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Lynyrd Skynyrd Lifes Lessons

  • Sweet Home Alabama (Cover Lynyrd Skynyrd) - Feel
    "Big wheels keep on turnin carry me home to my kin. Singing songs about the southland I miss ole Bamy once again and I think its a sin yes. Solo Well I heard Mr. Young sing about her well I heard"
  • Life's Lessons - Lynyrd Skynyrd
    "MMMMMmmmmmm... I listen, and still I haven't heard Tell me what is the word And if I ever heard it would it be clear as water Oh tears run down your face Reflects the human race We're all caught up with"
  • Lessons - Fundisha
    "Verse 1: As a young child I never imagine that life would be my own to claim my own to make and create my destiny find out what's best for me things that were hard to see the mistake we make ,falls we"
  • Lessons - Unwritten Law
    "I'll tell you what I do Inside of my bedroom I wrap my arms around Myself as I'm feeling These pains Void from healing I only wish I could hold back this aggression Please hear my confession I try to keep"
  • Lessons - Damiera
    "Let's stay til the fox takes life to flight It makes sense til you just adjust the lights It frustrates, it frustrates and lessens lessons Crawl around til your knees drop out to shreds And mind leaves"
  • Lessons - Jersey
    "You ever felt like you've had the wool pulled right over your eyes? He never ever quite figured it out which path to choose An instinct. A gut feeling Mind's reeling over situations Lost into darkness"
  • Lessons - Primer 55
    "learn shit the hard way, takin' the wrong way always believing the lies they tell. and i've learned my lessons well. always the wrong place, always the wrong time, always end up with my pride on the shelf, i"
  • Lessons - R.A. The Rugged Man
    ""R-A what's the lesson for today Rugged Man" - Sadat X "I am the legendary..R-A" - Sadat X Yo aiiyo people wonderin' where the fuck I been At the VIP section they ain't lettin' me in They say; maybe"
  • Lessons - Rush
    "Sweet memories Flashing very quickly by Reminding me And giving me a reason why I know that My goal is more than a thought I'll be there When I teach what I've been taught And I've been taught... You"
  • Nine Lifes - Beaver
    "I entered into an unknown world it wasn't like I wanted to get hurt unsuspecting you've got me curled around your little finger into your pretty paws into the sharpest of nails I came to live one of your"
  • Lifes Apart - Hans York
    "(Hans York/ Phil Cohen) The falling leaves whisper of love that's dying, still my mind is telling me to keep on trying. And I continue denying what I know to be true, My world seems so empty without the"
  • Playing With Lifes - Agathocles
    "This world's leaders are going to decide Above peace, war or suicide And for this decision, we can't hide 'Coz these bastards rule us with fright USA-USSR profit & power USA-USSR playing with lifes They'll"
  • Lifes A Gas - Ramones
    "Life's a gas, Life's a gas, Life's a gas, a gas, oh yea Life's a gas, Life's a gas, Life's a gas, a gas, oh yea So don't be sad cause I'll be there Don't be sad at all Life's a gas, Life's a gas, Life's"
  • Lifes A Drag - River City Rebels
    "Responsibilities and obligations Easy living riding high I'll play the shady creep cause it bums you out I never wanted more than what's already given No slow never show. (chorus) Life's a drag, Life's"
  • Lifes A Show - Buffy Musical Episode
    "BUFFY: Life's a show And we all play our parts And when the music starts We open up our hearts It's alright if something's come out wrong We'll sing a happy song And you can sing along Where there's"
  • Lifes A Show - Buffy
    "BUFFY Life's a show And we all play our parts And when the music starts We open up our hearts It's alright If some things come out wrong We'll sing a happy song And you can sing along Where there's life"
  • Lifes a beach - Touch And Go
    "A wave helloA wave goodbyeThe way we liveThe way we dieLife's a beachLife's a beachThe way we liveThe way we dieA wave helloA wave goodbyeLife's a beachLife's a beachA wave hello (hello, hello, hello)A"
  • Lifes a Bitch - Raven
    "Sixty years of hate Breaking down the gate The object is to dominate With subterfuge and lies And absolute disguise Will no one wake Can no one see the writing on the wall Relentless In excess Nothing"
  • Simple Lessons - Candlebox
    "Simple, simple lessons, simple... Sound to be where, make you want to scream. Always left without, saying hello. I've seen chains the bear less, snap and fall long before you let go. Times run over your"
  • Some Lessons - Melody Gardot
    "Well I'm buckled up inside It's a miracle that I'm alive I do not think I can survive On bread and wine alone To think that I could have fallen A centimeter to the left Would not be here to see the"

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