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Made on heaven queen

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Made on heaven queen

  • Made In Heaven - Queen
    "(Freddie Mercury) I'm taking my ride with destiny Willing to play my part Living with painful memories Loving with all my heart Made in heaven, made in heaven It was all ment to be, yeah Made in heaven,"
  • Queen - Shawn Mendes
    "t's hard to believe You don't remember me at all Am I hard to recognize? You say "nice to meet you" every time Yeah and I made you laugh I still remember what I said Guess I shouldn't be surprised You"
  • White Queen - Queen
    "I'm a simple man With a simple name From this soil my people came In this soil remain Oh yeah. . . And we made us our shoes And we trod soft on the land But the immigrant built roads On our blood and sand Oh"
  • God Made Heaven - Big Tent Revival
    "Looking for Heaven Looking in places you would regret Think you found somethin' Well here, stick around 'cause you ain't seen nothin' yet Come on to me with your rationale And I'll do my best to show you"
  • Made In Heaven - Nik Kershaw
    "even though i think of you life goes on i keep your photograph in my attache' your eyes seem to follow me from day to day i make the curtains sing and dance in my room i'm sure i see your smile and smell"
  • Made In Heaven - Deine Lakaien
    "Sometimes you feel lone Sometimes you feel sad and when you come home fall into your bed you weep all night long no way to get out still I know some words you should think about Don't forget Love will"
  • Match made in heaven - Bruce Robison
    "In a dim lit bar on the west side of town She's tryin' a little too hard to turn his poor head around With a cigarette smoke halo and one broken wing She stumbles into his hazy day dream He's a little"
  • Heaven - Beyonce
    "I fought for you The hardest, It made me the strongest So tell me your secrets I just can't stand to see you leaving But heaven couldn't wait for you No heaven couldn't wait for you Heaven couldn't wait"
  • Heaven - O.C. Supertones
    "There's no tears in my eyes today I've only got good things to say The Son chased away the clouds of grey I'm going to Heaven and I'm going to stay All smiles there, no trials there No fears there, no"
  • Heaven - Frameless
    "Only pure love, The reason why were here and why we move on A haven that we all are steering for Our inspriation grows with every moment When cupids dart hit deep into our hearts Surrendering give up"
  • Heaven - Rosey
    "send me, send me a memory I want it to come back to me sing me, sing me a melody I want it to come back, back to me send me to heaven where you are it could be beautiful, like it was, it was before send"
  • Heaven - Ice Cube
    "Listen to the preacherman But are you talkin' to me I can't hear you with a mouth full of pig's feet If I should need the swine flesh Your body is a mess, but you're blessed With a father, son, spirit"
  • Heaven - Woody Guthrie
    "It's after my work tired and weary, I lay down to rest my eyes, I see this world change in a whirlwind and heaven flies down from the skies; I see rising up from my wreckage, cities and mansions so bright I"
  • Heaven - Rick Springfield
    "Everynight I go to sleep, you're there baby inside my headWhat's the secret that you keepIt's not fair baby, I toss in bedOne night I had the strangest dreamDreamt I made love to youYou better believe"
  • March Of The Black Queen - Queen
    "Do you mean it, do you mean it, do you mean it? Why don't you mean it? Why do I follow you, and where do you go? Ah ah ah... You've never seen nothing like it No never in your life Like going up to"
  • Cotton County Queen - Sammy Kershaw
    "(Wally Wilson/Sam Hogin/Phil Barnhart) My baby came and got me in her Mama's Cadillac We went parkin' by the river near the honeydew patch She started talkin' 'bout the birds and the bees My mind ran"
  • White Queen (As It Began) - Queen
    "So sad her eyes Smiling dark eyes So sad her eyes As it began On such a breathless night as this Upon my brow the lightest kiss I walked alone And all around the air did say My lady soon will stir this"
  • Heaven - Uncle Kracker
    "If heaven ain't a lot like Detroit I don't wanna go If heaven ain't a lot like Detroit I'd just a soon stay home If they ain't got no 8 mile Like they do up in the D Just send me to hell or Salt Lake City"
  • Midnight Queen - Brother Firetribe
    "Midnight queen, you're caught in between... When the lights go down In the middle of the night And this city turns to jungle And neon lights light up the night That's when her blood begins to boil Playing"
  • Queen Of The Click - Queen Pen
    "(Teddy Riley) ---Click! (QueenPen) ---Hahhhh (come on) Street team (yeah) Make moves like what (yeah) Brooklyn Uptown (yeah) Break it down now TR (QueenPen of the click) Little man Funky Mama represent"

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