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  • Haze - Dishwalla
    "Untie the hands that bind your mind And be nice, she put a gun against her ear Inside, against a gin and tonic sky She's a star, she finds a place to lose her pain Chorus Caged as she waits inside Hate"
  • Haze - B.A.D.
    "zapraszam, wejdź wiem, nie omieszkasz mam nowy sprzęt weźmiesz udział w testach czujesz opary bezdechu szukasz towaru, nie leku w aptekach serwują ci prochy które działają jak harry z tybetu moje plany"
  • Haze - Steve Kilbey
    "Please let me in, I wasn't introduced I really want to be your friend I'd like to know, I wasn't introduced I really want to make amends There's a place that I know, it's so hard to find I'd like to take"
  • Haze - Korn
    "Walking alone inside my world Thinking I'm doing the right thing Destroying all that appears before me It was all done in vain Wanna get through fire Wanna get through pain Wanna get with violence Wanna"
  • Haze - Electronic
    "I'm here alone all by myself with no one else I need someone to share these thoughts about myself I don't know who I can trust This picture's starting to rust And as I press upon myself a form of torture I"
  • Haze - Skinny Puppy
    "Death feels like the butterfly can't escape the scarred lie Real relationships must die Underneath a scarred lie We globalize the others lies We sanctify the great disguise What if change gate Don't"
  • Haze - Afterlife
    "No life to follow Especially not mine Hate feeds on sorrow My memory of a crime I know you don't remember 'Cause you were just a child A whole explosion of anger Humanity went wild No risk was involved But"
  • The Butterfly Effect - MOONLIGHT HAZE
    "MOONLIGHT HAZE - The Butterfly Effect (Lyric Video)"
  • Moonlight - Viki Gabor
    "Nie potrzeba mi ta drama Możesz myśleć to co chcesz Zmieniam status a fake friends Ja nie jestem idealna Oczekujesz tego cały dzień Czytam ten sam tekst Zakładam maskę i znikam wśród łez Każdy czegoś"
    "spotlight, moonlight nigga why you trippin’? get your mood right shawty look good in the moonlight all these pussy niggas so bad mind spotlight, moonlight nigga why you trippin’? get your mood right shawty"
    "spotlight, moonlight nigga, why you trippin? get you mood right all these pussy niggas so bad mind"
  • Moonlight - Ariana Grande
    "(Ariana Grande na początku września na Twitterze ogłosiła tytuł nowej piosenki. "Moonlight", bo o niej mowa, ma ukazać się jesienią 2015 roku.)"
  • Moonlight - King Diamond
    "In the moonlight I see children searching for thier souls In the moonlight Can you hear them howling on the wind Night after night, I see them passing by They whisper in my ear, "We know you are there." I"
  • Moonlight - Grace VanderWaal
    "She always has a smile from morning through the night The perfect poster child That was once in my life A doll made out of glass All her friends think that she’s great But I can see through it all And"
  • Moonlight - Crematory
    "The dusk falls - time is drawing near The sky lit blood red - the moon displays it's glory The gusts carry's a silent hymn to my ear Darkness surrounds me with a veil of silk Coldness chisels signs with"
  • Moonlight - Mustafa Sandal
    "Love is like the moonlight (Love is like the moonlight I never wanna lose you Never break your heart) Love will surround you Nobody'll find you in my heart And in my dreams I'll never let you go Love"
  • Moonlight - Christ Agony
    "Sonnet of the witches Sounds the kiss of death The trinity of omnipotance- -The triangle of blasphemy With the fourth thunder The Pentateuch was closed The six mysteries- -The sixth lie The moonlight shines"
  • Moonlight - Kamelot
    "I have never craved the system's sympathy I get restless over pity smiles Some precaution wouldn't harm my history If I had the will to wait a little while You cut the silence like a knife You know I"
  • Moonlight - Bob Dylan
    "Seasons they are turning and my sad heart is yearning I hear again the songbird weep below his tone Won't you meet me out in the moonlight alone The dusky light the day is losing Orchards, poppies, black"
  • Moonlight - Ebony Tears
    "Dim the light of human sight cause I fail to see the meaning My own thoughts are choking me when I try to breathe I can't control the wicked things planted inside my head Trapped inside the black tunnel"

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