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MAJOR T. - Keep The Frequency Clear

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MAJOR T. - Keep The Frequency Clear

  • Frequency - Fear Factory
    "Delay and eraseCut it all upThe change I've arrangedSplice and dissectMove it aroundTo make it perfectComing in clearLoud and compressedTo deafen the earsThis frequencyThat I can hearIs all I can seeWhat"
  • Frequency - Super Furry Animals
    "There goes my life Ticking away There goes my life Slipping away Long to sleep later But alarms keep ringing Take another leaflet from the stand Put a steak on some land Bring another baby to"
  • Major - Asteroids Galaxy Tour
    "You got style, á la carte to live your life you got to be smart keep cool, keep calm you know the streets of your hood is your farm stick to the simple rules remember who's protectin' you the filthy streets"
  • Frequency Nine - Pipedown
    "When will we find the error Fatal mistake The fallacy of telling all these truths through lies The hell we make So controlled by value Shadows of light The fallacy will continue as long as they Can buy"
  • Frequency - Duncan James
    "Looking at you, looking at me The signs you give out are so hard to read When I get close you pull away from me We used to talk on the phone Now when I call There's nobody home Drifting like a satellite"
  • Frequency - Tantric
    "Everything you know Somebody else has taught and told you Deep within yourself if you're Yourself are you that person Like a coded frequency The people will unfold you Leave it up to everybody's hands To"
  • Frequency - Feeder
    "Come on in, I hear your voice Change the frequency, and make that choice Constitution, find new ground You've got to know I think about you every day You're lying awake on top of silver clouds Sending"
  • Frequency - Moonlight Awakening
    "sometimes it feels like i'm dying sometimes it seems like i've been lying sometimes it feels like i'm dreaming cause sometimes is all i can feel. if only i'd known the way i would be changing course if"
  • Keep It Clear - Floorpunch
    "Smoke another joint Drink another beer Let's get one thing straight You keep it f**king clear F**k your brain Take another hit I pray to God you OD on that shit Shoot that f**king needle into your"
  • Major Ways - Nasty Boy Klick
    "Chorus Who said we couldn't drop real hip hop? Clowny muthaf**kers from the bottom to the top. we bringing heat in a major way, in a major way Verse 1 Take it like its force fed I'm the one who put the"
  • We Major - Kanye West
    "(feat. Nas, Really Doe) You motherfuckers better do your job and roll up and watch how we roll up and I can't control it, can't hold it, it's so nuts I take a sip of that yak, I wanna fuck I take a"
  • Major - Solomon Childs
    "(Solomon Childs) Paint murder like Wesley, faggots Your war stories don't impress me, warrants So the ratchets broke as well as the next one Larry Davis reinacting, we puttin' them niggaz Who be talking"
  • Keep Your Picture Clear - Tom McRae
    "Here I go, back again sliding off the ceiling. Was I gone for long? Did I just flip the switch? Across the street away from me a man is singing Sympathy for the Devil', and he's getting all the"
  • Liberation Frequency - Refused
    "It's coming through the air For all of us to hear Could it be the sounds of liberation Or just the image of detention We want the airwaves back We want the airwaves back We don't just want airtime We"
  • Clear 'Em Out - KRS-One
    "Uh! Domingo Domingo y'all Uh! Tone Def It's Tone Def y'all Whoo! Yeah (WITH K-R-S) Word Up And it goes like this Here We Go Let's take these rappers out, No doubt On the streets"
  • Frequency Omega - Canaan
    "Silence all around me is like a key to neutralize the deadly frequencies inside There is only silence around me and it makes me feel like I am still far from home Silence all around me Unrequested codes"
  • Nothing Frequency - Autopilot Off
    "There's static in the atmosphere A constant interference that is killing me I'm losing the connection here And all the frequencies are down And this silence seems so loud That's why This system shorted"
  • Clear Skies - Rooster
    "Clear Skies Did anybody see our battles won and lost Before we found the lines to cross Did anybody hear the things we didn't mean And the silences in between You're waiting for a fall You're always"
  • Loud & Clear - Kid Capri
    "(kid): we are willin to work your body Now we are ready if you are ready Soundcheck 1, 2 hear me loud and clear Cause I got something that you need to hear Kid capri and lost boyz need it loud and clear Cause"
  • Loud & Clear - Xzibit
    "(feat. Butch Cassidy, Defari, King Tee) Yeah.. Addicted to life, had to pay a heavy-ass price Sacrifice worth waitin on the platinum and ice I'm precise with the merchandise, came back like Christ to"

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