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  • Milquetoast - Helmet
    "Today's another day you won't deny that It came so slow you don't remember When you got so fat Up above the bathroom mirror the light'll Make you weak but It's that pacifying lie that grows now Every week And"
  • Come Blow Your Horn - Frank Sinatra
    "(S. Cahn, J.Van Heusen) Make like a Mister Milquetoast and you'll get shut out, Make like a Mister Meek and you'll get cut out, Make like a little lamb, and wham, you're shorn, I tell ya, chum, it's"
  • I Discovered America - Graham Parker
    "There was smoke up to my eyeballs Poison burned my throat But i said i'd keep on going When everyone said don't With my bony-chested t-shirt Some stolen guitar licks Navigating by dead reckoning"
  • Salt And Pepper - Harry Chapin
    "The old sailor sat at the window seat So he could watch as the ships went by And he drank from a glass that was always filled For the rest of us would buy. And he would tell us tales about the ships that"

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