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Made for you John de shon

  • Made For Me - Elton John
    "Music by Elton John Lyrics by Bernie Taupin Released as a UK B-side in November, 1990 If I wasn't born to love you, why was I born at all If I wasn't meant to hold you, what are these two arms for If"
  • John - Bethany Joy Lenz
    "You're everything I thought I wanted as a young girlHandsome and troubled, worldly - wise andmisunderstoodThey call you a scholar but they don't know thedifference andThey call you "professor" but they"
  • John - Zagi
    "Why do we say goodbyes? if our hearts are ten steps behind us? Why do we feel so empty? 'cause we're finally free, but sadly so lonely I am not gonna be something you'd like to see things that scare"
  • St. John - Aerosmith
    "John was bad He gave it everything he had John he prayed For all the people ever made John was cool He never did no after school Late at night when he praised the Lord He laid his hands down upon the"
  • Dear John - Amerie
    "Dear John Right now u r probably wondering Where I am who Im with and why u r reading this But before I go into.. What Im up to let me confess Dear sweetheart I know about u r secret Where you've"
  • Lost John - Van Morrison
    "(Lonnie Donegan) Ha! This here's a story about, Lost John Lost John done flew the coop! Hee! How many long gone? Lost John standin' by the railroad track Waitin' for the freight train to come back Freight"
  • Dear John - Buck
    "I, I am unfrail; catch you by the tail I'll put a letter in the mail that says "Dear John" I could care less about your happiness you made this bed, you made this mess so lap it up down in the hollow"
  • Queen & John - Good Riddance
    "you spoke your piece with a trembling voice then turned away i'm looking for reasons why do i always act this way running on self pity i was only thinking about myself you said i never considered you so"
  • Bootleg John - The Stanley Brothers
    "In the land of Breathed County was raised a crooked man Made the county dry and the prices high For the bootleg whiskey man His age was barely twenty-one, his family was ashamed They had a son who left"
  • Dear John - Southern All Stars
    "Kimi no koe ga suru hoo e osanai koro sasowarete OH MY DEAR moo koko ni inai Kotoba de yume to koi o oshierareta hibi ga Kokoro no oku ni ima mo yomigaeru "STRAWBERRY FIELDS" Tsuyogari bakari ja naku Tokimeku"
  • John Brown - Bob Dylan
    "John Brown went off to war to fight on a foreign shore. His mama sure was proud of him! He stood straight and tall in his uniform and all. His mama's face broke out all in a grin. "Oh son, you look so"
  • Long Lost John - John Lennon
    ""Hmm, I think the piano maybe is better, I just realised the...? ...hmm... hello, Yoko... yeah!" Well, he's long, long, lost John Long, long, lost John Lost john standing by the railroad track A-waitin'"
  • Jackhammer John - Woody Guthrie
    "Jackhammer Jackhammer Where you been Been out chasin them Gals again Ho ho ho Well I got them See my woman When the sun goes down Grab my hammer And go to town Yes Folks I got them Jackhammer blues Made"
  • John Prine Christmas - John Prine
    "Pretty paper Pretty ribbons of blue. (spoken) man oh man, I just love christmas It's just so darn neat. I kinda wish every day was christmas, Except christmas eve and the fourth of july. We wouldn't want"
  • Happy Blues For John Glenn - Lightnin'
    "People I was sittin' this mornin' with this on my mind Said there ain't no livin' man who gone around the world three time But John Glenn did Yes he did He did it, I'm talkin' about him Only did it for"
  • John Woo - Newboys
    "Roll down the windows Don't shift in your seat I don't care if the wind blows I don't care about the heat All those John Woo showdowns Don't prepare you for this: A little bit Face-Off A little Killers...kiss"
  • John Woo - Newsboys
    "roll down the window don't shift in your seat I don't care if the wind blows I don't care about the heat all those John Woo showdowns don't prepare you for this a little bit face-off a little killer's"
  • Brother John - Chris De Burgh
    "Well Brother John went down to the garden, On a long hot summer's day. To watch that girl he would hide in the shadows, As she worked the time away, With her long black hair and her eyes of fire, And a"
  • John Doe - Shade Sheist
    "(feat. AMG, DJ Quik, Hi-C, Swift) Yo, it ain't nothin' new (ain't nothin'), just a change in the name Sheist done came and changed the game unexplained Ways for days show you how to wait for your"
  • Made For You - Watermark
    "Darling, you should know by now But I know I need to tell you how I don't always have the words But I pray that it's my heart you've heard I love to hear your heart Telling of your love Telling me you'll"

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