Who was it that led you on and makes you want to hurt me so? Who do you want"
  • Breaking Up - Eskimo Joe
    "A handful of sand, Is all that you grab, As you're watching the money fall, Right through your hands, It took such a long, long time now, To build on demand, But this is a war in the cradle of, This modern"
  • Breaking Up - Charli XCX
    "You say you love me I say what!? You say you love me Ok let's rock You say you love me I say what!? You say you love me Ok let's rock You have an ugly tattoo and fucking cheap perfume You couldn't dance"
  • Breaking Up - Jewel
    "Do not think it hurts me bad It doesn't hurt me none It does not mean anything I'm fondling this gun And I don't hurt that bad And I don't miss you I don't eat alone Wishing I was eating with two It's"
  • Breaking up - Quindon Tarver
    "Do Not Think It Hurts Me BadIt Doesn't Hurt Me NoneIt Does Not Mean AnythingI'm Fondling This Gun.And I Don't Hurt That BadAnd I Don't Miss YouI Don't Eat AloneWishing I Was Eating With Two.It's Like a"
  • Chun-Li - Beefy
    "Yes, yes! Scotch tape...and Beefy. We're gonna be your best friend on here, while we talk about the greatest-- Greatest Women in the world! She is known as the strongest female in the world, There is"
  • Let It Fall - Lykke Li
    "so i weep (x 4) in weakest moments i weep 'cause i like the way tears fit my cheek in darkest moments i cry oh, how i love the way tears soothe my face i like it soft, i like it wet i like my make up"
  • Never Let You Down (ft. Lykke Li) - Woodkid
    ".. We come alone To leave distant My eyes waterfall … Could you be waiting by the shore? I could drown without you Will you be holding after … when I fall I’ll never Let You Down I’ll never Let You Down I’ll"
  • Breaking Up (alternate) - Alton Ellis
    "When you turn and you walk through that door It hurts me sore, said it hurts me sore When you look at me and you say 'Good bye' You made me cry, said you made me cry So listen to me, what I say to you Breaking"
  • Breaking Up Again - Accept
    "Wakin' up on monday mornin' Sunday'd been and gone Reachin' out for you But I was alone Now I sit at the breakfast table Table's set for two Been the same thing ev'ry morning Silly things I do Ooh, don't"
  • Loop De Li - Bryan Ferry
    "You wake up where are you What's on your mind? Confusion can't face it You close your eyes There's no one to turn to No where to hide Deep river cool water Your love has died Well I know and you know,"
  • sex money feelings die - Lykke Li
    "late night call you in the late night trade love for one night two pills and a red one I don’t mind two words that you don’t say no love when you hold me no callin the next day it’s one way, no! and now"
  • deep end - Lykke Li
    "Wait up don’t wanna wait up for you, baby still I wait up lonely in the canyon No love there’s no love reflecting in the glow of million dollar man show me your cut baby, come clean come out of your"
  • Complaint Department - Lykke Li
    "Me oh my you thought you had something strong Me oh my it turned out that you were wrong Me oh my you your luck seems to be no more Fighting to get up, falling to the floor Me oh my you say (I can't know)"
  • utopia - Lykke Li
    "we could be the most psychedelic we could shine brighter than glitter there’s only one way up we could be the most transcendent go deep like Dylan there’s only one way out I see, I see the dream in your"

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