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Machine Head Devil With The Kings Card

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Machine Head Devil With The Kings Card

  • Devil With The King's Card - Machine Head
    "I will see you rise and fall I will be you rise and fall I will make you rise and fall I create your rise and fall And I will be you Got bored with me because I'm Born with conviction From a pain you'll"
  • River Card - Atlas Sound
    "I turned them all away I turned it all away when i leave there's nothing left to say i won't answer my phone you call it all you want river runs and takes the boats away i thought i'd never see river so"
  • Kings - July For Kings
    "Seven strong we came and Seven we were named in an empire of irrepressibility Dancing in the street with heaven at our feet in a circle of sustenance And no one stopped to say that we'd be gone someday the"
  • Kings - The Pierces
    "It strikes fear in the heart of the fun men Might not even move another While a stranger gets your head You turn your back upon your brother And you know You know You know You know We all wonder how"
  • Kings - The Church
    "See history fade, it's crystal clear Aurora what you doing here Buttering the mouths of thieves Shutter speed your bleeding leaves In gardens in the orient Likelihood is good and spent Herod nods beneath"
  • Old Machine - Machine Head
    "I am the man that defends all things profane 6000 years is the time that I shall reign And with a grin drank The blood of holy swineImpurity made the blood turn into wine Chorus: Old man, dead hand, if"
  • King Among Kings - Army Of The Pharaohs
    "Chief Kamachi: Yeah, uh The dark arts AOTP, yeah Feel like the nineties right here don't it Yeah uh uh, uh uh take 'em back Yeah, yo Chief Kamachi: Yo I'm a pharaoh my street magic been on deck I'm"
  • Kings - Church
    "See history fade, it's crystal clearAurora what you doing hereButtering the mouths of thievesShutter speed your bleeding leavesIn gardens in the orientLikelihood is good and spentHerod nods beneath the"
  • Kings - Frozen Crown
    "Howling, crawling The creatures are screaming at nighttime We'll be holding up the blades for the broken For the fears we live today For the moment we'll realize That everything is dying with the rain Don't"
  • Pull Your Card - Lordz Of Brooklyn
    "(Verse One: performed by Kaves) Black Jack, Black Jack Mack the Knife is at the table Someone raised the anti and the Lordz switched the label Too many jokers with the poker face The Kaves will raise you"
  • Kings - Candee Jay
    "You loseyou're fooldon't make me belivenot in your liesit's easy know youYou live in the shadowsliving with the bleedyeah!!Go! fuck youthat is for youwriting nowtrying to be the bestbut i'm betteryeah!I'm"
  • Street Kings - The Game
    "(Verse one) f**k it yo who the best mc on the west? by far its me and in my car is a continental tea and my broad in that continental suite with the armadell rollin up dutches like that motherf**kers"
  • With Kings And Counselors - Write This Down
    "THERE'S A CARD UP MY SLEEVE It's a quicker solution And it's easier than honesty THERE'S A LOOK ON YOUR FACE Like you've just seen a murder And you're terrified beyond belief YOU THINK YOU'VE FIGURED THIS"
  • Kottonmouth kings - ICP
    "When I get to California...(It's on!!)When I get there...(Suburban Noize!!)When I get to California...Hook me up with one of them chicks,(Psychoathic!!)And when you get to the Mid-West...I'll hook you"
  • Kings & Queens - Ava Max
    "if all of the kings had their queens on the thrown we would pop Champaign and raise a toast to all of the queens who are fighting alone baby, you’re not dancing on your own can’t live without me you"
  • Kings & Queens - Hopewell
    "So, what happened to all your plans? You were so quick to throw your hand In a journey no more than 40 days, you would be: Just some king without a crown Eating everyone else around (oh no) Parading all"
  • No Kings - El-P
    "(El-P) And the kids say Watch your man I think he's faking the band Y'all will either run the world or destroy it while holding hands Architect, terrible vet with bent flashback Me clutchin' a 30 od, burn"
  • Rookie Card - The Game
    "(feat. JT) (The Game) You can catch five, or catch me in the CL-5 Whatever way dog, the Game get live Keepin it gangsta in a P.D. fitted velour Late night I'm in Dublin's and I got myself a four The hood"
  • Rookie Card - The Game feat. JT
    "You can catch five, or catch me in the CL-5 Whatever way dog, the Game get live Keepin it gangsta in a P.D. fitted velour Late night I'm in Dublin's and I got myself a four The hood love me, hoodrats gotta"
  • Library Card - Frank Zappa
    "[...] Library bar-code, PE label Student must carry this card at all times, And present upon demand for identification This card are not while currently You may be liable for any unauthorized"

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