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Lykke Li Youth Knows No Pain Acoustic

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Lykke Li Youth Knows No Pain Acoustic

  • Late Night Feelings (ft. Lykke Li) - Mark Ronson
    "i weigh the water i feel it all I ask myself a million questions in the dark I lay myself in silence but silence talks it tells me that heaven is no closer than it as my heart keeps pulling in the wrong"
  • I'm Waiting Here (Lykke Li) - David Lynch
    "I’m waiting here I’m waiting here I’m waiting here I’m waiting here As we fall, never fulfill me there You roll away, only to find you there You’re deepest … never be seen as well Dreaming of whether"
  • Heaven Knows No Pain - One Man Army And The Undead Quartet
    "This Paradise This Hell which you all call Home Filled with plastic Beauty Where Death is Glory - the Hookers Den These bloodred Streets Where the Cloud casts a Shadow And that definite Darkness Roll of"
  • Beauty Knows No Pain - Frank Zappa
    "Frank Zappa (lead guitar, vocals) Ike Willis (rhythm guitar, vocals) Ray White (rhythm guitar, vocals) Bob Harris (boy soprano, trumpet) Steve Vai (guitar) Tommy Mars (keyboards) Arthur Barrow (bass) Ed"
  • Never Let You Down (ft. Lykke Li) - Woodkid
    ".. We come alone To leave distant My eyes waterfall … Could you be waiting by the shore? I could drown without you Will you be holding after … when I fall I’ll never Let You Down I’ll never Let You Down I’ll"
  • Li - Os Travessos
    "Sempre te olhei, voc nunca notou No me canso de insistir Eterno sonhador Eu nem acreditava, a aula terminou Teu sorriso um bem me dava, lio de professor Posso sentir voc se aproximar No vou fugir, vi a"
  • Li - Roberta Miranda
    "Amantes, Amores,Paixes Vidas Mal Resolvidas A Anos Me Olho No Espelho Me Pergunto Em Segredo Refro: Ser Que A Estrada Tem Fim ? Ser Que Ele Gostou De Mim ? Ser Que A Vida Ensinou A Só Representar ? Ser"
  • Li - Arai Akino
    "Descendo por entre montanhas e rios trazendo paz e amor Teu sopro como cano natural escrita por raios de sol E nada impede tua passegem tua fora divina maior (Por) campos, mares, reina sem medo imponente"
  • Li - Katinguel?
    "E agora o que que eu fao pra esquecer O brilho do seu olhar Num beijo ao desfalecer Eu queria ter o dom De poder fazer feliz Todo corao que sofre na lio de aprendiz Aprender a amar, fcil Difcil poder"
  • Pain(Acoustic) - Stereomud
    "With every form you come you surprise me hypnotize me with every breath i take you're depriving suffocating,choking Now the time has come when i tell myself there's nothing more i can take then"
  • Pain - Hollywood Undead
    "-Whispered- Now I can see your pain I'm sorry. I cried so hard. (x2) The necks of this youth, With their necks through this noose Were told lies like it's truth And we suspect that it's you So you strap"
  • Pain - Sinch
    "Lie awake completely satisfied and let the sweat run through my hairWell I haven't felt this way in quite sometime when I look over you're not therePain I won't let you slip away, No everybody must begin"
  • Pain - Z-RO
    "Pain, my middle name Lord please have mercy on my soul, I can't maintain Pain, my middle name Lord please have mercy on my I haven't smoked a sherm in 27 days When I'm under pressure, I feel it's necessary"
  • Pain - King Just
    "(Intro) There's one brain There's two halves to one brain One half's the pen, the other half's a steel Check the story (Chorus 2X) Pain, yo, is all I feel I'mma die wit my pen, or I'mma die wit my steel (King"
  • I follow rivers (org.Lykke Li) - Mikołaj Górski
    "Oh I beg you, can I follow? Oh I ask you, why not always? Be the ocean, where I unravel Be my only, be the water where I'm wading You're my river running high Run deep, run wild I, I follow, I follow"
  • Hostile Youth - Saigon Kick
    "I can feel you now deep inside of me. I was blind but now all the pain I see. We don't like our homes. It's nothing but a joke. We won't do what we're told. Leave us all alone. God is dead, you see. All"
  • Wasted Youth - Meat Loaf
    "I remember everything! I remember every little thing as if it happened only yesterday. I was barely seventeen and I once killed a boy with a Fender guitar I don't remember if it was a Telecaster or a Stratocaster, but"
  • Di-li-li - Arashi
    "Di-Li-Li Di-Li-Li-LiDi-Li-Li Di-Li-Li-Li Di-Li-Li Di-Li-Li-LiDi-Li-Li Di-Li-Li-Li asa me ga sameta kyou ga hajimaru mada ikisaki ha kimete naikedo kimi dake ga dekiru koto miushinatte hoshiku nai mune"
  • Mordred's Song (Acoustic) - Blind Guardian
    "I've lost my battle before it starts My first breath wasn't done My spirit's sunken deep into the ground Why am I alone I can hear my heartbeat Silence's all around See hate will rise So don't come closer Fear"
  • Youth Youth Youth - Billy Idol
    "Youth youth youth Youth youth youth Never wanna be an adult Always wanna be in revolt Youth youth youth Youth youth youth Don't wanna spend my life saving up for things Don't wanna have what a steady"

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